IKEA kitchen in the interior: the decor and design of tiles and murals in the marine, English style

Ikea kitchen in the interior (36 photos). English and marine style. The use of tiles and murals


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  • 1 The kitchen in the English style
  • 2 Marine kitchen design
  • 3 Tiles for kitchen: tips
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In the design of the kitchen plays an important role design of the kitchen units.

For small rooms best suited custom kitchen, taking into account all the characteristics and disadvantages of the room layout, but IKEA kitchen will not look in the interior of a small room.

IKEA kitchen interiorReady cabinets sets with beautiful facades is better to buy in those rooms that do not suffer lack of free space, and together not only a beautiful set, but also the necessary furniture and household technique.

Finished kitchen headset is now widely used to create the interior of the kitchen with his hands. Dimensions kitchens are standard in most of the apartments, so owners can choose the right set of cabinets and shelves and conveniently place them in his home.

It's easy to decorate and complement such an interior kitchen: tiles with beautiful pattern will serve to create an apron, and the insertion of photowall make bright facades and suitable for general interior.

Together with ready headsets are often sold and a dining table with a set of chairs. Indeed, when all the furniture is decorated in the same style, the whole room looks much nicer.

And decoration kitchen interior was not forbidden: the beautiful tablecloth make every table a convenient place for lunch gatherings.

The kitchen in the English style

frescoes in the interior of the kitchen

English kitchen interior.

For lovers of luxury and elegance is perfect English style interior. Back in the 18th century came the first mention of a classic British design, the main features of which are the majesty, restraint and symmetry.

Of course, a feature of style is a study, which expressed all the features of the landlord, but also for food, too, there are several design nuances.

In the first place, the English style in the interior of the kitchen implies a fireplace, even artificial. Set to be made of precious wood and old decorations emphasizing the grandeur of design.

The window to the top of the curved - another feature of the style. Window opening halts the curtains with lambrequins.

Marine kitchen design

English style in the interior of the kitchen

Marine echo in the design of the kitchen

Marine design first appeared in the Age of Discovery, when famous travelers wish to draw your own house as well as the ship.

Now it is a means of creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere in the interior design and cuisine, do not require a lot of expenses.

Naturally, the interior of the kitchen in a nautical style uses only for surface finishing wood. The ceiling, walls and floor - all covered with materials that mimic wood coating.

Floor is parquet, ceiling and walls are upholstered with clapboard. Of course, you can not do so radically and place the wall combination of white and blue, symbolizing the sky and waves.

Marine furniture is also made of wood. It should be simple and feature-rich, for example, a chair-transformer or a folding table. Special color placement will give the folding bench.

Decorate the room by using the elements containing water (e.g., tank), water-demanding plants and accessories on the theme of the sea: ships, vases filled with pebbles and old measurement instruments.

Tiles for kitchen: tips

tiles for kitchen decor

Tile patterned

Tile is the most popular material used for kitchen design. High strength tiles can be laid on the floor, and standard tiles used to put the apron near the work area.

You can also fully tiled wall tiles with decorative pattern, to create an original design of the room.

The main thing during the repair of the kitchen - to choose the right material. When used for wall tiles - Kitchen decor is striking in its originality.

There are many types of tiles that differ in size, texture and design, each of which may be useful to create a specific interior.

There is such a variety of tiles, which mimics the surface of the stone. Use this special tiles in the interior of the kitchen to create a country-design or floor covering in a private home.

The appearance of the obtained coating virtually indistinguishable from real stone, but is much less expensive and is more durable and resistant to external influences.

Decorate the kitchen with frescoes

tiles in the interior of the kitchen

Decoration dining area

Creation of frescos - the ancient art of painting on wet plaster and popular designers today.

Typically, the frescoes in the interior of the kitchen has a dining area for emphasis, but they can decorate all the walls in the room.

The simplest option - sticker photowall simulating fresco. This material can be decorated not only the walls, but also the surface of any interior.

Note! Kitchen will need washable wallpapers, because high humidity and temperature fluctuations have a negative impact on the state of ordinary wallpaper.

Currently, there are several types of murals:

  • basis canvas. This is the most expensive option murals - handmade, for the manufacture of which takes a long time. The cost of such images is greater than a thousand dollars.
  • The self-adhesive base. Such images are produced in large quantities and are available ordinary buyer. Wall paintings is not difficult.
  • Non-woven and rigid foundation. Material for producing plaster is impregnated with a special compound. Creating these frescoes is quite expensive.
  • mosaic mural. Cheapest option - design kitchen tile with a pattern in the form of murals. Mosaic same embodiment requires professional work and a long preparatory process. The result will hereby interior decoration.

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