The design of the small room: the options of interior decoration in the house, black and white style

Design a small room (36 photos): color, curtains, floor, ceiling, lighting, decorative elements, glass and mirror surfaces, furniture


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  • 1 We are pushing the boundaries of space
    • 1.1 Color
    • 1.2 blinds
    • 1.3 Floor
    • 1.4 Ceiling
    • 1.5 Lighting
    • 1.6 decorative elements
    • 1.7 Glass and mirror surfaces
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At first glance, the design of a small room may seem simple and straightforward task. But not all so simple! You need to take care of the proper choice of a style that would be liked, creating comfort and space corresponded purpose, size and layout.

Create harmony in the interior evokes a feeling of comfort and peace. Style is selected on the basis of a direct functional purpose of the room and the owner's preferences. So, bedroom design requires warmth and serenity atmosphere.

small room design

There immutable rules that will effectively increase the volume of any small space. They are associated with the color scheme, choice of furniture and decoration.

We are pushing the boundaries of space


Working through the design of a small room, it is necessary to start with the selection of color solutions. The optimal formulation would be monochromatic in a single color using different tones.

Better cope with the increase in interior space and light softening. You can take a range of colors and the diversity of its combination of cold and warm hues. Green, blue or gray create postpones effect, allowing room will be perceived more spacious.

Gained considerable popularity contrasting black and white design, which is able to organize the space well. To soften the contrast, you can add gray elements.

The design of small rooms

Bedroom in black and white style

Important tips:

  • Identify the predominant color, otherwise the space will look heterogeneous. White color creates a sense of increasing the space and lightens it, and the black - reduces. This combination creates a color sensation of privacy and rest.
  • Select color tone softening. With this role perfectly cope shiny chrome surface.
  • Grace interior give inlay with floral pattern. You can also enter additional colors: red, yellow, green.
  • Lighting should be local, and additional lighting on the walls, ceiling or floor should emphasize the contrast of light and shadow to create atmosphere of magic, tenderness and comfort.


The design of rooms in the house

curtain magic

The correct choice of curtains - an important stage in the design of small-sized apartments.

Curtain material should be light and transparent, to create a visual perspective of volume, receding into the distance.

Most harmoniously translucent air curtains fit into the interior design of a small room with clear glass table, bright finish with gloss.


Design of small-sized room

white floors

Bright colors, and especially White can become irreplaceable in interior design. The white can "clothe" not only the ceiling but also the walls, floor and some furniture. To this we can add translucent curtains, glass table and landscape painting with a receding prospect.

White floor gives a feeling of lightness, ease, cleanliness and comfort. And in order to design a very small room in white color not associated with hospital ward, it is possible to revive the bright elements such as photo wallpapers.


It is desirable to give up painting the ceiling in dark colors. It is better to choose bright glossy materials.

It is also possible to use the effect of reflection or mirror surfaces, which will be visually pulling up space.


small room interior design

A combination of different types of lamps

Visually enlarge the space will help to illuminate.

Perfect solution will be built-in lamps, which are located on the perimeter, creating an intricate pattern. Additionally, you can put wall lamps, illuminating certain areas and subjects.

decorative elements

The design is very small room

The use of decoration in interior

No need to get involved in small decorative details, as they may cause a feeling of clutter. It is better to get rid of extra vases, figurines, which have no functional significance.

Use a medium-sized, and the decor in a small amount.

Tip! You can hang pictures with receding perspective to the wall does not create a sense of asceticism and uninhabited.

Glass and mirror surfaces

Options for small room design

The use of glass surfaces in the interior

Glass fits perfectly into any interior style, creating a sense of transparency and lightness. Particular attention should be given to glass partitions, which perform multiple functions.

  • zoned space, separating the space of the apartment into separate parts;
  • save space;
  • visually expanding interior space;
  • create a sense of unity of the premises.

Wall gallery of designer mirrors mounted in the frame, create a superior effect of the expansion space and the play of light. And if instead of the frame to use the window frame, you get an additional trim window.


Black and white design of the room

Multifunction built-in furniture

It deserves special attention furniture, its material, the location and the view.

Note! Arranged the furniture along the walls better, especially in a small area. room space will be perceived more wholly.

The ideal option is to install built-in furniture. For example, the wardrobe is not only free up space by unnecessary things, but also to increase it visually due to the mirror surface of the door.

Around the perimeter of the room can be set suspended mezzanine, which will create additional space for storage.

Little tricks

  • horizontal pattern on the walls visually raise and lengthen the space;
  • when the floor laying parquet boards or laminate laid diagonally visually expand the interior space;
  • small bedroom will look bigger if you choose a bed without legs, which is installed directly on the floor;
  • the best style - minimalism;

Your apartment - this is your castle. And what do it is entirely up to you. Remember, comfort and convenience in the home is not related to its size. Design of a small room can and should be comfortable.

Summing up

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