Home gym design: design of the library interior and cinema

Design a home gym (photo 48): the choice of premises, decoration, lighting and equipment


Table of contents

  • 1 Selection of premises
  • 2 Construction of the gym
    • 2.1 finishing facilities
    • 2.2 lighting gym
  • 3 Home gym equipment
  • 4 Summing up
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If sport occupies in your life is one of the key places, then sooner or later you have to think about issues such as the design of a home gym. If the size of your house or apartment allow to allocate a separate place (or better, the whole room), why not?

If you care about your health and regularly maintain your physical shape, why not organize your sporting activities with maximum comfort.

Selection of premises

For special room (whether you want to design a home cinema, library, or as in our case - the gym) is better to allocate a separate room. This is perfect, that is what we will consider in this article.

Note! For the design of the gym, which is allocated only a portion of the room, hold nearly all of the recommendations. It is important that its design is not contrary to the overall interior space.

Home interior design

The treadmill in the living room

Therefore, a room for a home gym - as it should be? It is best to choose the location of the room 8-10 m2. Ideal - an attic or porch, and breathe here will be easier in the classroom, and adequate ventilation is much easier to arrange. However, if the attic with terrace in the house is not present or they are irrevocably engaged, do not despair.

Requirements for premises:

  • presence of windows;
  • quality ventilation;
  • lighting.

These requirements are related to your comfort while exercising. With intense physical exercise you'll need a much larger volume of oxygen, and classes in the sports room with no windows can adversely affect your health.

No matter how perfect was no artificial light, sunlight, it is no substitute.

Construction of the gym

finishing facilities

So, the room necessary area selected and freed of unnecessary furniture. It's time to start to finish. Of course, you can set simulators and already renovated bedroom with the usual flowered wallpaper on the walls and linoleum on the floor, but still better to spend the time, effort and money to "output" get a good home the gym.

"Cornerstone" of finishing a home gym is a floor covering. That depends on him the burden on your musculoskeletal system during exercise, but by and large, and your safety while exercising.

Optimally, before laying the floor covering dismantled old floor until the concrete base, and then arrange the tie. It is better if the screed is floating, in this case, its sound insulation level will be much higher.

Screed laid on a substrate made of cork or foamed polyurethane.

V can be used as a finish floor covering:

  • Napless carpet intended for office or industrial use.
  • Tufted pile tufted coating.
  • Cork floor covering (thanks to its acoustic properties, it can be included in home theater design).
  • Rubber sports floor.

All of these materials are good indicators of sound insulation due to its softness beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system during training.

If the gym you are planning to work with heavy weights under the carpet or on top of the cork floor is necessary to put a layer of rubber coating.

Home interior design

Making room for the gym

  • Once the floor, we have decided, move on to the finishing of the walls. The walls in the home gym are obliged to carry out qualitatively steam functions, heat and sound insulation.
  • The ideal option repair the walls of the room - free of agglomerate cork or cork veneer. Similarly, we can finish a sports field, isolated from the living room.
  • The finishing can be used as wallpaper, paper or plaster strike textured quiet tones.
  • Decorate the walls of the room for sports plastic panels or brick tiles are not worth it. These materials provide a high level of waterproofing, and therefore, in the gym will always be an increased level of humidity.

Note! The color scheme, experts recommend to use light soothing colors: light green, light blue, beige, gray. But from the variegated and exclusive materials (like silk wallpaper) should be abandoned.

lighting gym

An important role in the comfort of your home gym plays lighting. It is better if you make adjustable lighting. During intense training, you can install bright lighting and quiet during low load - dim the lights.

Is optimal installation of spotlights, evenly distributed on the ceiling. Light scattered from them does not give harsh shadows, and thanks to the spectrum is similar to the natural, not straining vision.

An optional accessory in light gym mirror will perform in your home. A large frameless mirror, mounted on one of the walls, able to visually expand the space and create a sense of perspective.

Home Theater Design

Mirror in the design of the gym

Home gym equipment

No matter how carefully you plan to design home interior designing at the gym, but the main thing is the selection of sports equipment.

What can be installed in home gym

  • Cardio - the most accessible and safe. Their main function - to strengthen the cardiovascular system, weight reduction. For cardio include steppers, treadmills, exercise bikes.
  • Steppers simulate the ascent of man on the stairs. They are compact, portable, and most importantly, easy to use.
  • Exercise bikes - one of the most common types of home exercise equipment. He is a little more cumbersome than a stepper, but has a much broader functionality.
  • The treadmill is the dimensional simulator, but the benefits from training on it as a very palpable.
    Home library designs

    Simulator for home gym

We should also mention the weights. However, most models have a fairly large size, so place them in a home gym is very problematic. If your gym close, the training will have to restrict classes with dumbbells and a barbell.

We should not forget about such seemingly simple things as the horizontal bar, wall bars, expanders or gym ball. They do not take up much space, but it can diversify the sports program.

Library design a home or the gym - it's a great outlet for those who is bored all the time, plying between the bedroom and living room. In the end, we must also diversify your life!

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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