Design studio apartment of 40 square meters, as well as modern design studio 30, 35, 50 sq m

Design studio apartment of 40 square meters (42 images): registration area of ​​sleep, relaxation, the workplace and the selection of furniture


Table of contents

  • 1 replanning
  • 2 Registration of individual zones
    • 2.1 Sleeping area
    • 2.2 Rest zone
    • 2.3 Kitchen
  • 3 Choosing furniture
  • 4 Summing up
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As the most rational and properly plan the design studio of 40 square meters? The owners are not very large property, given the many years of experience, know how it is sometimes difficult to put everything you need in a tiny room.

This task becomes more complicated if you have a studio apartment.

Design studio apartment of 40 square meters


Significantly increase the space you unfortunately can not do. Add useful space can be achieved by combining the kitchen and bathroom.

Thus, you get a stylish studio. This option is very good, that's just may not be suitable for those who wished to repair their own hands.

In addition, it is important that the wall was not a carrier, or demolish it in any case impossible.

Often, the design project studio apartment of 40 square meters design provides space for several people.

Design studio apartment of 30 square meters

interior example

No matter how many people may live, contemporary interior should start with the planning phase.

 Design studio apartment of 35 square meters

Design project

  • Determine the recreation area, working, living area and a place to sleep.
  • Select the overall style and try to keep it around from the choice of plaster and finishing with the door handles.

Note! It is important to begin with this stage. Many of those who dared to try to repair, do not consider this a mandatory rule and eventually come to gross errors.

Performing design studio apartment of 40 square meters, not in a hurry with a choice of finishes, the interior is not defined with a picture.

Registration of individual zones

Sleeping area

Design studio apartment of 50 square meters

Sleeping area

This is the first item that you have to perform. Making design a one-room apartment of 30 square meters, remember that instead of a bed, which take up much space, you can use the sofa bed.

He will save the already small space. If you still decide not to torture yourself sofa and put a full bed, place it so that it was not visible from the front door.

Ideal - a bed-transformer that can be easily folded and in the unfolded state does not yield a full-fledged beds.

Rest zone

Near the entrance usually plan seating area and reception. There you can put a sofa, an armchair with a coffee table and a small seating area.

Organizing a design project studio apartment of 30 square meters, do not forget about the space under the window. Make it cumbersome furniture is not desirable. Put the computer desk or small table for a laptop. If the place is not, the work area can be moved to the kitchen.


design of the apartment of 40 square meters

The working area combined with relaxation area

Give up the idea to buy the standard set for the arrangement of the working area in the kitchen. They are quite bulky and visually reduce the space. They can be replaced by various cupboards or open shelves.

Best of all, to the kitchen was done in bright colors and had the furniture made of light woods. This will make it spacious and comfortable.

Once the zones are defined, they need to be properly divided. This can be done using:

  • interior partitions;
  • shelving;
  • screen or different curtains.

So, modern design studio provides for mobile partitions. They can be made of plasterboard or chipboard and have a different finish.

Design 1 apartment room 30 sq.m

The original partition as bookshelves

Very stylish it will look partition, lined with a smooth surface. Such a wall visually increase the space.

In addition to the various curtains and curtains can also be used bookcases and shelves. They are very easy to use and mobile. In addition, they are often used as an element of decor.

The design studio 50 sq m may be supplemented podium. Since it can be zoned area.

Thus, part of the premises will be elevated to a higher level. There can be positioned bed with drawers for storing clothes.

Design studio apartment of 40 square meters

Using the podium for sleep area

They are becoming more popular stained glass partitions. They are considered the most prestigious way of zoning. This is due to the beauty of stained glass inserts and a unique play of light.

Unimaginable variety of techniques for creating data partitions, different combinations of colors and patterns allow you to create a unique and exciting design studio apartment of 35 square meters.

  1. Use a barrier made of tempered glass or glass blocks, which do not reach the ceiling.
  2. Zoning floor. Various floor coverings in different parts of the room perfectly separate the different zones. For example, parquet flooring in the living room and carpet in the bedroom - a great combination.
  3. Design one-bedroom apartment of 40 sq m provides for a set of artificial light sources.
  4. Separate living room and bedroom wardrobe.
  5. If you have a balcony, make it part of the living room. Thus, the additional space will appear.
modern design studio

EXAMPLE zoning floor surface

Choosing furniture

We all know that the design of one-room apartment of 30 square meters - it is very difficult, but the most difficult question is the choice of furniture. Clutter in such a small space is not allowed.

project design studio of 40 square meters

EXAMPLE-transformer section (from the coffee table in the dining table)

In order to avoid the undesirable effect should choose a sufficient number of cabinets and drawers. When choosing furniture, try to buy the most functional models.

It can be a bed with drawers (in this case you do not have to buy a chest of drawers), or table-transformer, which quickly transformed from a coffee in the dining room.

furniture size too is important. Take care that it is roomy and does not harm comfort.

You may need to contact the experts to make furniture to order. The advantage in this case could be a unique interior and originality of performance.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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