Design 2 room apartment: Furnishings

Design 2 room apartment (42 photos) for couples and families with children


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  • 1 The solution for couples
    • 1.1 Planning and zoning
    • 1.2 design principles
  • 2 Interior for a family with a child
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Design 2-room apartment to create much more complex and at the same time more interesting than the interior of the studio. Before the owners opened a lot of opportunities: arrange every room in a special style, combine all into a single complex or separate rooms retaining echoes motifs.

Here you can realize your own design ideas. However, an important criterion when selecting the interior is the number and composition of tenants, because the apartment should be not only beautiful but also convenient. In this article, our renovated school will consider design options for couples and for families with children.

Design 2 rooms apartment

The solution for couples

Planning and zoning

interior design 2-room apartment for couples can do absolutely any style.

Often, one of the premises Meblirujte a bedroom, and the second - a living room. However, if desired second room can also be an office, a dining room, a winter garden, or even a home gym.

We consider design 2-room apartment, which is suitable for a family of two people, and will come in handy if the family is planning a baby in the future.

In this situation the second room can be used as a living room, but the bedroom is necessary to provide space for a cot. Living itself is made so that in the future when the baby gets older, it could easily be converted into a nursery.

design principles

  • Living room combined with a cabinet. When a child goes to school, desk can be rearranged to the window.
  • To choose the living room classic pastel colors - white, beige, sand or a combination thereof. These bright colors are recommended and repair children's rooms designed for children up to 6 years.
  • Gender should immediately lay a dark laminate nonspottable. After the "resettlement" of a small occupant in his living room carpet cover, but he can still suffer from childhood pranks.
  • All decorative elements placed as high as possible.
  • For the bedroom, you can choose darker shades.
Design 2-room apartment

2 rooms with the interior in the same style and color scheme

Interior for a family with a child

Design 2-room apartment for the family, which already has a child older than 2-3 years, more clear - give the kid a second. However, even here there is room for creativity.

design principles:

  • Colors in the interior of the children's and parents' bedroom to be different, so that the child felt that his room is very special. For example, you can make a pink room for my daughter and the blue bedroom or light blue for my son, by combining it with a bedroom in shades of brick.
  • The premises must have similar elements: the same spotlights on the ceiling, chandeliers in the same style, the curtains of the same tissue.
  • It is also well will look single floor.
  • An interesting solution would be the picture in similar frames: in the bedroom can be hung landscape or a still life, and in the nursery - a picture with your favorite multpersonazhami.
Design 2 room apartment

2 rooms with a contrasting interior

Tip! Giving the room a child, you lose the living room. It is best combined with the kitchen: to combine the room with balcony, built-in appliances to buy, deploy a kitchenette.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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