Renovated kitchen 9 sq m in a private house and apartment: sequence, video and photos

Repair kitchen 9 sq m (36 images). Stages of work. Terms of placement of devices. The expansion of space. Facing surfaces.


Table of contents

  • 1 Reworking from scratch, milestones
    • 1.1 repair stage
    • 1.2 The basic rules of placement instruments
    • 1.3 expanding space
  • 2 Facing surfaces
    • 2.1 What to do with the ceiling
    • 2.2 wall design
    • 2.3 Floor covering
  • 3 fitment
    • 3.1 Making a doorway
    • 3.2 About the bar
    • 3.3 window Dressing
  • 4 Output
  • 5 Photo Gallery

Repairing very tight kitchen, the owner is faced with several challenges. Furniture and household appliances is not enough space, we have to come up with variations in the process, a lot of things to give. Renovated kitchen 9 sq m - is already relatively wide scope for creativity, imagination is where carousing. But here it is necessary to take into account a number of factors, primarily the standard liner communications.

And a small kitchen can be convenient and comfortable.

And a small kitchen can be convenient and comfortable.

Reworking from scratch, milestones

Repairs begin with dismantling the furniture, as well as sinks, appliances and finishing the ceiling, walls and floor. Try to close all the approaches to the kitchen film zaveste door cloth, otherwise dust and dirt penetrate into the other rooms.

repair stage

In the first place, removed all the old surfacing materials.

In the first place, removed all the old surfacing materials.

  1. Removed the old finishing materials. Start desirable from the ceiling, then cleared the wall and the floor in the last turn. Do not leave the seemingly strong sections of wallpaper or plaster, they will fall off later, along with a new finish.
  2. Sewer pipes should be replaced with new. Especially, if they are more than five years. Otherwise there is a risk of spoiling the fresh finish with emergency repairs of pipes.
  3. If necessary, change wiring. It is also equipped with ventilation.
Advantages of glass.

Advantages of glass.

  1. Your repairs in the kitchen of 9 meters will not do without the restoration or replacement of windows. Take the money and install modern windows, then you forget about the cold, the noise from the street and drafts.
  2. Now it is necessary to do the rough ceiling trimIts aligned and plaster.
  3. Next, pay attention to the wallsTheir dub for finishing or sheathe plasterboard.
  4. The last floor is insulated and prepared.
  5. After this preconditioning, proceed to the final facing room. All work is done in the same sequence - the ceiling, walls, floors.
  6. At the final stage arranged the furniture, appliances and connected devices.
  7. Before you hang the curtains and bring the dishes, you should conduct a thorough wet cleaningRemoving all dust residues.

The basic rules of placement instruments

The ergonomics of the kitchen.

The ergonomics of the kitchen.

People with conservative stock is very difficult at first to get used to the new look of the kitchen. Especially difficult for housewives, because what was at hand, now in other places. The first time will have to adapt, losing too much time searching and orientation in the new environment.

Bring it all to a minimum will help some of the rules placing objects.

  1. The sink is desirable to place in the "middle of the action" and has arranged around it is not less important objects. More often than not in favor of the mistress washing plant by the window, and it is rational for most items.
  2. Fashionable kitchen island or bar counters in the small and medium-sized room will interfere and create closeness. They are good if the kitchen renovation to be 11 square meters or more.
  3. Next to the sink perfectly fit wall cabinets and a pencil case, a dishwasher. Side usually has a table top than it is spacious, so convenient. She successfully separate sink from the plate.
  4. Refrigerator must also be close to not run for groceries in the other end of the room.
Triangle rule in the kitchen.

Triangle rule in the kitchen.

Try to observe the rule of the triangle.
All items listed above are arranged on two adjacent walls so that each can be up to reach out his hand, standing at the top corner.

  1. The dining table is nestled into the side. Where it does not interfere with the passage, and sitting is comfortable and spacious. In any case, the dining area is separated from the cooking area.
  2. When finished kitchen renovation 8 square meters or more, it is possible to buy a small sofa or a corner, the place is enough. Unlike stools or chairs, it will give comfort, softness and comfortable pastime.
  3. Modern TVs do not take up much space, so the flat screen on the wall will come in handy. Especially if you are in the kitchen for a long time.

expanding space

Light cladding and facades of furniture to maximize space.

Light cladding and facades of furniture to maximize space.

As is known, the most visited room in the house a lot of places do not exist. Sooner or later you want space and recreation for the eyes.

Modern methods of inventive designers are able to "push" the space, creating the illusion of infinity. For the realization of the idea observe the sequence of the kitchen renovation, decoration and use stealth.

