Design narrow room: the interior of a long small room

The design of a narrow room (photo 45): design of doors and windows, laying floors, the selection of furniture and lighting


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  • 1 We conquer space
  • 2 design subtleties
    • 2.1 Doors and windows
    • 2.2 floor laying
    • 2.3 selection of furniture
    • 2.4 Lighting
  • 3 Summing up
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Many Soviet-built home (and they make up the lion's share of the housing stock of the country) in its planning quite often have a long, narrow room.

Design narrow room often becomes a "headache" for the hosts - because the principles relevant to the hallway and the hallway, there are absolutely unacceptable.

narrow room designLong, narrow room to do anything like a functional and at the same time - even visually "extend" it.

So, in your apartment has a long narrow room. It can be a living room (in this case, the term "narrow" is still relative - just present an extremely unfavorable ratio of the length and width of the room) or the kitchen.

In any case, you will encounter a serious challenge for furniture arrangement, choice of finishes and lighting layout - in Generally, with a whole set of factors that will affect both the immediate design and the convenience of its tenants.

And let the work be difficult enough, but to do from the narrow space of the room is acceptable - it is quite possible. And we start with a visual extension techniques.

We conquer space

How can visually enlarge the width of the room, planning the design of a long narrow room? Yes, and on the condition that a large-scale redevelopment of the demolition of walls, removal of walls and other works from this series, we will not contrive.

There are several tricks to "push the wall" due to the color effects and the use of various decorative materials.

Design a long narrow room

window drapery

Plain wallpaper or paint the walls in one color (one-stop solution for virtually everywhere) in the case of a narrow room is clearly not appropriate.

we have to visually distinguish the short wall, and "de-emphasize" with long to achieve the desired effect. For this:

  • On the short wall can be pokleit wallpaper richer color or wallpaper use "tone on tone", but on a short wall to paste wallpaper with a pronounced pattern.
  • The short wall can be decorated with drapes, curtains or drapes, they are perfectly concealed space both visually and practically.
  • The following method, which can be recommended for those planning to interior design of the narrow room - wall photos. They can be placed on the short wall, then they must limit the maximum space and the longest. In the latter case, choose wallpapers with perspective. Plain stretching into the distance or canyon expand the room horizontally and negate disproportionate.
  • Reception, which is considered a classic design for such cases - large wall wallpaper with vertical (up to continuous bands) and a smaller - horizontal.

design subtleties

Doors and windows

The next stage of planning options and design ideas to narrow the room - it's windows and doorways.

Here it is necessary to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • For doorways on the long wall, you can safely recommend their expansion. In this case, preference is given to structures with two swinging door leaf and maximum wide architraves.
  • Instead, the door opening can be arranged in the form of an arch. At the same time finishing material arches edge, contrasting color and / or texture to the main decoration (wallpaper, plaster or paint) even more "eat" space along most of the wall.
  • Windows are expanding, making the window openings "bell" to the side of the room. But if the window is located on the short wall, the opening is better to do a strictly rectangular.

floor laying

design a small narrow room

Paul and wallpapers

Properly selected and properly stacked floor covering is not able to bring less effect than a wall decoration.

In most cases, expanding space, designers advised to choose covering (tiles, linoleum or laminate) with a rectangular pattern. At the same styling is made in such a way that the figure lay perpendicular to the long wall.

Also been reported with the floor tiles. The short side of the tile orient along the long wall.

On top of monochromatic coating can be laid rectangular carpet, he copes with the "strain" premises in the required direction. We put carpet the narrow part of the long wall and the area is visually shortened!

selection of furniture

Recommendations for the selection of furniture:

  • One of the shorter walls can completely take wardrobe with a similar finish on color. With sufficient depth of the cabinet will not only perfectly fulfill its function, but also hide the excess space.
  • Part of the area can be separated or the screen bezel. So, we have two relatively separate rooms, one of which you can arrange a dressing room or boudoir with a dressing table. In this case, each of the parts can be finished in his own style. Instead of a disproportionately long room, at our disposal, there are two more or less square room.
  • Mirrors can be hung on the long wall.


design a narrow little room

option chandeliers

The final touch to the layout - is the selection of lighting. Properly exposed light will help hide the disproportion.

The central chandelier is inappropriate.

If you are sure you want to hang it and are not prepared to make concessions on this issue, there are two options:

  • choice of asymmetrical chandeliers, extended in length, and hanging it across the room;
  • Trim chandeliers additional light sources.

These sources will approach lamps or floor lamps with short walls. But the light on the long wall of the corridor will create an effect rather than a dwelling.

As a result, we arrive at the following conclusion: the design of a narrow little room - though a difficult task, but it is implemented. And when you consider some obvious nuances, all you get!

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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