Kitchen Decor: little unusual interior walls

kitchen with his hands Decor (33 photos) methods, the use of vinyl stickers, design shelves, benches, stools, poufs and walls


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Kitchen - a place your family meetings. Each day starts with a breakfast here ends with dinner and exchange that took place events and news for today. It is important, how it will look this room as kitchen decor organized

. Well, if the room has a high degree of decoration that is not cluttered with small decorative elements, but not empty.

kitchen decorOrganize a small kitchen decor can be independently or with the help of professional designers.

If you decide to design the kitchen with his hands, the main directions and some of the secrets you will learn from the internet or in the fashion trade magazines.

Note! What decorating the kitchen does not mean a complete team of builders call for a complete dismantling of the room, as well as a complete change of furniture and other kitchen utensils. Decor includes decorations, which will emphasize the individuality of your room.

kitchen decor Methods

  1. Vinyl stickers

In recent years becoming increasingly popular stickers are made of vinyl. This is due to their ease of use, as well as beauty and style, they will give your kitchen.

small kitchen decor

Vinyl stickers in the interior walls

There are many themes, colors, and textures such labels for extraordinary kitchen interior. It may even be the futuristic work of famous artists. Vinyl stickers can be used not only to decorate the walls, but also for furniture décor elements. For example, a refrigerator.

The main advantages of using these labels:

  • Does not require any special skills to apply them;
  • Individuality and uniqueness of each of the labels, which are able to make a style stylish kitchen;
  • Easy to remove such labels. If you are tired of theme or did you decide to get rid of these labels, then remove them will be very easy.
  • Complete safety material from which the labels.

If your family has children, you can give them a bit of a fairy tale. Both children and adults will surely be happy with cheerful and colorful motifs in the kitchen.

  1. world shelves

If you want to make unusual interior kitchen, you can resort to the use of a variety of different size shelves. At any kitchen and it will be necessary for any housewife.

wall decor in the kitchen

Example dishes decorated with various shelves

After all, you need somewhere to store and cups with spoons and spices and other kitchen stuff.

The biggest advantage of such shelves are available. In the process of cooking them very convenient to use, no need to open any cabinets and pedestals. Everything is in plain sight and out of place.

To make such a shelf alone is unlikely to happen, but do their decorating easy enough. So, we proceed to the design of the kitchen with his hands!

Follow them in decoupage technique. So called gluing paper patterns on the surface of the shelves and the subsequent coating of the lacquer surface.

Effort and material costs in this type of decoration you have to spend a minimum, and the result will not take long.

  1. Benches, stools, ottomans, etc.

Unchanged kitchen attributes considered various ottomans, stools and benches. They can also be stylishly decorate.

For benches made of natural wood, you can sew a fabric cover, for example, knitted fabrics. Thus, you can enter here the textile elements.

Additional decoration can serve as a multi-colored or monochrome small pillows, and a variety of decorative ornaments in the theme on the walls. For example, an abstract painting of the buttons or buttons.

  1. walls

It is very important to make a quality wall decor in the kitchen. This is exactly what catches your eye first. There are many techniques for wall decor.

unusual interior of the kitchen

An example of decorating the walls with the help of cloth paintings

It can be decorative plates. This type is very popular in Europe and America. Plates thus produced can be independently. Rather transform old.

To do this you will need the usual dish of small size (small), acrylic paint, brushes, material for decoupage. First, pick the paint the entire surface of the plate, allow it to dry.

Then repeat this procedure, and then put the image on a napkin, attach the image, cover the surface with varnish or glue PVA.

If you have a talent for drawing, then why do not you run the kitchen decor, including fantasy 100%?! Razrisuy plates or proceed directly to the wall mural. It is bold, bright and unique.

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