A niche in the wall design: its device in the room, the modern view of the interior

a niche in the wall design (36 photos): plasterboard, vertical, horizontal, and decorative design, installation


Table of contents

  • 1 So what is a niche
  • 2 we use drywall
  • 3 location types
    • 3.1 horizontal
    • 3.2 vertical
  • 4 decorative designs
  • 5 Installing your own hands
  • 6 Summing up
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How original and attractive appearance of your room, of course, depends on what materials were used for decorating, as well as the placement of furniture and decoration. A very important aspect here is the layout of the apartment. a niche in the wall design as a design method - the theme of this article.

The modern design of the walls

So what is a niche

It is an ornamental recess in a wall, which is most often made of drywall, you can adjust and interior decoration.

The construct may be performed vertically or horizontally. It depends on the kind of functional task it should perform. If you want to visually lengthen the wall, place the horizontal groove, complementing the effect of low furniture.

There is a division of structures into functional and decorative. The first are called to arrange a variety of items, such as appliances, furniture, equipment. So often placed bar and bars.

Tip! If you decide on the arrangement of the niche, consider spotlighting.

we use drywall

The most common is plasterboard design niche in the wall. Such a structure, you can easily be painted in the color you want, zadekoriruete natural or artificial stone or trimmed with decorative plaster.

It is very important to choose the right color. The recess may have the same hue as that of its adjacent wall, and can contrast stand out against its background. In most cases such a construction similar dyed shades.

Setting design of the house, you provide additional space for books or flowerpots. These grooves make the design of your room varied relief that will allow you to get rid of bored with the standard layout. it is also perfectly hides wall imperfections, unevenness and cracks.

Embedded structure sometimes decorated stucco, carved or plinth various drawings, which are easy to perform by means of stencils.

location types


Landscape design a niche in the wall, ideal for the repair of the corridor or hallway and wall spotlights installed inside, will make the space more cozy and warm.

Popular considered placing glass shelves, for example, for the collection of figurines, women's handbags and men's hats. This creative approach will appeal to all without exception. If you have a lot of pictures, put them in a glass frame and place it in the design.

Horizontal niches are appropriate and in the design of the walls in the living room is small in size, which is made in the Italian style. In this case, it is most advantageous will look combination of low furniture and molding on the walls.

The design of the walls in the room

horizontal niche


The most profitable will look in a room with high ceilings. Place such structures is recommended near the window, dresser or armoire.

Often vertical niche equip cellars.

vertical niche

decorative designs

a niche in the wall design will be an interesting solution for modern interiors. When you create a club-style, you can place a few square designs side by side and install a multi-colored light. This is a stylish solution, suitable for any color scheme.

  1. Designs can be made of polyurethane, which will also help to hide imperfections in the floor plan. In the process of finishing, use a variety of additional textural materials: textured plaster, decorative stone, metal or glass.
  2. Lamps made from polyurethane, to help accurately focus the light output and to create the effect of comfort and harmony.
  3. Over the past few years have been widely implemented in the design of decorative niches of the walls in the kitchen, in the style of hi-tech. Bright color design enliven the kitchen and make it even more stylish.
  4. Niche perfectly fit into the children's room. They can be placed toys, children's books, collections or pictures of your child.
  5. Often these structures set specifically for the terrarium or aquarium.
  6. niche design looks very stylish in the wall with stained glass or glass mosaics.
EXAMPLE decorative niche

EXAMPLE decorative design

Installing your own hands

The first thing you need - is to buy a desired niche. Then attach it to a wall, directly at the location where you plan to install it.

  • Thereafter, in the bottom wall structures apply pencil mark.
  • With sewed try to determine the thickness of voids in the wall. This must be done to ensure that the extraction of the drywall you do not accidentally hit the wall of the metal profile.
  • Measure the back of the niche, move the dimensions on the wall.
  • Marking must be strictly horizontal, it is possible to check with a spirit level and plumb construction.
  • The next step - removing unnecessary amounts of drywall. To do this, you will need to hand hacksaw.
  • Make cuts in the wall for road marking.
  • On the back side of the structure along the edge apply a "liquid nail".
  • Carefully place the niche in the wall hole and gently push it.

Be careful! One adhesive is insufficient for a firm and reliable installation. It must also secure the sides with thin nails.

  • At the edge of the construction and the wall, apply masking tape, and you can start coloring.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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