Interior design project of an apartment: development

Interior design project apartments (48 photos): choice of finishes of walls, floors, furniture, lighting and accessories


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If you go to a construction company, in order to carry out repairs in your home, you should know that in the first place experts make interior design project is an apartment that allows you to calculate the required amount of materials and the cost of future works.

With self-repair and home design it is also desirable to create such a project, in order to avoid unnecessary costs already in the process of building interiors.

interior design project

In the standard design project usually include:

  • Plans of utilities (water, gas, electricity);
  • Layout of the apartment with all the structural deficiencies (arrangement of rooms, ventilation shafts, pipes and other elements)
  • Surface areas in each room and calculate the amount and cost of materials, which will go on their finish.
  • The planned placement of furniture, costing on its purchase and installation.
  • Computer sketch of the future apartment in 3D.

After drawing up the design of the project, even a small room, in fact, start all the necessary work: demolition or the construction of the necessary partitions, rough finishing and leveling of walls, additional wiring communications.

After the so-called "Rough" cosmetic repair begins, which takes into account the features of the chosen design.

At this stage, homeowners usually use the services of specialists or look for suitable options for the interiors on the Internet to make the interiors can be both beautiful and functional.

The choice of design

Interior design of apartment project

Georgian style

One example of classic styles that will please lovers of luxury and pomp, is Georgian.

Skillful merging features several foreign designs possible to create original new style: a rigorous, balanced, refined and free.

Also in this sofa is easily visible the impact of Chinese and Gothic interiors. With its use of the development of the interior design project will be completely simple task.
It is best suited for living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. Play this style is quite simple, having a variety of building materials on the market.

  • Walls
the development of an interior design project

Living in the Georgian style

This is the most important element, which paid special attention to the decoration in the direction of the design ideas of this style. The wall is divided into three sections: the plinth (rake plinth panel and plinth), the wall itself, the upper part (frieze and cornice). The panels are traditionally made of oak, but can use other types of wood. Will serve as a great decoration tapestries and precious fabrics.

  • Floor

Wooden boards, grated wax, or the usual parquet is best suited to recreate the necessary atmosphere. To make use oriental rugs or English. Kitchen, bathroom and hall allow the use of terracotta or marble tiles (you can use linoleum or tile for marble).

  • Furniture

Harmony - is the main factor when choosing furniture for the Georgian style. All of the furnishings should make up a harmonious composition, combined with each other in style and upholstery material. On patterned fabrics depict oriental motifs (Chinese and Indian themes). It is not necessary to clutter room furniture, the design does not like nalyapistosti. Furniture traditionally is spread along the walls.

  • Lighting
Georgian Library design

Georgian Library design

The main source of the fire was considered the fireplace and candles of the candelabra and candlesticks in. Now you can use an imitation fireplace, wall and massive chandeliers in the Rococo style. Daylight can also be used for lighting, so do not hang too massive curtains.

  • accessories

The main decoration of the interior, of course, have to be pictures and mirrors. Appropriate will look Chinese porcelain, fans, silverware, a panel of the round form. The paintings are usually hung on beautiful fabric bows, and the mirrors are set in gilt frames. Furniture is covered with light cover of teak and decorated with pillows.

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