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Design studio (photo 36): the colonial style, vintage, Hollywood and Venetian style


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The owners of one-bedroom apartments, for sure, more than once wondered how to decorate the design studio studio apartments in such a way as to obtain a beautiful and functional interior that will suit all tenants.

Nowadays there are many different styles, each of which gives his vision of the issue.

design studioOften, studios do in order to make maximum use of all the space, but in way designer meets a lot of difficulties such as the inability to separate the sleeping area from the rest premises.

We will try to tell you about several variants of repair studio that will be most comfortable in this situation.

colonial style

  1. The first zone, fit into our project design studio, will be kitchen.
design a one-room studio apartments

Studio apartment in a colonial style

The small size is compensated by the functionality and convenience. Zoning area, we can with the help of the bar, which also serve as a dining table for the tenants of the apartment.

Place the basic elements:

  • Stove and oven is placed in the center, so that the heat from them will not interfere with the work of the refrigerator.
  • Himself a refrigerator will be located next to the bar, in addition, he will serve as a single decorative element.
  • The shell is installed on the other side of the refrigerator.
  • The bar counter has an unusual design: one side - table top, and on the other - the work surface. Those. it can be used during lunch, and during cooking.
  • The color scheme for the kitchen in the colonial style - simple enough, warm and fits perfectly into the design of the first flat. Carved facade brown hue reminiscent of trees in the open spaces of the African and cooker "apron" blue contrasts with facades and complements the curtains on the windows of the same hue.
  1. Now we take for the sleeping area.

If your apartment has high ceilings, the ideal solution would be to raise the bed on the second floor of a makeshift.

Perfect to the colonial interior dark aged wood, and need only oblitsevat props bed and a place beside her, made of durable material.

It will be good if the side of the bed will accommodate small pedestal on which the owners put a night light, accessories and plants.

The bed itself is decorated in African style: covered with a combination of blue and brown pillows zebra, and colors are combined with shades of cuisine

  1. It remains to design the interior of the living room.

We make the living room so that the interior design studio was harmonious and comfortable. First of all, the ladder should be placed near the bar.

Thus, one can easily climb into the bedroom and direct access to the dining table, which provides for such an idea to repair one-bedroom apartment.

Right under the stairs can be arranged with a TV cabinet, the wall opposite - a sofa and a couple of chairs that will fit into our interior.

room lighting is realized with the help of ceiling fixtures, allocate the necessary area and floor lamps in some places, because the light is distributed in a way that is not in the room remains dark angles.

Design in vintage style

Design studio with a bed

Vintage design

Another interesting example of a design apartment - it's vintage style. It involves the use of original and fashionable things from different eras. Usually it is the interior antiques or antiques, but can be used and the usual made old furniture.

  1. As in the previous version, starting from the kitchen.

The color scheme of the vintage interior is no different variety, so the design project studio studio is based on the game or similar shades and colors.

Preferably the use of pastel colors in the decoration of a one-room apartment with his hands, so the walls and ceiling can be painted white, decorated with tiled inserts.

Kitchen unit should be different from the color of finishing: it is possible to select a standard wooden facades, beige colored or gray-green and artificially aged them using nazhdachki.

For interior can use any table, but it is desirable to hide the same shade cloth as the fabric cover on the chairs. Metal chairs with carved back perfectly complement the dining room composition.

  1. Living room.

For the living room, you can use furniture that will last for quite a long time. Restoration returns surroundings tidy condition.

The cabinet can be used as a wall-storage space for clothes and accessories. Sofa and chairs appropriate to issue in dark red shades, as well as the curtains: it will give the interior zest.

Geometric patterns on the wallpaper and floor, as well as many vintage accessories to complement the picture. Gramophone with a set of plates and old portraits in glass framework will create the necessary atmosphere.

  1. Rest zone.

Vintage design studio with a bed involves the use of a metal bed with wrought grille light with outdoor floor lamps, chest of drawers with curved legs and bright colors in decorating the walls and ceiling.

For both parquet floor is suitable, carpeted or carpet or covering of another type. Antique mirror in a shabby frame perfectly complement the interior, but it is necessary to make sure that it is not reflected in the bed.

Hollywood style

Design studio apartment with bay window

Apartment in Hollywood style

A little step back from the classics, although this style is the rebirth of an elegant glamorous style of the 14th century. Smooth, radiant and brilliant version of the design like the people who are tired of life's problems and troubles.

Combining the best features of the Empire, the Greek Renaissance and Art Deco, it is an excellent solution for use in any home.

So Hollywood interior design of the apartment - a studio or a large number of premises, built on a single plan.

two separate pieces are usually created, intended for the reception of guests and for recreation.

In the context of a one-room apartment to take the bones will be in the kitchen, living room and bedroom separated by a plasterboard partitions.

Distinctive features of the style:

  • Entrance hall being converted into a dressing room - a separate room for clothes and shoes.
  • Balcony glazing and doorway to it - is expanding, simulating an open loft.
  • Bathroom is made with marble (tiled or marbled), and a mirror on the perimeter walls allow visually enlarge its space.
  • The main colors of the Hollywood style - shades of red and yellow, plum and rich gray, as well as their combination with light shades. Best for decoration materials - mahogany.
  • Lighting plays an important role in forming the design of the apartment 1-room. The entire interior is almost black, and the necessary areas are accented by a wall and floor lamps. Preferred light - a soft and muffled.
  • Furniture - soft, with smooth and concise forms. Upholstery - made of any material, whether it is velvet, brocade, leather, quilted and mat insert. Number of pillows and ottomans are not limited to, in addition, they also decorate the rim or feathers. The interior is also fit perfectly under the tables table lamps.
  • Glamorous Hollywood design 1-bedroom apartment will complement the portraits of celebrities on the walls and memorial accessories, creating the necessary atmosphere.

Venetian style

project design studio

Venetian design

If you love classical music, but do not know to stop, in Venice on what style - this is what you need. Mixture of Gothic, Romanesque and Byzantine style with elements of baroque and renaissance will not leave indifferent any of your guest house.

Round dome, columns and mosaics with Gothic arches, marble and luxury finishes, gilding and a unique painting on the walls - all of this will surprise even the most experienced lover of luxury.

And what is inherent in this style:

  • Remembering the water situation in the city of Venice, once it becomes clear idea of ​​the design studio in this style: the color of the sea in summer and winter, rain and fog, sun glare - all this should be reflected in the interior, so feel free to use a combination of blue, green, beige, and shades of gold and a combination of red and yellow.
  • Kitchen in a Venetian style and definitely decorated with painted marble tiles. Welcomes the use of arches and twisted columns. In an extreme case, a list is replaced by the Venetian plaster.
  • Bathroom mosaic is made, and is a free-standing bathtub on legs. Such a design of the room in a studio apartment looks luxurious and yet quite functional.
  • Living rooms are settling in any known style, because design is based on the Venetian interior. Bookcases with maps and old books, decorated tables and chests of drawers, sofas. A wall usually hang wallpaper with embossed pattern.

Note! Glass - a rather important element in the Venetian style. Using mirrors, glass lamps, chandeliers and even a glass of furniture - a prerequisite for the creation of unique authentic atmosphere.

Creating a design studio with a bay window, an experienced designer is required to stop at the Venetian style, because this element can perfectly complement even without that beautiful interior.

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