Design small apartments: the interior decoration in contemporary style

Design small apartments (39 photos): design complexity and solution methods


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  • 1 Improvement of living conditions - is not a luxury, but a necessity
  • 2 Design complexity and solution methods
    • 2.1 Classification of methods of expansion of space
    • 2.2 Cosmetic techniques and subtleties of redevelopment
  • 3 Summarizing
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As the proverb says, if you can not change the situation, change your attitude towards it. And this proverb is perfectly suited to owners of small apartments, today is the majority of people, and plan for most of them the purchase of new housing is practically impossible, even at today's mortgage. However, do not despair, because there is always a way out, and you're on their own or with the help of special design agencies will be able to make their seemingly tiny apartment much more modern, comfortable, spacious, functional, and, of course, cozier.

After all, in fact, happiness is not measured in square meters, the main thing that the house was comfortable and cozy. If properly treat the redevelopment and change the design of small apartments Interior correctly, all of the available area can be properly organized.

Design small apartments

Improvement of living conditions - is not a luxury, but a necessity

The interior design of small apartments

Modern small apartment layout

It has long been self-evident that the majority of owners of small apartments are very eager to improve their living conditions and make maximum use of every corner of your house.

In fact actually solve feel comfortable in small flats, where the area is varied from 26 to 50 m², with a standard ceiling height of 2.5 m.

Use space efficiently - this concept is really wide, because much depends on lifestyle, habits, preferences, national peculiarities of the owners of small-sized apartments.

In the Slavic people, especially old school, there is an interesting feature, how to collect and store all the old and unnecessary things with the thought that all this may someday be useful. Even some leading psychologists believe that the average resident of apartment 60% is made up of completely unnecessary things, thus performing the function of a warehouse. At best, the owner enjoys most things once in 2-3 months, or even less.

It is axiomatic to consider balcony warehouse most unnecessary items, as a rule, is home to the old sleds, bicycles, glass, waste paper.


Designed in a modern style

Even furniture, as a rule, do not fit into the interior design of the apartments and small functions are not quite as they should.

Even the shelves in cupboards and cabinets are arranged properly, there is no dividing sections in furniture and all this leads to the fact that the furniture can hold a lot less things than could actually.

It should accept the fact that a significant proportion of all things will never be in demand, so you need to be able to get rid of them. Also, the design of small apartments on the overall situation in them, are often badly affected by opaque doors (without glasses) and too dark furniture.

Is it worth more to say about the dark shades of wallpaper, insufficient quantity of light, the carpets on the walls, which were considered fashionable element of modern design apartments of the second half of the twentieth century.

Design complexity and solution methods

Before you make interior design project apartment, you should analyze everything very carefully. There are many ways to improve and fix virtually any situation.

Classification of methods of expansion of space

All existing methods for structural changes in the apartment design is conventionally divided into:

  • radical;
  • cosmetic;
  • visual.

Cosmetic techniques and subtleties of redevelopment

It is said that a variety of design techniques can be used in complex and selectively.

Interior design in a modern style

Kitchen, combined with a living room

  • For cosmetic design measures changes in small rooms or flats design are those that help to maximize the area.
  • But with the right placement of furniture later it will give good results and allow you to place the furniture that will not fit earlier.
  • These receptions include even the replacement of old cast-iron batteries for new small-sized flat, and if also use heat-reflecting foil shield, the electrical and aluminum radiators can be mounted on the wall itself, and it will give more 7-10 cm of space along the walls, which gives additional maneuvers when placing furniture.
  • Replacing old window frames also relates to such methods. By installing modern windows, you increase the width of the window sills.
  • Replacing old floor laminate will allow you to increase the height of the walls of 4-8 cm.
  • When demolishing walls can make a studio apartment where the living room is combined with kitchen. This redevelopment will enable you to get the interior design in a modern style.
  • It can be used for zoning a small area, not only the design of the drywall, but also a variety of decorative materials, such as bamboo rods.

Advice of our expert: a very interesting solution for walls is a decorative wrought-iron grille, which can even be used as a support structure for climbing plants.

Design Interior small apartments

Design with a partition


The problem of increasing the space in the apartment needs to be addressed comprehensively and architectural techniques and design. And most importantly, if you do decide to resort to professional help, be sure to watch the entire process at all stages, because the end result should please you.

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