Decoration of the walls in the kitchen with his hands in oriental style: stencils for decoration

Decoration of the walls in the kitchen (33 photos). Oriental style minimalism. interior decoration


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During repair every kitchen the owner decides the question perform decoration of the walls in the kitchen with his hands, or to seek help from professionals.

In principle, using online resources you can easily find a suitable option walls, harmoniously flows into the room design.

decoration of the walls in the kitchenA diversity of building materials for kitchen design further simplifies this task, allowing you to make a reality of imagination of any designer.

After primary treatment the walls: the surface alignment and primer comes a stage of coating of choice. Typically, for pasting the walls in the kitchen use washable wallpaper, which is now quite a lot of models.

As the decorative elements can be used by insertion of photowall - in the form of webs or large pictures on the wall.

Note! These paintings are not only fulfill a decorative role: murals with multi-level effect visually expanding space of the room and create a unique atmosphere in the immersion shown scenery.

decoration of the walls in the kitchen with his hands

Mural in kitchen decor

Mural in the interior of the kitchen can also be used to decorate furniture and kitchen fronts. Small pictures are glued directly on the interior surface of the object and are framed by a wooden frame, interior decorating.

Rooms small area usually pasted wallpaper monophonic bright colors. For a special effect, or highlight any area used by the reception "accent wall" when one of the walls pasted wallpaper with bright aggressive pattern.

Lately, especially popular is the natural eco-friendly wallpaper that fit perfectly into eco-friendly interiors. The material for their manufacture is bamboo, which withstands cooking conditions and is suitable for any interior.

Kitchen in east style

Special flavor have styles that came to us from the Far and Middle East. Thus, the kitchen interior in oriental style has special features, creating a unique atmosphere.

Arab eastern countries are distinctive feature floral patterns, which are ideally suited for the design of the facade. Chinese and Japanese closer to the minimalist interiors and create an atmosphere of ease and tranquility.

They are dominated by the color red, which symbolizes life and energy. Whites in the interior of the kitchen with his hands used as a background, extending the space and increasing the amount of light.

Minimalism in the kitchen

Minimalism - is another style, suitable for small kitchens. That minimalist interior of the kitchen makes it possible to place all the necessary functional home furnishings and appliances, creating a harmonious picture.

Kitchen interior in oriental style

in the style of minimalism kitchen

In this style, the walls and the furniture are made in bright colors, it is advisable to use a lot of artificial lighting and a minimum of furniture.

Special decorations for such a design is not required, to focus attention on something, you can use the selection color or light.

For minimalism characteristic of multi-functional objects, such as tables transformers or folding chairs, not occupying much space.

decorate the interior

  1. decorative stencils

Stencils used for decoration - a very handy thing, allows you to decorate your kitchen quickly.

They are suitable for any design and can be used both to create accents on the walls of the monotonous, and for the revitalization of the interior or furniture.

Normally, stencils for kitchen decor - it vinyl stickers, attached to the surface through the adhesive layer. This process does not require special skills or tools, and the result is always pleasing to the eye.

stencil for kitchen decor

Using marquetry for decor

Kitchen - a place where all family members, so there are stencils will be most appropriate as a means of creating a special atmosphere and set the mood.

They can find a lot of applications: to decorate the refrigerator or stove creates an unusual picture on the wall or place pattern on the ceiling. In any case, the resulting composition will decorate your interior and make it more interesting.

  1. marquetry technique

Marquetry or wood mosaic - a very ancient art, which has been used during the time of the Egyptian pharaohs.

minimalist interior of the kitchen

Decorative shelf for plants

Gradually, it spread throughout the world and is now found in almost every culture. In Russia, it is a vivid example of marquetry inlaid parquet.

In the process of creating a wood pattern using several types of wood in different shades. In case of shortage of the color gamut, the wood may be etched with ferric chloride or copper sulfate solution - the so-obtained blue and red colors.

Paintings in the style of marquetry can decorate the walls of the room in oriental style, and wooden parquet floors suited to the classical or Russian style.

Products made using this technique, create a special comfort and differ warm colors. They fit harmoniously into almost any decor, in addition to minimalist and futuristic design.

  1. Plants and flowers

Plants for kitchen decor suitable for most designs - country, oriental and natural interiors, classic and minimalist design.

Only modern futuristic designs do not accept the use of greenery for decorations, however, they also allow you to put in a room a couple of pots of flowers.

Small pots are usually placed on shelves nailed along the walls, or on a window sill. Large flower tubs located at the corners of the room, and the bouquets in vases can be put anywhere.

For kitchens, combined with a balcony, one option is the winter garden decoration - lots of flowers and plants on the windowsill pots to the ground. The garden is also possible to grow fresh herbs to the table, which will diversify the diet and enrich it with vitamins.

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