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Plasterboard partitions (36 photos): design, types, installation


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If, during the repairs necessary to carry out alterations to the room and set the partitions, you can do so using the drywall. His holograph installation is made fairly quickly.

Thanks to this technology, it becomes possible to separate one room into two or even a few. Varied and unusual design of the interior walls of plasterboard can be used if necessary zoning of the room, creating an original modern interior.

The unusual design

The unusual design

Plasterboard: types, sizes

Design plasterboard partitions may take the form of a solid wall, or have a variety of openings, which provides the premises decorative effect. To create them, you can use ordinary gypsum plasterboard.

Also in the construction of special varieties are used:

  • flame retardant;
  • moisture-proof;
  • water-resistant with high fire resistance.

Technical specifications

Standard sheet has a width of from 8 to 24 mm and a length in the range of 2500-3000 mm (except sheets 16-24 mm thick having a length of from 2500 to 4800 mm). However, their width is almost always the same and equal to 1200 mm.

sheets of plasterboard

sheets of plasterboard

The edge of the material can be of different forms:

  • rectangular;
  • refined rectangular;
  • subtle rounded.

Guide states that for the construction of the indoor plasterboard partition must be applied with a thin longitudinal outer side edges of the sheet. This allows you to make the seam on the border of paintings more durable and thus virtually invisible.

Basic properties

Interior walls of plasterboard have the following properties:

  • The smooth surface of the sheet material. This greatly simplifies the finishing work, as he list does not require additional alignment. It is enough to cover a layer of finishing plaster.
  • No restrictions in the finishing. Such a material can be dyed, apply decorative plaster, ceramic tile glue or various kinds of wallpaper.
With GCR can reasonably space delimit

With GCR can reasonably space delimit

The place where a decorative element is arranged, it is possible to further strengthen the profiles, then the wall can be decorated even heavy paintings.

  • In such a structure can conceal the wiring and high communication.
  • plasterboard sheets can be removedIn order to change their shape, set or change the communication.
  • Internal construction cost inexpensive plasterboardAs the price of this building material is quite acceptable.


Design drywall involves dividing them into two types:

  • Sliding. Apply to reschedule or to transform a room. they are also completely cover the space from floor to ceiling, than differ substantially from stationary, which can have a variety of heights.
sliding design

sliding design

  • Stationary. Used in rooms are large for their zoning. For example, with the help of such partitions in the room can create a separate zone for leisure or work.
stationary design

stationary design

Partitions are divided into:

  • simple;
  • reinforced.

In the case of simple designs single frame of a single layer of sheet metal sheathe gypsum, and with enhanced - the metal frame is further enhanced and coated with two layers.

simple design

simple design

To create an interesting interior, creating an unusual design of plasterboard partitions. For example, doing a variety of openings defined shelves, aquariums, or appliances, backlighting or more colors. This method saves space of the room and acts as its extra.

Also in such constructions may mount:

  • doorways;
  • arches;
  • window if further ensure their amplification by means of metal profiles rack.
Photo arches with openings

Photo arches with openings

If the design project provides arched openings, they can be given a different shape:

  • round;
  • direct;
  • curvilinear.


Set continuous plasterboard partitions material with his own hands as possible, using the "dry" method of installation.

If the sheet humidify, it becomes flexible and allows you to create more complex curved design.

In order to fix the pier, used a variety of metal profiles for plasterboard partitions:

  • rack;
  • angular;
  • arched.

For thermal insulation of the room with a similar design is used, mineral and polystyrene plates. (cm. Detail of the article Soundproofing drywall peregorodok- myths and reality)

Mineral wool in a pier

Mineral wool in a pier

For masking the joints with other surfaces or seams between the two sheets using putty or mounting adhesive. Sometimes for extra durability such joints strengthen the reinforcing mesh.

Drywall partitions is performed using special plugs. They provide high-quality plaster fixation to the profiles.


We told you about the types and basic properties of gypsum plasterboard, as well as how it is used to partition the device. We hope that our recommendations will be useful and will help you to choose the design of interior walls of plasterboard alone. As presented in this article you will find additional information on this topic.

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