Arrangement of partitions of plasterboard: video-installation instructions with their hands, technology, price, photo

Arrangement of partitions of plasterboard (45 photos). Construction with double skinned, standard models and variants to doorway. Marking, assembly and frame cladding


Table of contents

  • 1 Where and how to drywall partitions can be used
    • 1.1 Partitions with a double skin
    • 1.2 standard partitions
    • 1.3 Partitions with doorway
  • 2 the necessary equipment
  • 3 Mounting partitions
    • 3.1 marking
    • 3.2 frame assembly
    • 3.3 frame paneling
  • 4 conclusion
  • 5 Photo Gallery

To date, the most popular way device interior partitions - it is installation of drywall systems.

EXAMPLE plasterboard partitions

EXAMPLE plasterboard partitions

And this is not surprising:

  • low cost of base materials;
  • high speed of installation works;
  • the relative ease of assembly, if desired, all you can do with your hands and without assistants;
  • numerous design options;
  • light weight designs.

And it is worth noting that in addition to all these qualities, drywall partitions the device can be carried out at various sites. Let's talk a little bit about this.

Where and how to drywall partitions can be used

In fact, all areas of the list, of course, impossible, but basically the partitions do:

  1. in apartments and private homes;
  2. in office buildings and government offices;
  3. entertainment and shopping centers;
  4. in cafes and nightclubs.

Partitions with a double skin

The technology, when the frame walls sheathed with two layers of sheets can be used in several cases.

Dividing wall with two layers of drywall

Dividing wall with two layers of drywall

  1. When you need to maximize the level of sound insulation between rooms. For example, it may be partitions between rooms in nightclubs.
  2. When you need to make a very hard wall plane. As an illustrative example, again, discos, night clubs, places with high traffic of people.
  3. When for one reason or another can not be done directly frame is tough enough. Typically, this is due to lack of profiles on the structure or the use of low-grade metal. But in such cases, and the rigidity of the partition is achieved by screwing the additional sheet on top of the core.

Now, consider a classic design.

standard partitions

Scheme standard septum

Scheme standard septum

Such systems, in fact, constitute an integral wall without additional reinforcements.

Install them can be in any room, however it is necessary to remember some important points:

  1. If the partition device plasterboard performed in high humidity, moisture-proof sheets only be applied for covering the framework. (cm. also the article Installation of drywall - a technology that changed our perception)
  2. We should not neglect the rules of technology. Be sure to route the mineral wool inside the frame, between the sheets of plasterboard. Even if insulate nothing. The fact that the empty structure to create not just good to pass the sound between the rooms, but also a bit to strengthen them. It is unlikely that you need such an effect.
  3. If near the walls will stand oven, heating boiler or fireplace, you need to frame sheathe ogneystoykim plasterboard.

Partitions with doorway

Dividing wall with reinforced opening for the door

Dividing wall with reinforced opening for the door

This is the same standard partitions, only with a cutout for the door. (cm. also the paper door installation in plasterboard wall: A Practical Guide)

Tips on arrangement of their own hands:

Firstly, if the design is on the door, a partition will vibrate slightly when opening. To make this "little" does not become a problem, it is necessary to strengthen the metal with each other, to the walls, floor and ceiling is really good, as is necessary under the requirements of technology!

Otherwise, all the joint design will gradually erode, and this is a danger not only vibration, but also constant jarring.

Secondly, on the perimeter of the door need to mount additional amplification. This is done with the help of a strong timber that is embedded into the inner side of the profile around the perimeter of the door. It is to him, and you need to fasten the interior doors. It is strong and reliable!

Now consider that the need to master to produce plasterboard partitions independently.

the necessary equipment

Of consumable products other than gypsum board, we need:

  • guide (marked CW) and the carrier (UW) profile for partitions. The photo clearly shows the look of these materials;
Profile for partitions

Profile for partitions

  • set screws for installation of drywall systems;
  • rock wool rolls.

On the latter point, the market can find a dense mineral wool sheets. The effect of it in terms of heat and sound insulation is better, but it costs much more expensive. And as practice shows, the standard wool rolls is enough to create a normal insulating layer.

Mineral wool for walls

Tip! Be careful when buying screws, use a good product manufacturers.

Now about the tool:

  • hammer and screwdriver;
  • Bulgarian and tin snips;
  • set of screwdrivers and a hammer;
  • square, usually with the level of construction and the thread;
  • pencil and upholstery cord with paint;
  • roulette;
  • ladder.

Tip: If you do not fit the price of the power tool, you can always save money and rent it.

Thus, we assume that for the work we have everything, consider a rule that contains the assembly instruction.

