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Design 1-room apartment (36 photos): equipping the kitchen, living room, bedroom, toilet and bathroom


Table of contents

  • 1 Methods zoning and division
  • 2 The design of individual zones
    • 2.1 Useful tips for kitchen equipment
    • 2.2 Living-bedroom
    • 2.3 WC-bathroom: everything secrets
  • 3 Summing up
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The owners of one-bedroom apartments probably know how difficult it is to think through the interior of the room, so it was not only comfortable, but also functional. In a small area it can be very difficult to fit all the necessary interior, but the solution is to design 1 room studio apartments, melds living room and kitchen in one room, and its division into functional areas of accessories.

Thus, the owner of the apartment objective is to bring together several areas - recreation or a bedroom, living room, work area (kitchen) and dining (dining room), and all this in a small area.

Design 1 bedroom apartment

Methods zoning and division

  • The first tool in this case - it is the zoning. The division of the territory into functional areas to create a convenient and beautiful interior design.
  • Let's start with the kitchen. Working area necessarily finished with tiles, this material is more resistant to thermal effects and does not absorb odors.
  • Decorating the walls in the kitchen is done by staining in bright colors, in addition, it will require quite a bright artificial light. The work area is better to arrange an apron of tile with a picture.
  • When small size of the room is the best way to separate this area from the other by a bar.

Note! For convenience, cooking hob, fridge and sink should form a triangle, it will organize the space in the kitchen more ergonomic.

The design of individual zones

Useful tips for kitchen equipment

Design 1 room apartment studio

Kitchen-dining room

  • Refrigerator is the largest object in the design of the kitchen interior, due to the reduction of its size, you can save a lot of place.

For example, now quite popular built-in refrigerators are small, which will satisfy the needs of a small family. There are also models with a horizontal load, in which case its upper side can be more work areas.

  • Cooker - the second largest item in the kitchen. You can replace it with a cooktop or stove with two burners, which will save a lot of space.
  • Corner sink allows a remote part of the working surface.
  • Set for the kitchen should be made to order to fit into the interior design 1 bedroom apartment. Facades better painted to match the walls.
  • The design of small rooms is better to use Multifunctional cabinets, for example, with a folding door or revolving shelves.


Interior Design 1 bedroom apartment

Zoning bedroom-living room

The combination of a bedroom-living room is quite radical, but the owners of one-bedroom apartments can not escape from such an option.

The task of the designer in this case will turn any inconvenience this decision benefits by combining a relaxation area and a guest reception area into a single composition.

  • The main attribute of a bedroom - a double bed, unfortunately, goes into oblivion. After all, in our room a little space. The best way out would be sofa-transformer, turning in bed at night.
  • The sleeping area is better to try to separate from the rest of the room. For example, next to it is possible to put a cupboard or a sliding partition.
  • Instead of sliding partitions, you can hang the curtains, turning the sofa bed in the four-poster bed. The denser material curtains, the quieter and darker will be under the canopy.
  • In the area of ​​reception of visitors, it is desirable to put a couple of chairs and a coffee table at some distance from the couch to separate it from the bedroom.
  • A mandatory attribute of the guest room is a TV and sound system. With the help of slides under the TV can also be divided design of a large room into two parts.
  • Additionally zoned bedroom-living room, you can use lighting. Use bright chandelier over the guest area in the bedroom will also be quite a few spotlights and wall sconces.

WC-bathroom: everything secrets

Design Project 1 room apartment

Example bathroom interior

Of course, in a small apartment necessary to save space, so the partition between the bathroom and toilet - completely unnecessary element.

Once connected, these rooms get enough space to accommodate the necessary plumbing.

  • The bathroom in a small room it is best to replace the shower, especially now there are large cabin lets you relax not worse.
  • If you do decide to put the bath, it is better to provide for the installation of the sink and take a short but deep bath or eliminate the use of sinks and mounted a special mixer.
  • Washing machine small volume is also excellent fit in combination bathroom.

When you begin to repair, better to make a design project 1 bedroom apartment, and then proceed to implement all works. This will allow pre-calculate the cost of all activities and not to come up with the interior on the go.

Summing up

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