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  • 1 A family with a toddler-preschooler
    • 1.1 parents zone
    • 1.2 child zone
  • 2 Family with baby-junior high school students
  • 3 Families with a child, a teenager
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Studio apartment - the best option for a single occupant, the maximum - for two. However, the realities of modern life are often forced to live in "odnushke" and families with a child. Design studio for three should create favorable conditions for the parents and for the baby.

However, current magazines often publish design photo bedroom apartments designed for singles, elegantly placing in a single bedroom and a place to receive guests. For a family of three people is totally unacceptable.

Design studio for threeOur repair school will fill the resulting gap, and this article will examine how the interior should look odnushki for three.

A family with a toddler-preschooler

When planning the design of one-room apartment for a family with a child, it is based must be put zoning principle. To both parents and child feel comfortable, it is necessary to delimit the area well.

Consider the principles of organization and repair in a small room, where a family with a toddler-preschooler.

parents zone

  • Perfect solution will be posting here transformer - cabinet bed. In the daytime the bed can be raised, freeing up valuable space for moving toddler games.
    Design studio apartment for families with children

    Wardrobe bed will help to save space in the daytime

  • On the floor lay down a soft mat on which you can sit in the daytime.
  • From the second zone of the room is separated rack with open shelves;

child zone

  • If you have a sealed plastic windows, a bed can be placed under a window to the baby received a lot of sunlight;
  • The design of window curtains used Roman or roll options, which do not take up much space.
  • Over each zone a separate hanging lamp. You can buy the same model, differing only in color.

Local coverage should not interfere with sleep in the next area to be little handy desk lamps with subdued light. In the kitchen, you need to install the door tightly.

You can view and quite radical, but it is very effective and original solution:

  • room is divided by a partition into unequal parts;
  • a child (smaller) portion of the floor rises to a height of 0.5 m;
  • parents' bed for the day setting in a niche under the children's area.
    with a child design studio

    During the day the parental bed hidden in a niche under the children's

If you like the proposed plan studio - design areas choose in a similar style to create unity.

If you are a supporter of classical solutions, the area can be divided into a decorative partition.

Layout design studio

Decorative partition separating the nursery area

Color solution can be arranged fairly concise in the parent zone (for example, the use of gray-white tones) and brighter in the children's section. If desired, you can not zone the apartment with the help of color, and combine both solutions (a quiet background and bright color spots).

Tip! If the plan allows, should carry a partition separating the room from the hallway, expanding the room for a few square meters. In this case the wall near the liberated place roomy closet for clothes, and on the cabinet side is located a few hooks for seasonal use.

Family with baby-junior high school students

If the child is in school or soon to go, it is necessary to organize a small "office".

Consider how to create a design studio with a child younger students.

  • quite convenient to zoning using racks, they serve as partitions and at the same time create additional storage space;
  • racks are placed so that they do not obstruct the window and were not in front of the entrance;
  • rack may be of any height;
  • him placed a desk and a bed of the child;
  • the parent side of the bed is placed, in front of her equipment, the TV can be strengthened on the wall with brackets.

It is important that shelving stylistically fit into your home design. It is better if they are made of the same DSP (or wood) as well as other furniture.

Children area is separated using a low rack

Children area is separated using a low rack

Tip! If too little space, should be equipped with a wardrobe and bed of the child. Then you can place the desk perpendicular to the cabinet and to arrange a cozy corner just a pair of square meters.

Families with a child, a teenager

Stay in a one-room apartment is quite difficult with a child, a teenager, but sometimes the choice is not there.

For such a case, you can use the following layout:

  • "Adult" zone separated by a partition or a screen of plasterboard;
  • in the child's bed zone is set, the upper tier of which is designed specifically for sleep, and is located on the lower cabinet;
  • catastrophically when a small number of square meters of the variant, when in the recess of the lower tier is placed desk;
  • lifting the second stage is carried out using a ladder or stairs high;
  • in the interior can make a bet on a different finish or choose one color, but to complement the parent zone large prints;
  • visually expand "adult" able half mirror, whose height should be about 1.8 m, and the width of 0.8 m, the dark frame is selected with straight lines.
    Two-level design solution - the most optimal for a berth teenager

    Two-level design solution - optimal for a berth teenager

In any planning is important to pay special attention to the light. In the children's portion must be covered and writing area, and sleeping area (perhaps it will be used for reading).

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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