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  • 1 General information about the design of the attic
    • 1.1 The choice of finishing materials
    • 1.2 subtleties plan
  • 2 Bedroom in the attic
  • 3 Children's room in the attic
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Trends of modern life are moving toward more functional order every available square meter of the house. And this is caused by the currently popular devices attics. This room is very suitable for life, the only difference from the classic rooms is its location under the roof.

The quality fine finished attic is always extremely comfortable and spacious. In Good Hands room becomes a kind of additional floors, which can be placed one or more high-grade rooms. In this article we will discuss how the chosen design attic rooms.

Design attic rooms

General information about the design of the attic

Billiard room in the attic

Billiard room in the attic

The most common use of the attic space under the operating recreation and entertainment features - the library, gyms, lounges, billiard, winter gardens. attic room is often used for the device for a child with a lot of space for outdoor games.

A good solution would be the creation of a workshop. However, in the attic may themselves quite comfortable "feel" absolutely any classic room such as a living room, kitchen, bedroom and even bathroom.

Bathroom in the attic

Bathroom in the attic

The choice of finishing materials

To create the most comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in the floor and walls of the attic finishing better use of materials similar tones. A great solution is to use wood or laying structural plaster with your hands.

subtleties plan

An important attribute is the layout of the attic, which is often not standard.

It should adhere to certain rules:

  • at a relatively low height of the room in the finish, it is desirable to use pastel and bright colors, which visually enhance the indoor space;
  • if there are difficulties with literate filling the attic space, you must use a proven way - the division of space into functional zones;
  • during processing facilities should not forget about lighting, as the light and the light - the main components of the attic design;
  • do not need to make extra space furniture and other optional items for the room, the room should be as large;
  • will look stylish small attractive decor items;
  • if the room has a large area, you must use the red and yellow colors and big patterns that can visually reduce the dimensions of the room to the desired;
  • if there is a need to visually enlarge the area, you must use the blue-blue tones with fine patterns.

Through the windows in the sloping attic can penetrate up to 40% more sunlight in comparison with their vertical counterparts. In the summer of overly bright sun can be protected by shutters.

Tip! Evening light slanted walls of the attic will be attractive using low floor lamps and spot lighting.

Bedroom in the attic

Through design bedrooms with their own hands the development, located in the attic of the need to use the following tips.

Design a bedroom in the attic room

Design a bedroom in the attic room

  1. Preferring to "good" awakening best suited light golden tones for ceiling lining, white color for the walls and the same bunk color curtains and furniture.
  2. If the attic is finished rough unpainted clapboard, then adding the same gruff furniture, hand-made rugs, patchwork and skins can achieve the effect of a hunting lodge.
  3. If the attic design used mainly saturated and fresh light, but soft colors, paint the ceiling should be white gloss paint. For attic it is rather a necessity, because it is usually white color makes the room bright and best expands the space. The walls and ceiling are painted in white, looks great in contrast to the dark furniture. Such a solution will look very modern and suitable even for the design of small bedrooms, located in the attic.
  4. For small attic rooms, in addition to the walls and ceiling, painted in white color, in the same shade can be used and flooring. in this case the furniture and accessories are chosen blue, yellow, pink, light green or dark contrast.
    Light design visually enlarge a small attic

    Light design visually enlarge a small attic

  5. If the attic has a beam, they can be left either in natural color, darken or paint in the same shade of ceiling coverings. When choosing a darker beams it is important to replicate the design of the attic of their color. Excellent look solutions, where the color of the beam is selected mirror frames, headboards bed decor or the color of the flooring.
    Dormer beams in the color of the soft corner

    Dormer beams in the color of the soft corner

  6. Beautiful and original look of the attic, the ceiling of which are covered with wallpaper. However, it is important to use bright wallpaper with a delicate pattern.
  7. Bedroom in the attic a small area will be more comfortable if the decor bed use traditional fabrics in warm and pleasant colors with floral pattern. A window can be hung curtains of natural light fabric - linen, chintz or satin.

Children's room in the attic

Every child wants to live under the roof, away from parental supervision. Also bedroom attic has an unusual and interesting interior may further be used as observation point.

The decoration of the attic under the child can apply and wallpaper, and wood, and painting, as well as to combine data types of coatings. The combination of wallpaper and paint, in addition to good visual effect is also more economical.

The choice of colors in the design of children's attic is almost unlimited. However, it should select colors based on the child's psychological type and preferences.

Calm kids is not recommended for the repair of the walls with their hands in pastel colors. A good option would be the separation of areas of color: a bedroom issue in soft colors, and the game - in more vivid. It is necessary to connect to the selection of colors of the room and of the future occupant.

Your version of the children's attic for a moderately active child

Your version of the children's attic for a moderately active child

Making selected on the basis of solar illumination of the attic. So, in the event of the windows on the south side, should not be used alone warm colors, because such an interior will be oversaturated and "hot".

If the windows facing west, the child may have trouble sleeping because of the penetration into the room of the setting sun. We can not do without the use of blinds.

The optimal arrangement of the windows as children's rooms is considered the south-east or east.

The kitchen in the attic

The kitchen in the attic will look really strange. Stay at this embodiment is worth it if you have enough space for a dining area, and offer a scenic view.

When designing the interior, you can use these tips:

  • natural lighting should provide large roof windows;
  • You need to use bright colors with bright furniture, perhaps a pastel walls and ceilings;
  • if the plan allows, furniture feature at the wall perpendicular to the slope;
  • the window will fit well into a dining table;
  • color scheme both areas to be combined, it is better if the ratio of contrasting colors will be the opposite.
    Brown and white kitchen in the attic

    Brown and white kitchen in the attic

Tip! The mansard kitchen should be a very high-quality ventilation, which can be supplemented with special vent valves on the windows.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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