Decorating the kitchen with his hands: how to decorate the ceiling with plastic panels

Decorating the kitchen with your hands (36 photos): tile, wallpaper, panels and plastic


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  • 1 The main aspects that are worth paying attention to
  • 2 Facing the kitchen: tile, wallpaper, panels or plastic?
    • 2.1 Panels made of MDF
    • 2.2 plastic panels
    • 2.3 Tiles and Wallpapers
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Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks that you will have to decide whether holding independent repair of apartment - a kitchen update. Decorating the kitchen with his own hands - an interesting, challenging, but useful topic, which we will try to reveal today.

The main aspects that are worth paying attention to

Decorating the kitchen with his handsKitchen has the most extensive system of utilities and the largest number of household appliances per unit area, so it should be very easy and functional.

Before purchasing building materials, make a thorough update plan. Point it, what and where will be located in the kitchen, to determine the design, but because of this - what kind of facing materials will you need.

Also, think about the number and location of outlets point and move to these places wires. To determine in advance with the location plate if it is placed away from the flow of the gas pipe, buy hose of adequate length. Plan placement of kitchen furniture.

Finishing plastic with their hands

Facing the kitchen with plastic panels, the price - from 135 rubles.

  • Point that you need to pay close attention to the repair of the premises - the working area. As a result, cooking parts of the walls of her heavily soiled, so the vast majority of houses and apartments, this area is lined with ceramic tiles.
  • Its main advantage lies in the fact that it is easily washed. As a result, the kitchen always looks neat and clean.
  • But the tile has its drawbacks, chief among them - its installation. Not everyone will be able to put it exactly.
  • This negative deprived of plastic wall panels, which have become very popular lately. A large variety of colors and shades - one more advantage of them.
  • When you will be done with plastic finish, choose the color to match the kitchen set. This will create harmony in the interior premises.
  • Picking up the color of the walls, necessarily take into account the natural kitchen lighting.

Tip! If the kitchen window overlooking the sunny side, give up the bright colors. This will strengthen the already enough light and make the light tedious to the eye.

  • Application of "warm" colors causes irritation and discomfort. But all, even dark shades of blue and green colors create tranquility and comfort.
  • Shaded kitchen, the window faces north, will be lighter if lining its walls is made in pink, golden yellow or beige color. They will create a happy mood and to attract attention.
  • When decorating the ceiling color choices in a room should be made taking into account the height of the walls. If the ceiling is low, dye it white, and fine light-reflecting gloss will add him to "grow." Unnecessarily high ceilings will appear visually lower, if they do color darker than the walls.

Modern construction materials can transform the room even during the repair in the Khrushchev. Make multilevel plasterboard, to shade the surface in different colors and tones, set the spotlights - and the kitchen will be completely different.

Facing the kitchen: tile, wallpaper, panels or plastic?

Materials used for the lining of the kitchen can be very different. Their choice depends on your material wealth, taste and features an updated room.

Panels made of MDF

Tip! If the walls have transitions, projections and large uneven, they hide all smarter. To do this, use the wall panels more efficiently.

How to decorate the ceiling of plastic panels

Installation of the apron of tile for the kitchen working area

Now everything is more widespread wall panels are made of MDF. They are produced by means of pressing the tiniest wood chips and covered with high-quality resin, simulating the texture of natural wood.

They are available in a length of 2.7 m. This makes it possible to clad walls without transverse joints, so when installation of MDF panels obtained smooth coating, tactile and visually create a sense of this wood. This eco-friendly building material, but unlike natural wood has a high moisture resistance, which is very important for the kitchen.

The walls and ceiling are lined with MDF panels

The walls and ceiling are lined with MDF panels

The panels are fixed on a wooden frame, which is horizontally mounted on the walls of bars or slats, aligned plumb and level on the plane. Gaps between the beam should not be more than 40 cm, so achieving the desired strength and stiffness of the coating.

On concrete and masonry walls and lined the walls with plaster frame to be done necessarily. But on the partitions of boards, plaster, chipboard or plywood panels can be mounted without battens.

plastic panels

Coating is applied and plastic dishes, which is a panel made of polyvinyl chloride.

Before you decorate the ceiling of plastic panels, mounted wooden or metal frame.

With a lower cost, compared with MDP MDF panels, PHV analogs have greater water resistance. With prolonged contact with water vapor and the plastic does not swell and deform.

Thanks to a cellular internal structure, strength and stiffness it is high enough, and imitates a stone or a tree smooth surface gives the room an aesthetic and comfortable appearance.

Tiles and Wallpapers

If the walls have a smooth surface, they can be water-resistant wallpaper paste over oblitsevat or completely tiled. But it expedient to cover only portions of the floor and walls of plaster work tables (so called apron).

Decorating the kitchen with his hands can be combined, try to use the excellent practical characteristics of ceramic tile dispensed, only where they can not do without.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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