Classic kitchens: design and design kitchens classic rectangular shape

Kitchen - Classic Design (36 photos), and high-tech: how to make the project


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renovated kitchen - the most important event, which will face the owner of the apartment. Choose the layout, furniture and materials can be difficult. The best option for the kitchen - a classic design that allows you to effortlessly make the room look gorgeous in a short period of time.

Currently, there are several styles and many options kitchen renovation. Given the unusual layout of your apartment, you should determine the functionality of the room, and only then choose the design.

Classic kitchens design

If a small area of ​​the room - do not dispose in it apart from the working area is also a dining room. In a medium-sized kitchens comfortably coexist preparation area and eating the food, and the large rooms can combine several functions - kitchen, dining and living room.

So when you decide which design of a kitchen you will, once there is a problem of choice, because now there are many design options.


  • Classic design.
  • Modern.
  • High tech.
  • Country.

In addition, each designer can experiment and create their own versions - only limitation is imagination and the amount of funds allocated for repair.

The kitchen in classic style

Consider the simplest and most common variant - the design of classical cuisine.

If you want to bring into your home cozy and warm, this is exactly what you need. For interior decoration in this case traditionally use wood, in addition, this style is the constancy of forms, logical layout and the same standards.

To create an elite cuisine, you should use the best wood. In addition, the kitchen is recommended to make under the order. It will take into account all the peculiarities of planning, your desires and the future environment requirements.

Also do not forget about the structural difficulties such as geysers or ventilation ducts, which will have to develop their own ideas of kitchen design.

Wood furniture will look great in small spaces and private homes, creating an atmosphere of calm and comfort. This style lovers unpretentious but beautiful interiors.

modernist kitchen design

An example of classic design

Kitchen in the Art Nouveau style

Modern - a new trend in the design of kitchens. It combines all the technological advances of the 21st century and allows to realize the idea of ​​a kitchen renovation without the use of any non-standard methods and materials.

Simplicity and clean lines, smooth surfaces, built-in appliances - these are the main features of this style. All materials - cold and austere metal, glass, stone.

Together with well-put spotlight they form the kitchen design Modern - perfect and depart from tradition.

Design classic cuisine

An example of Art Nouveau design

Many people mistakenly considered to this style all the newly formed - high-tech, minimalism, and others, but they have significant differences. For example, high-tech, like Tehnomaniya.

Combining the latest developments in the field of home appliances to the austerity and harshness of forms, facades from aluminum and unusual combinations of materials, we find just such a design.

Minimalism - a choice of owners of small rooms, lovers of freedom and lightness. Freeing space from unnecessary interior items, and use during the repair of natural colors and materials, we get a lot of space, air and light.

The mini-kitchen is often combined with a living room and dining room form a harmonious combination. In finishing, use plain wallpaper, linoleum flooring or natural shades. It is desirable to a lot of light, because thanks to him, you can create an emphasis on any part of the room and create an atmosphere in the room.

The design and shape

kitchen decoration also depends on the shape of the room.

rectangular kitchen design

Design in the narrow kitchen

For example, creating a design of rectangular kitchen, the host must know how to properly arrange the furniture, which finish to use and what to do to get a nice interior.

The arrangement of furniture in a rectangular room depends on the actual parameters: if the room is a little stretched along, planning can be quite all, but with a strong elongation, it is necessary to consider some features.


  • In the narrow kitchen furniture is spread in a line along the longitudinal walls.
  • To increase the free space, you can order a kitchen with a slightly shallower depth cabinets.
  • Properly supplied lighting to visually enlarge the room and make activities enjoyable and comfortable.
  • Coloring of end walls in contrasting colors will make the room wider, smoothing the sharp edges.

Note! Performing engineering and design of the kitchen in the first place should take into account personal preferences, for decoration created for personal use, and then pay attention to the cost of materials, furniture and tips specialists.

So, to create a beautiful design - is not such a difficult task. Choose the style of the design is easy on the sites on the Internet. After that you just develop a sketch of the future layout and start the decoration and atmosphere of your ideal kitchen.

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