Studio room design: Design and interior decoration

Room studio (36 photos): kitchen design, dining and recreation areas


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  • 1 First thing…
    • 1.1 Design project: key points
    • 1.2 Studio apartment and studio room: the main differences
  • 2 The design of the kitchen area
  • 3 The design of the dining room
  • 4 The design of recreation areas
  • 5 Summing up
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The owners of one-bedroom apartments are often used for decoration of their homes on the bandwagon in Europe scenario, the result of which becomes the reincarnation little shabby apartment into a spacious studio. But what about those who have the desire to have the same studio, but a few rooms in the apartment?

The answer to this question can be a room-studio: design, in this case involves the combination of a room adjacent to the kitchen, and turning them into a spacious studio. In this case, the other rooms in the apartment will fulfill its original role - bedroom, children's room, office.

Room Design Studio

First thing…

Of course, you first need to make sure that this plan is not contrary to the building structure. Ask the housing office, it is not planned to demolish the wall separating the bathroom and kitchen, a carrier. If not, it will get permission to redevelop the flats and you're ready for the transformation of their homes.

I need to start to make a design project of the interior of your room, the studio, which will include just about anything, which eventually will be in the room.

Design project: key points

Required elements of a design project:

  • wiring lines;
  • placement of outlets;
  • ventilation, drainage, water supply and heating;
  • studio division into functional areas;
  • coloring materials and topcoats;
  • the availability of special finishing techniques of zoning spaces;
  • Timeless design furniture: size, shape and coloring;
  • the selection of lighting.

Studio apartment and studio room: the main differences

One of the main differences in the design of the room-studio from design studios is that in the second case, one must have a sleeping area, even if combined in any way with the zone recreation. In our case, such a task is not necessary, since one of the other rooms serves as a bedroom.

room studio interior design should not be limited to the compulsory desire in whatever became visually expand the space. The absence of a bedroom area compensates for a possible lack of free space.

studio room interior design

Glossy stretch ceiling for visual elevation room studio

Tip! The only thing that still stands provide a device glossy coating ceiling, which It makes visual studio above, because the ceilings in old-style buildings do not spoil their tenants height. This will save the studio from the appearance, resembling a box - a broad, but low.

So what areas should take place in a room-studio:

  • kitchen;
  • dining room;
  • rest zone.

We will try to figure out the optimal design of each of these parts of the studio.

device functional areas in the room studio

functional parts of the device in the room studio

The design of the kitchen area

  • It should be noted that the kitchen part must be placed on the opposite side with respect to the recreation area, and to share their dining needs.
  • It is necessary first of all to the guests, waiting for the beginning of the feast, not could smell impending food, because even the most powerful extractor is no way to eliminate odors completely.
  • Design studio room must be the same in every part of it. The ideal solution could be that the color scheme is designed in the same style, but from one part to another color gradually changes from a darker to a lighter shade, or vice versa.
  • In any case, the intermediate point is the dining room, so if you wish to make the kitchen better or brighter or darker.
  • kitchen lighting need attention. In canteen kitchen compartment portion remains wholly working elements requiring good visibility.
  • Lighting must be provided as a general in the form of built-in fixtures over the entire ceiling area, and local, which are mainly built in lamps furniture.
kitchen area in the room design studio

The design of the kitchen

Tip! To separate the kitchen from the dining room of the best with a bar or multi-level ceiling.

The design of the dining room

A fundamental element of the dining room, of course, is the dining table.

Pick it should be guided by the following principles:

  • in any case, the table must be reliable and functional;
  • size dining table depends on the number of families living in the apartment, as well as the number of guests who are regulars of your home;
  • design table should be selected on the basis of a common design concept.

A solid dining area must be large and bright. Such feelings will help create a large French windows with light curtains weightless, fit in style.

From furniture acceptable cabinet for storing dishes and other accessories condiment. On the walls you can hang beautiful paintings unobtrusive.

Design dining and recreation areas in the room studio

Design dining and recreation areas in the room studio

The design of recreation areas

The classic one is the presence of a large U-shaped seating area, which simultaneously serves as a place pleasant gatherings in family or society guests, and also a kind of boundary separating the dining area and recreation.

In the center seating area is always a small table. Before resting place should hang the PDP.

The general atmosphere of recreation areas should be relaxed, for that lighting is better to make a muted and diffuse.

Finishing is selected according to the total stylistic concept.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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