Design a small square-shaped room in a nautical theme: design office

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Design a small room (36 photos): Particulars of premises and office devices


Table of contents

  • 1 design Tricks
  • 2 Style selection principles
    • 2.1 Sea style
    • 2.2 Gothic Cabinet for
    • 2.3 Bedroom Loft or minimalism?
  • 3 Summing up
  • 4 Photo Gallery

A small area of ​​the room - it is a big problem for the inexperienced designer. In carrying out the design of a small room, it is necessary not only to harmoniously combine colors and furnishings, but also place the necessary interior, that can be difficult.

In turn that small space and how best to carry out repairs, cover in this article.

Design a small room

So, if in our hands got a small room, you need to turn disadvantages into advantages, using design tricks that allow to save space and visually increase the size of premises.

design Tricks

  • Color and light - the main designer weapon. Light shades allow to expand the space, especially if they are combined with bright lighting.
  • To expand the size of the room inconvenient (narrow or elongated) in the vast walls of placing large mirrors that reflect a lot of light and give the room a square shape.
  • Drawing on the floor and capable of changing the visual perception of the room. Vertical or horizontal direction of the room extends and expands its diagonal pattern in all directions.
  • Multifunctional furniture - a designer friend. Using the pull-out couch, table-transformers or wardrobes to save space in the room.
  • Proper planning - the key to success. For example, the design of the square room would look better if the furniture dotting the walls, forming a makeshift corridor. The design of the narrow rooms do not recommended, the best solution is to group furniture near one of the end walls and the zoning of the room into two parts.

Style selection principles

An example of marine design

Sea style

Depending on the destination chosen design style. Consider the marine style that appeals to the romantic and perfect for the bedroom or office.

He appeared in the 19th century, when many travelers have decided to repeat the ship's situation in the design of your own home.

To make such a design is not difficult, even for the novice designer, the benefit is now all the necessary materials can be found in the construction market.

We begin with a surface finishing. Naturally, the ships of the time were made of wood. Accordingly, the marine style involves the use of wood and similar materials on all surfaces and in the interior.

  • Paul laid wood, suitable flooring or linoleum, painted wood. Of course, if you have already installed other coatings can cover them with carpet natural shades with a textured pattern. Thick carpets is not recommended.
  • Covering the walls is made of normal lining of the dark shade, mimicking the side of the ship. You can not bind the entire wall, and a lower portion, and the remaining paint surface or cover textured plaster.
  • The ceiling can also be covered with clapboard or to use the materials to match the walls.
  • Lighting is better to use spot or hang a chandelier, chandelier with candles imitating.

Of course, the design of the room in a nautical style involves the use of wooden furniture made of solid pine or oak, but can be used and modern lightweight construction. Easy and multifunctional furniture, like folding or double beds, ideal for the interior.

  • Window blinds can be closed with curtains or conventional, does not necessarily make them look like portholes.

Note! To create the necessary atmosphere in the presence of free time, you can install decorative window with a beautiful sea view.

  • Popular colors for the marine style - water and heavenly shades: blue, white, blue, aquamarine, turquoise, also possible to use steel and dark brown.
  • Decorate the interior design of the house will help a variety of antique maps, globes, telescopes, measuring instruments. For storage of small things can be adapted sailor chest.

Gothic Cabinet for

design of the room in a nautical theme

Office in the Gothic style

Consider the case when design a home office is decorated in the Gothic style.

Traditional home furnishings for the office is a large desk, a sofa couch for relaxing, literature racks, a comfortable chair and a couple of chairs for visitors.

Gothic design is often called dark and mysterious, but it fits perfectly to the cabinet. Primary colors - dark red, cherry, muted shades of blue and green.

They combine well with wooden furniture and spines of books that lined the shelves in his office. Painting walls - natural dark shades, do not distract or interfere. Doors and windows with stained glass windows give the majesty and presentable.

Home office design

Room with corner sofa

Bedroom Loft or minimalism?

Most often in small rooms arranged bedroom. And the design of the room with a corner sofa is quite common in such cases.

First, it saves space in the daytime, and secondly, great new modern style - high-tech, minimalist and loft. There are many options, and only you will be able to choose for themselves the only and unique.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

Photo Gallery

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