Mounting partitions

As an illustrative example, consider the standard one-piece construction "wall to wall" without openings, shelves, niches.

"Deaf" plasterboard partitions

"Deaf" plasterboard partitions

First of all, you need to make a layout. At this stage you need to be as patient and careful, as this is the case when it is best "measure seven times and one - cut."

Let's start.


  1. We define a point which will be the starting line for the next frame.
  2. We put a mark on the ceiling near one of the walls of the room.
  3. We put a mark on the ceiling near the wall, and the second with the help of upholstery cord connects the dots.
  4. With gon check to see if we held the line correctly.
  5. With a plumb and a cord upholstery transfer line on the floor.
  6. Connect the upper and lower edges line the walls.
markup example for partition

markup example for partition

In this layout is completed, we have traced the perimeter of the future walls, along which will strengthen and guide profile today.

frame assembly

  1. We measure the distance of the floor and ceiling, from wall to wall, and the height of each of the walls.
  2. According to figures obtained by preparing a profile of the desired size.
  3. Puts them to the plane, we drill the wall and nailed fast assembly.

And now you need to prepare labels to determine the location of the insertion uprights, CW profiles.

It is simple enough.

We put the guide profile on the ceiling plane mark every 60 cm. With the help of a plumb duplicate them on a horizontal profile at the bottom of the frame. Here are focusing on these points, we will mount Stoev profiles.

Mark for pasting Stoev Profile

Mark for pasting Stoev Profile

Why 60 centimeters?

Because the sheets we will put to the frame in all their height and we need to get along each edge of the sheet and the middle we had a desk, and a sheet width - 120 cm.

We will begin to install the rack.

  1. Relative set points are measuring the height of the near future of each rack.
  2. Cut the profile of the desired length. If the ceiling height is greater than the size of the profile, for fastening struts have special adapters to each other on the market. However it is better to use a greater length strut (they are 3.4 and 6 m) and not to use the adapters to have stiles were not weak points.
  3. Insert bearing profile rails into grooves and connect them.
  4. Similarly, we do along the line of rail.

The frame is almost ready. Almost, because the need has horizontal bridges that need to be inserted between Stoev in areas where drywall sheets are in contact.

Frame for partitions

Frame for partitions

But you can do otherwise and immediately screw the metal, and already the size of the sheets will be "customized" by the jumper.

Lintel desirable to locate not only at the boundaries of the sheets, but every 50 cm from the bottom up, so the frame will be more rigid, and the sheets are guaranteed not to bend inside the structure.

The manufacturing process is very simple jumper. In fact, this is an ordinary piece of the carrier profile with small "lip" at both ends. "Lip" is needed in order to support profile conveniently entered into the grooves to bridge and there was a point where actually you need to twist the screws.

It should be understood that in the future on the partition will be mounted. If its plane is scheduled to hang shelves or air conditioning, it is necessary to make one more additional mortgage bridge of strong wooden beams.

Mortgages for the air conditioner

Mortgages for the air conditioner

We made the jumper and screw them?

Then proceed to the final stage of assembly.

frame paneling

In fact, it is the fastest and easiest step. It is believed that the assembly of the frame walls - this is 75% of the work, all the rest - a covering.

How to fasten sheets of metal, we will not explain, but rather talk about a few important points about which we should not forget.

  1. Before you plan your skin, which will be located switches and sockets, in accordance with this plan, I will put the carcass cord.
  2. Mineral wool is laid only after the frame is sewn on one side of the sheet.
Mineral wool in the frame walls

Mineral wool in the frame walls

  1. Spending on 1 sheet screws so much as is necessary under the technology. Typically, along the center of each sheet clear marks which indicate how far apart screws should be placed (about every 20 cm).
  2. Do not forget to screw the screws to the end, that there are no protruding hats during the sealing of the plane it will be very much in the way. Too "utaplivat" screws into the sheet can not, because GCR edge breaking and accordingly breaks the bond strength.

After skin can start to putty surface. (cm. also the paper Finishing plaster for plasterboard - all the highlights)

And here, too, it is very important to follow a few rules:

  1. Must be cleaned from dust baffle plane and carefully pogruntovat drywall. For this acrylic primer works best.
  2. All seams must first be treated with a special adhesive that is applied to the reinforcing mesh.
seams Processing partition plane

seams Processing partition plane

  1. Each subsequent layer can be applied only when completely (!), Dried last.

Only in this way, following the technology rules and recommendations of experienced masters, and you get a good quality result.


We hope you understand the technique plasterboard partitions and all the above key points. Well, if all the same some points remain unclear, we are sure to watch the video at the end of the article - it's a great addition to the instructions provided.

We wish you a successful, high-quality and, of course, fast repair!

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