Design of small-sized one-bedroom apartment: design options for the hall

Design of small-sized one-bedroom apartment (48 photos): basic concepts, the expansion of space, particularly studios


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  • 1 How to equip a small housing
    • 1.1 The principle of zoning
    • 1.2 design Tricks
    • 1.3 Terms of color selection
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Carefully thought-out design of small-sized one-bedroom apartment will help solve many problems of space and create on a tiny area of ​​comfortable and beautiful home.

Because it is often a feeling of spaciousness not depend on the volume of the room, and from the well-built interior.

Design of small-sized one-bedroom apartment

How to equip a small housing

Create a small room design, and even more so the apartment - the process time consuming and difficult. It is based on the style of minimalism should prevail. Its basic concept - the convenience and functionality, borrowed from the Japanese.

At arrangement of small-sized apartment must surround oneself to a minimum, only the most necessary.

Design a small one-room apartment

Pieces of furniture in a studio apartment should be slightly

To do this you will have to part with a number of pieces of furniture and make zoning premises.

The principle of zoning

  • Large functional zones of small design studio allows for no more than two: for private use and for the total.
  • The common areas include a living room and kitchen, which are usually combined into one unit. Partition between them can be removed and get a bigger room.
  • The boundary between the kitchen and living room you can designate a wall made of frosted glass and do not reach the ceiling, a podium - a small hill on the floor or the bar.
  • Sleeping area in a studio apartment can build, using bespoke tall, narrow cabinets or stacked shelves. For them, and it is equipped with a cozy sitting area.

design Tricks

Note! Furniture for small apartments is better to order. Standard sofas and chairs too overall, with them will not be able to use the space efficiently.

Variants of the design studio

Of pieces of furniture give preference shelves and high narrow cabinets

  • The same principle should apply to the other elements of the home's interior design. Storage Organize podium, having drawers, it will be possible to put the sofa.
  • The same can be equipped with drawers and a bed. You did the right thing, if the interior design a one-room small apartment does not contain a large bookcase.
  • Prefer long shelves or shelves mounted on the ceiling.
  • Narrow and tall furniture bright colors help to visually enlarge a small room.
Design project of small apartment

Bright glossy ceilings expand the space

  • The illusion of a large volume ceilings create lighter than the walls and the flat ceiling lighting. It is also recommended to apply local type lighting for arranging space.
  • It can be floor or spotlights, as well as design, built in furniture. They will help to focus properly on the shelves or niches and change the perception of the situation.
  • Airiness small room give glossy stretch ceilings.
  • Proper placement of the mirror will make it bigger and wider.

Terms of color selection

And, of course, creating a design project small apartment, do not forget about color. This unifying element for the entire home interior.

For a small space fit the wallpaper with a few extending vertically, patterns or even without figures. They will help to visually lift the ceiling and the walls move apart a little bit.

The range of colors give preference to lighter tones and shades. Nor should hang heavy dark curtains, choose a design window curtains of light color.

Studio apartment

The main advantage of the studio apartments - saving space. Therefore, the design options are often studio are based on just such a plan. The advantages of combining clear: expanding the area of ​​freedom of movement from the kitchen to the bedroom, the living room.

Interior design studio small apartment

The zones in the studio apartment can distinguish between curtains

But to live in a completely open space, not everyone can, because of this interior studios should be clearly divided into functional areas: children's, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, living room.

Tip! If such planning is not necessary to split up the space of rigid baffles and color. Daytime sleeping area can be converted into the living room, and at night becomes a place for recreation.

Partitions that will delimit the space into zones, can serve as curtains, shelves for books, forged slides for flowers.

TV set in the dining area on the bracket, it will watch it almost anywhere in the apartment.

The main background color, use one for the entire room. Since it is small, it is best to choose the most light tone.

Tip! One of the walls leave blank, hang it on just one small picture. This method will give a sense of the breadth of the space even in a small room.

Design studio etc. 44

The main color should be very light

Form design of the hall in a studio apartment can be by separating the kitchen area from him by a corner sofa.

Against the wall opposite the sofa, put a chest of drawers up to the window sill. If it is technically possible to remove the partition loggia full, it will take place from the window to the kitchen door.

If you delete a partition from her left lip, put two shorter chest. Due to the fact that the furniture is low, small apartment visually will look wider.

To a room that does not have enough natural light, the light seemed to choose sand-beige tone to the floor and repairing the walls. You can supplement it with accents of ocher or terracotta shades present in the upholstery of the furniture, carpet or decorative elements. In facing the dining table, dresser, chairs and warm hues should prevail.

Tip! Pay close attention to the decoration of the window. If the dwelling is located high and do not need to hide from the casual look, give up dense curtains. Use translucent fabric roll, orange or yellow, in this case, even on a cloudy day in the room will be felt the sun.

The design of the room in a studio apartment

Decorate the walls of many paintings and photos

On free walls, place a photo or picture. Simply create a rhythmic composition it is not necessary. If the curtain and sofa upholstery have one tone, the wall opposite the loggia can oblitsevat material with a bright pattern.

You can make a design studio n 44 is lighter by a competent exposed lighting. Choose bulbs warm spectrum.

Hang a chandelier over the dining table, the sofa set and mount the lamp sconces on the wall, fenced off the former loggia. Place the lamp on the dresser and make illumination window.

Summing up

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