The kitchen of 12 square meters with balcony: design in pistachio color

Interior kitchen 12 square meters (39 photos): the combination of a balcony and a color scheme


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How to make the interior of the kitchen 12 sq m really comfortable and beautiful? This question is frequently asked by owners of small kitchens.

Indeed, in a small area it is quite difficult to place all the necessary interior, leaving a lot of space. And then come to the aid of various design tricks.

kitchen interior 12 sq.m

First of all, the owner of the apartment is worth considering whether it accepts the demolition of walls and combining several rooms into one? If the answer is yes, once there are plenty of opportunities to increase the usable space: you can make a kitchen interior with dining area and kitchen, which passes into the living room.

And with the zoning easy to get a beautiful and comfortable interior without reducing the number of rooms in the apartment.

Kitchen and balcony

12 m kitchen interior q

Kitchen interior with an open balcony

A great way to expand the interior of a small kitchen is to combine it with a balcony or loggia.

Beautiful and functional Kitchen interior with balcony is performed in a short time and does not require applications effortlessly.

Works are carried out in several stages:

  1. Ready kitchen and a balcony to repair: From the balcony makes all the things in the kitchen we remove everything from the wall of the working and protect furniture construction film.
  2. If nezasteklonny balcony, install plastic windows. We perform operations insulation walls: wall inside each covered moisture barrier material, then - insulating layer, then it is possible to install plasterboard walls or sew plastic.

Note! Construction firms offer the service of external insulation. On its own, you are unlikely to close up all cracks on the outside terrace, so you should contact them for assistance. Carrying out external works increases the room temperature by 3-5 degrees.

  1. After completion of insulation works, pay attention to the wall between the kitchen and balcony. Builders do not recommend to demolish it completely, because the it is a support for the battery pack, which is not allowed to carry anywhere. Usually between rooms simply remove the doors and windows, and the resulting sill draw up as part of the kitchen table, the bar or decorative floral corner.
  2. Now we need to choose the functional purpose of the room received to complete the interior of the kitchen 12 square meters:
  • If the window sill will be used as a table, a new part of the kitchen will be used for its intended purpose: a dining area shall be in it.
    design kitchen 12 sq m

    Balcony - winter garden

  • You can make the most of the septum and placed on a balcony pantry: it will increase the space in the kitchen cabinets and free storage room in the hallway, which is often used to store kitchen utensils namely, not clothes.
  • Another excellent design kitchen 12 square meters - a winter garden. Near the walls need to nail a shelf, on which will be flowers. Near windows - place the tubs and trays of ground in which to grow fresh herbs to the table and seedlings to the country. It will transform your kitchen and add to her comfort. In addition, the plants will not take up the whole balcony, so you can safely put here a couple of cabinets for storage of utensils.


Color - a very powerful tool in the design of the kitchen. Only by changing the colors can dramatically transform the look of any room: a small room - expand and boring - decorate.

For smaller rooms usually use lighter shades, because they can increase the size of the room. Pastel colors on the walls visually expand the space, and a small kitchen will seem light and airy.

pistachio color in the interior of the kitchen

choose the color

Green - a different color for the kitchen. It soothes, relaxes the eyes and has a beneficial effect. Greens are often used for painting the walls and interior items.

For example, the color of pistachio in the interior of the kitchen will be appropriate for painting walls. It belongs to the bright shades, so visually expand the room. However, too zealous with green is impossible: it has sedative effects and is more appropriate for the bedroom.

Bright colors are usually used to decorate the kitchen units. Thus, the red color is used to excite the appetite and helps digestion.

Therefore red refrigerator - not the best choice for people who are inclined to corpulence. Red allows you to highlight any interior, making them the focus, and improves mood.

In the complex with red often use yellow and orange, these colors are used to improve appetite - no wonder the fruit is painted in these colors.

Any interior kitchen 12 sq m can be beautiful without spending a lot of effort. We just need to show imagination and use all possible options for improving the layout or design.

After that, you will only have to decorate the room and enjoy the results obtained.

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