Facing surfaces

Surface finish should start with the ceiling, the walls continue and finish the floor.

What to do with the ceiling

The combination of tiers of plasterboard ceilings with spotlights.

The combination of tiers of plasterboard ceilings with spotlights.

  1. It is best to abandon the standard, boring ceiling decoration, such as its coloring or suspended ceilings throughout the area. Make a multi-tiered structure with the use of GCR ceilings on the upper level.
  2. Equip a large number of ceiling lighting, good lighting will expand a small room. Built-in spotlights, and LED decorative tapes enhance the quality of the interior.

Feel free to use the non-standard configuration and shape of the ceiling.
For example, mount the rectangular platform or set a round frame.

wall design

It is they who are at the eye level of the incoming. And the most prominent surface located opposite the door. What can you think of for original and unusual wall design?

Here are a few recommendations.

  1. Wallpapers and murals are a fashionable trend, gaining popularity. Both types of finishes make it possible to visually expand a room, especially if the image has a strong perspective.
Application of decorative stone with design of the kitchen.

Application of decorative stone with design of the kitchen.

  1. The use of decorative stone will increase the aesthetic value of the interior. The best option - use the material like an apron over a working place or emphasize their dining area. Stone fragments can be isolated and separate areas: window and door openings, the hood, the corners of the room.
  2. A combination of several of finishing material - one of the most effective decorative techniques. There are many variations, for example, a combination of photo wallpapers and decorative plaster, panels of plastic and staining.
  3. The good effect is obtained by using a moisture resistant plasterboard. It provides an opportunity to align the walls and give them a complex shape.
  4. The most popular for wall tile kitchen. Its design is diverse and allows you to equip any room. The walls are easy to clean, cover a very durable and can last several decades.

Floor covering

The best option for floors - floors of the working area of ​​the tiles, a dining area with laminate.

The best option for floors - floors of the working area of ​​the tiles, a dining area with laminate.

  1. First of all, decide the materials used. On functionality and practicality for kitchen tiles is optimal.

However, more interesting to combine.
Connect, for example, tiles with laminate, linoleum.
Flooring workplace lay much more reliable and durable tiles, and select a dining area laminated coating.

  1. For a small room it is important to correctly pick the color of the lining. If you want to put a bright kitchen, it is best to select dark floor (gray, brown, black, maroon, etc.).
  2. One of the most important rules - should not use the same colors for floors and other interior elements.


Making the basic elements of the interior, do not forget about the minor parts of the room.

Making a doorway

Unobtrusive selection doorway to the kitchen.

Unobtrusive selection doorway to the kitchen.

  1. Well, if the door unit will contrast with the walls and floor. But very bright tone is odd, especially if it is used nowhere else in the room.
  2. Interesting solution with two-color cloth. It, for example, from the hallway can be painted in a darker tone, and the kitchen itself - in a lighter shade.
  3. The door can be emphasized by using panels made of wood, glass, plastic, MDF or carved patterns.

Important fact - you should not be mounted near the door wall cabinets. They will interfere with the movement from room to room.

About the bar

Classical arrangement of the bar.

Classical arrangement of the bar.

If you are repairing a kitchen in a private home and dreamed of the bar, do not be afraid, realize his dream.

By doing this, correctly put it in the room, so she took her as little as possible living space.

  1. You can put the rack bar along the wall. So you leave free passage. The use of special seat bar will expand it even more. As chairs in a small room, you can use folding furniture or stools - they are easy to slide in under the bar.
  2. Excellent solution - a rack constructed and arranged so that it can be operated both as a desktop and table space. So you can save money on the square and the extension of the countertop.
  3. The space under the bar can be ergonomically used. For example, put the cabinet there. It can be used as a floor cabinet. This gives an opportunity to remove a single section of the main kitchen units.

window Dressing

Roman blinds on the windows - great decor.

Roman blinds on the windows - great decor.

Be sure to enjoy a window decoration, it should not go naked.

  1. Zaveste his curtains. Or to match the finished wall, so you will emphasize the compatibility of colors or contrast, in this case, you select a window.
  2. Advantageous to look decorative and the functional point of view, Roman blinds. Therefore, they are especially popular right now. For all its benefits, they are relatively inexpensive, the price of less than the quality of curtains with cornices. These blinds will give an opportunity to save space as much as possible.
  3. Window opening can be framed by a decorative material, different from the main wall decoration.
  4. Window unit is possible not only to decorate, it sill can be operated as a working surface.


The kitchen is in the first place, a work room. Keep this in mind, carrying out its repair. The room should be convenient and comfortable to engage in cooking. In this case, do not forget about the decoration of the room. You may have questions on the subject, ask them in the comments.

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