The design of the walls in the kitchen finishes cooking surfaces

The design of the walls in the kitchen (photo 36): the use of wallpaper, photo wallpapers, paint and other decorating options


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We often wonder how to arrange the walls in the kitchen. To this end, it is not necessary to use expensive materials or to use the services of prestigious designers. You are able to independently carry out the design of the walls in the kitchen. The main desire.

It is important initially to determine the type of material that you will use during the repair of the kitchen with his hands.

The design of the walls in the kitchen

pasting of walls

Classic wallpaper

Very often the wallpaper serve as a dim background for furniture, accessories and floor. Very easy to turn them into the main decoration. You can use a combination of different colors and textures.

For example, you can make a paste of red contrasting wallpaper. If you have a mono headsets will look great wallpaper with graphic pattern.

Experiment, and then creating a kitchen design can turn into a fun game. Often, the repair method is used for accent walls. Her okleivayut quite contrasting wallpaper.

Such a surface usually make any functional zone. This may be a preparation area or a wall located near the dining room table.

The design of the kitchen walls

Designed with a focus on the wallpaper


When photowall help of a small kitchen area, you can arrange such a wall design, in which the space will be visually enhanced.

To do this, use the panoramic landscape wallpapers. You can also stick the river or favorite narrow streets. All of this will make a pleasant variety to your home decor. Another positive quality of photo wallpapers can be called what they are well zoned space.

Design wall decoration

Design, made with photo wallpapers

Note! If you want to expand the space and choose with the wallpapers, you know, they require a neutral background. It is also desirable to place in the kitchen minimal amount of furniture and other accessories.

If you have a little bit of beautiful wallpapers, you can build a stylish apron above the working area if desired. Glue the wallpaper on top and secure the glass. More durable and attractive option - custom graphic panels.


With the help of paint you can create a unique masterpiece. If you want to stay on the pure white walls and white appliances, the kitchen interior design will look very festive.

  1. It has recently become very popular to paint the walls in two colors. In this case, it hung a large number of paintings of different styles. The most commonly considered pop art.
  2. Using a large number of tiles, you can get cold and uncomfortable room. To avoid this unpleasant ceramic effect, change the color of grout for joints. Choose deeper, more saturated colors, which will be much contrast in color with ceramics.

Other design options

Molded into plaster with your hands will look great in a room with modern technology. It implies an amalgam of styles: vintage and hi-tech. To give the plaster a pleasant warm hue, you can use lessirovochnomu colors. Also, with their help create the effect of metal or nacre.

Optionally, use a finishing material for walls, designers recommend to combine them.

  1. Tile and wood. Try to pick the type of wood so that it came to the tone of basic furniture, a tile pattern in tone to the table top.
  2. Tile and mosaics. Recently, the mosaic returns its popularity. It is possible to lay a base layer tile and its complement mosaic.
  3. If you're a fan of colorful plitochek possible to combine large and small mosaic tile insets. It will look very stylish and modern.Design kitchen wallsTiles in the kitchen
  4. Wallpaper and panels. For a basis of decoration take the wallpaper, the lower part of the wall with the paint color close in tone. Also, you can change the paint on plastic panels.


If you have not discovered the talent of the young artist, you can use vinyl stickers. This type of decoration is inexpensive and simple. In order to do not need special equipment correctly apply them to the surface.

In the center of the kitchen to hang panel, still life or other appetizing reproduction. For example, draw a frame menu in the restaurant style of your favorite places or use the standard posters of landscapes or fruit.

Do not forget that the vertical panels visually lift the ceiling in the kitchen, and the horizontal stretch room. Remember and about the combination of colors. The kitchen should prevail warm or bright colors.

Fashion on the plates on the walls of the old as the hills. However, now it is considered to be a very stylish reception with the design of the kitchen. Beautiful dishes - the main weapon of a good housewife. And if you really do not want to hang up your entire collection of dishes, at least do not hide it deep in the closet. May she flaunts in the display cabinet with glass doors.

Plates in the design of the walls

Plates design

Similarly, we can demonstrate an antique clock or trays, if you have one.

Summing up

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