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Design Studio (36 photos): the main advantages and disadvantages


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Performing design studios, make sure that all elements of design meet one style (furniture, appliances, textiles).

Studio is a large space where there is no division in the room. Should not spare funds its repair, as this is where we receive guests and spend all our time.

design studio apartments

First studios appeared in the far West. The lack of any plan of the apartment was very stylish solution in the interior design space, and this trend will spread across Europe.

However, living in this apartment is often not met expectations.


First studio apartment appeared about 100 years ago in America. At that time, no interior walls in the apartment was a real breakthrough in the field of residential construction.

Residents of these apartments could furnish his apartment as they would like to use all the space to the maximum and even come up with your original plan.

an example of design studios in bright colors

Example design studios in bright colors

As the walls are often resorted to the construction of decorative barriers, screens or pieces of furniture. The most popular such apartments are a young and creative people.

On the territory of Russian design studio apartments became popular a few years ago. Despite this, almost immediately this category of apartments attributed to the "luxury".

This is due to the fact that they are the main design ideas can be designed to order. And the inner space they should be divided into two sectors: the bedroom and dining room. The latter is usually a small kitchen.

The main advantages and disadvantages of the studio apartments

the original partition TV

The original partition for TV

Despite the fact that housing is classified as "luxury" and it may have several significant drawbacks. First, consider the positive aspects of living in this apartment.

  1. Ability to self-zoning of the apartment.

Carrying out design studios, its owner will be able at any time out of the kitchen to make a living or bedroom and separate it into an office or nursery, in other words, the design of the walls with his own hands welcome! You can also supplement and change some details of the interior, if you're tired.

  1. Spacious and bright.

Even the most compact studio apartment with no internal partitions will look bright, cozy and stylish.

  1. Affordable apartments
recreation and dining area area

Example design studio apartments (sitting area and dining area)

This type of property is a bit cheaper standard apartments.

As mentioned earlier, there are some disadvantages of studio apartments:

  1. Too much open space.

Note! Many residents of conventional apartments enjoy their layouts and do not want to demolish interior walls. This is due, primarily, the fact that they like the limited private space where they can be alone with yourself.

The apartment-studio is almost an option is not possible. Therefore, when choosing an apartment, carefully consider whether you will be comfortable in one large room.

  1. The mixing of smells and sounds.

Naturally, in the absence of barriers all the rooms are merged together and all their odors will mix and move from one part of the apartment to another.

stylish interior studio apartments

Stylish interior studio apartments

For example, the music playing in the living room, will be heard in the kitchen, and the smell of grilled meat will be heard in the bedroom, unless, of course, a powerful exhaust system is not installed in the cooking area.

  1. Reputation housing

Most often, studio apartments acquire in order to later rent. This approach negative impact on the housing condition.

an example of the interior studio apartments

Example Interior studio apartments

And if you do decide to buy a flat for your own family, you can not be ashamed to bargain and, if it is likely that before she rented.

Thus, the drawbacks was almost as much, and the advantages of this property, but it is very serious. If you are willing to buy such an apartment, do not hesitate.

Remember that the design of the apartment is 50% dependent on the arrangement of furniture. Do not install cabinets and sofas just on the perimeter of the room, as the center will be too much space, which will deprive your comfort apartment.

To limit the area in the room is also used furniture or a variety of floor coverings. Often used the podium.

If you're not confident in your design skills, then seek advice from professionals. They will help you choose the right design and make it a stylish and cozy.

Also, design studios can spy on the pages of fashion magazines or on the Internet, which is replete with a diverse array of options and ideas.

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