Kitchen 6 m design: Finish kitchens from 5 to 30 square meters and a dining couple m2

Kitchen of 6 meters (30 images): design of a small room in the style of hi-tech


Table of contents

  • 1 Draw up a design project
    • 1.1 zoning
    • 1.2 Choosing furniture
  • 2 A few tips in the design
  • 3 In the high-tech style
  • 4 Summing up
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Functional kitchen - the main goal during repairs. Find the best materials and the environment, and create a harmonious composition - a difficult task. And if your kitchen is 6 meters - design requires the ability to plan and assemble.

Small areas do not give to turn the author's imagination, so you'll have to work hard to create the perfect design.

Kitchen of 6 meters DesignWhen designing 6 meter kitchen, you need to stick to the main rules - to create the most favorable conditions for storage of kitchen utensils and food, cooking and place to socialize and meals.

Draw up a design project


Kitchen design project usually involves a division into two zones - working and dining. The working part is located in kitchen, refrigerator, stove and sink. In the dining room - table and chairs, as well as a buffet with dishes.

But in a small room and so little usable area, it is recommended to move the table in the other room to increase the size of the working area. Excellent replacement for the standard table will serve as a bar or table-transformer.

You can use the window sill, if it is sufficiently wide to increase the dining area.

Choosing furniture

First of all, you must pick up the kitchen. Of course, in order to save space, the best option will repair the kitchen it made to order. You will be able to efficiently use all available footage and get not only beautiful, but also functional furniture.

When choosing a headset, pay attention to some details:

  • Facades are best made of glass, so as not to load the premises;
  • doors without handles that are opened by pressing the - novelty, saving useful place;
  • spinning shelves - one more detail that allows efficient use of space in the cabinets.

To store the necessary kitchen utensils 6 meters kitchen design offers rails. These beautiful accessories are not only decorate the interior, but also save space in the wall cabinet shelves.

Zoning is important not only for the beauty of the kitchen design, but also for the ergonomics of the room. It is recommended to be placed close to each other on the hob, sink and work area, a refrigerator and should not be too far away.

A few tips in the design

  • Table. If you develop a design kitchen 6 square meters, take care to minimize the dining area. The bar counter instead of the table is perfect for a small family, do not forget to make rational use of the surface of the sill - it can be arranged as part of the work or dining area.
  • Furniture. With the help of computer programs have been designed plan, taking into account the features of the kitchen space. After creating a sketch, order the appropriate model. Furniture custom sizes will be beautiful and functional addition to the interior design of the kitchen.
  • corner layout. The cabinets of kitchen units may have different depths of the parties, e.g., 60 and 40 cm, which add the free space for easy movement.
  • save space. The standard depth of floor cabinets - 60 cm, but to save space, you can reduce it to 40 cm.

As a result, we get a beautiful design kitchen 6 m2, space saving and convenient place to store dishes and kitchen utensils.

  • withdrawable modules. withdrawable modules can be used for instant re-planning. Cabinets on wheels fit perfectly between the stove and the countertop and can be easily moved around the room.
  • Mini fridge. For a small family does not need a lot of space for food storage. Saving money and space by buying a small cooling chamber, which is built directly into the suite.
  • Kitchen Studio. Most apartments partition between the kitchen and the closest living room is not a bearing wall. After the demolition of the wall, we get quite a large room, which is divided into zones with a large bar. We obtain a space-saving design and a beautiful living room kitchen.
Design 6 meter kitchen

design example

In the high-tech style

For small premises are not suitable bulky classic styles - baroque or empire, but design kitchen 6 m2 in the high-tech will underline the advantages and get rid of the problems with the area room. Following the development of design, we get a functional and comfortable interior.

Do not be afraid to use as a contrast to the style of decoration. Even though the existence of contradictory combinations of materials - glass, metal, stone and textured lining, upon completion of repairs we get comfortable, convenient, and home interiors.

First of all, we understand with kitchen set. Thus, the design of the kitchen 6 square meters for a headset brings some requirements:

  • the convenience of use;
  • compactness;
  • ergonomics.

Note! Even if your headset includes a variety of ergonomic boxes, but it takes a lot of space, it is not suitable for a small area of ​​the kitchen.

Set in high-tech style is located in one wall and has enough space to store the most necessary kitchen utensils and crockery, as well as the integration technology.

Chrome facades perfectly fit into the design of the kitchen 6m and will support the selected style.

Kitchen Design 6 meters

Kitchen in the style of hi-tech

  1. Apron is best done from the tiles with a glossy effect, visually expand the space. Metallic luster in the work area will be perfectly combined with chrome accents in the furniture.
  2. Now consider the dining area. The usual round shape table and a few chairs will join harmoniously into the overall composition. The round shape is convenient because of this table can be planted more guests than in the square.
  3. Completing the design of the kitchen 5 square meters in high-tech style, create a composite zone, combining metal, stone and water. Select the part of the wall with the help of textured wallpaper and anchoring several metal shelves. On top place the backlight on average - an aquarium, which will give peace and tranquility interior, on the bottom - green plants.

Of course, the design of the kitchen 30 sq m may be more diverse than in the small square areas. However, a small room could easily cope with multiple functions and serve as decoration throughout the apartment.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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