Garment steamer: top producers, floor, hand and other products, video and photos

Garment steamer: ranking of the best outdoor and mobile options


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  • 1 Review of the best options
    • 1.1 Flooring systems
      • 1.1.1 sixth place
      • 1.1.2 fifth place
      • 1.1.3 Fourth place
      • 1.1.4 Third place
      • 1.1.5 Second place
      • 1.1.6 First place
    • 1.2 Hand-held steamers
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Vertical steamers for clothes provide the best smoothing things

Vertical steamers for clothes provide the best smoothing things

You can not decide which garment steamer is the best? Based on feedback from customers and professionals, I have compiled a list of the most popular models, who are willing to share. Using it, choose the best solution is not difficult.

Hand steamer is good for its mobility

Hand steamer is good for its mobility

Review of the best options

Good garment steamer iron works much better, it does not spoil even the most complex tissue and kills germs and dust mites. In addition, there are compact versions, which can be taken on the road to always keep your clothes in perfect condition.

To start disassemble rating vertical garment steamer, they cost a lot, so Treat responsibly to the choice.

Flooring systems

Steam ironing system stationary type high performance and can be used for both personal as well as for industrial purposes. I'll tell you about the top six models and will go from sixth to first place.

sixth place

MIE Compatto - model 2015, has the following advantages:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att14931689552 Convenience. The design includes a hanger for clothes and ironing board.

When folded, the floor steamer takes up little space, which is also important.

Option ironing board allows you to use both the steam and iron.

table_pic_att14931689553 long wire. 4.7 m long cable that lets you move around the room system, and the steam hose 1.85 m long can handle things without any problems.
table_pic_att14931689564 good performance. Power 1500 Watts enough for almost any purpose use in a home or apartment.

Water Tank Capacity - 850 g, this is enough for 35 minutes of operation.

Price starts from 11,500 rubles (hereinafter prices are for spring 2017).

fifth place

MIE deluxe - a good garment steamer, which is the third year is a leader for a number of reasons:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att14931689575 Functionality. mie deluxe system is perfect not only for clothing but also for toys, cushions and upholstery.
table_pic_att14931689576 A wide range of functions:
  • The sliding design allows very long iron things;
  • It is possible to stripping in a horizontal position;
  • The set includes a large number of additional nozzles for work;
  • Well suited for most fabrics.
table_pic_att14931689597 Capacious water tank. It provides long-term operation of the system.

The price of this model is about 14,000 rubles.

Fourth place

Philips GC 536/35 - good solution, which has the features:

"Philips" - one of those manufacturers whose products do not need an introduction

"Philips" - one of those manufacturers whose products do not need an introduction

  • Good performance. A large number of additional nozzles allows almost completely replaced by iron, and a simple control system does not cause difficulties even for inexperienced users. Power 2000 Watt enough to work with any type of tissue;
Here is a partial list of functions with which this model steamer copes perfectly

Here is a partial list of functions with which this model steamer copes perfectly

  • Good build quality. In the manufacture of well made using only raw materials, so all elements are well adjusted to each other and have a high strength. Equipment is renowned for reliability and rarely fails;
  • simplicity of design. This aspect is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The fact that the adjustment is carried out on the steam tank and not on the stripper, a wire has not samozatyagivaniya system. This is the case when the simplification of reduced functionality;
Water tank with a pair of switch mode - not a very convenient option

Water tank with a pair of switch mode - not a very convenient option

With all the advantages steamer has a reasonable price - 11,000 rubles.

Third place

Grand GM-S-205LT Master - in third place and has such advantages:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att14931689659 The longest operating time. Large volume tank makes this option a champion for the duration of operation on one filling. If you need to strip a lot of things, this model fits perfectly.

The pressure of the steam may be up to 5 bar, which allows to cope equally well with light, and with dense tissue.

table_pic_att149316896710 9 modes. Such a wide range of settings allows you to choose the best treatment for any tissue, which is also important for large volumes of work.
table_pic_att149316896811 Ease of use. The design is very compact, portable, easy to work with it, the nozzle changing rapidly. There is also a possibility of adjusting the height of the location of the hangers.

The cost of this option is 13 500 rubles.

Second place

Kitfort KT-907 - one of the best choices of equipment, which is very popular for the following reasons:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att149316896812 low price. Let's start with this aspect, since he is the main advantage of this model. You pay for the sample home appliance just 4500 rubles. This is much less than any other version of our ranking.

In this price category rivals to this model simply does not.
With all of this in the steamer very decent look and feel of the original design.

table_pic_att149316897013 good equipment. The presence of additional elements simplifies operation and allows you to perform it much faster.
table_pic_att149316897014 Easy operation. It comes with easy to understand instructions, which allows you to deal with the equipment for a few minutes.

Otparivatel copes well with all types of tissues and has a capacious reservoir for water.

First place

Overview steamer floor type of clothing completes the leader - MIE Magic Style, its advantages are as follows:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att149316897115 High quality products. This model has won a variety of awards at competitions and enjoys great prestige among the professionals.

The model is suitable for both home and industrial use.

table_pic_att149316897116 good equipment. The kit includes everything you need to work with different things. The design is very robust and is height adjustable.

Holding capacity of water allows a long period of time.

table_pic_att149316897217 Suitable for all types of fabric. Highly customizable and enable to cope with a very thin textiles and dense options.

The cost - about 16,000 rubles.

If you have a small apartment, then this option will not work - it takes a lot of space, it is its only drawback.

Hand-held steamers

The rating steamer manual type of clothing includes all three models. It is they who are best proven in use.

Let's start from third place - Philips GC310 / 35, this model has several advantages:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att149316897218 Comfort and ergonomics. Small dimensions and thoughtful design ensure simplicity and ease of use steamer.
table_pic_att149316897319 It copes well with the work. Despite the small capacity steamer bad smoothes even dense tissue, but with thin handles very well and very quickly.
Automatic steam. The vapor stream is fed dense, whereby the thin fabric smoothed just one pass.

Zimber ZM 10085 - a great model that is suitable for home use and for use on the road. Benefits include:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att149316897720 low cost. One of the best Garment Steamer costs only 1300 rubles - at the level of the cheaper options with low productivity. In this model looks pretty well, you can see in this photo.
table_pic_att149316897821 good equipment. The set includes a glass of water and a pair of brushes for certain types of tissue.

Compact dimensions make this option ideal for use while traveling and fast crease with his hands in field conditions.

But the small size requires frequent filling of containers - one filling is enough for 2-3 things.

Finally, the leader of the ranking of compact Garment Steamer - Maxwell MW-3704 VT. The model has the following advantages:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att149316897922 Convenient and compact. Steamer has an ergonomic shape fits nicely in the hand. Attractive appearance, good quality plastic.
table_pic_att149316898123 Usability. Several advantages:
  • The small dimensions allow to steam curtains, upholstery and other materials in confined spaces;
  • High power (1000 watts) provides high efficiency);
  • Running time - 15 minutes, it's a lot for a compact class.

Remember that even the most powerful compact steamer does not replace a full stationary version, so if you need to process a large amount of things, it is better to choose a model from the first group.


You know about all the reliable and proven models Garment Steamer and will be able to choose a quality model and unaided. Videos in this article will help you understand the topic better, and if you have any questions - ask in the comments.