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  • 1 professional advice
  • 2 Harmony in the interior of the one-bedroom apartment
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Currently, two-bedroom apartments are the most popular type of housing for middle-income families. What secrets does the design? About it and talk.

To well thought-out interior design one bedroom apartment, it is necessary to take into account the layout. That is what will ensure the rational use of space.

Note! If the plan does not give the improvement of conventional methods, you can always resort to the redevelopment.

The most "unpleasant moments" that can occur in a typical layout or new projects - long and narrow corridors, small kitchen and bathrooms with toilets.

professional advice

  • Design of an apartment bedroomYou must correctly and thoughtfully approach the placement of furniture, it will help eliminate many of the shortcomings of layout and turn them into advantages.
  • Be sure to consider the composition of the family, who lives in the apartment, as well as possible changes in its composition.
  • Analyze the existing layout and highlight the positive and negative sides, that on the "right" focus, and the rest to hide, using a variety of design solutions.
  • Consider the character and way of life of the family, to design a one-bedroom apartment provides a comfortable stay.

Harmony in the interior of the one-bedroom apartment

Interior design two-bedroom apartment

interior design


Interior Design - is a challenge to mediocrity and dullness, getting rid of the everyday monotony. But do not resort to the creation of a riot of shapes and colors, as comfort and convenience, peace and quiet create a harmonious and it is a reasonable combination of colors and lines.

If we talk about the style of interior design can be limited to one or stylistic decision to use the principle of eclecticism. But you need a differentiated approach, rather than piling the heterogeneous elements of the interior.


The best solution for a one-bedroom apartment can be a color scheme in pastel colors advantageously using built-in furniture, and as a multifunctional element can be decor. This will help ensure maximum functionality, rationality and efficiency of operation of the usable area.

Tip! Be sure to pay attention to the placement of lighting fixtures, which are able to visually expand the room and create a variety of visual effects, which can greatly improve the general perception of interior space.

Solutions for design

It is necessary to take into account the particular layout of the apartment. If before you typical layout, the design of a standard two-bedroom apartment will require some subtleties, because you need to arrange the maximum space with minimum dimensions and interior space comfort.

Design a small one-bedroom apartment

Custom design standard apartment

The standard layout is often far from the requirements and rules that apply to modern design apartments, because there are thoughts about redevelopment. And here it is important to organize the division of the total area of ​​2 main zones: the living room and bedroom.

If not numerous family - 2 people, a kitchen can be left in isolation rooms or combined with the living room and make the kitchen-studio. It is also possible to convert the loggia in the room. Due to the size of the hall can be increased bathrooms.

To create an intimate design small one-bedroom apartment can be taken for the removal of old partitions, and apply them to new places.

As a result, you can ensure the expansion of the internal space, but it would entail costs of materials, time, energy. Therefore, another option could be a sensible and well thought-out arrangement to organize the work, bed and a place for a family holiday.

Design one-bedroom studio apartment

Designed in the style of minimalism

Let's play a little, it is enough to take the apartment plan in scale of 1:50 with furniture in the form of geometric shapes out of cardboard and move on existing plans to obtain the most comfortable location.

Rationally arrange the furniture as possible, using a special computer program. Creating a three-dimensional image, you will be able to change the location of furniture, choosing the optimal functional layout.

The design of a standard two-bedroom apartment

design studio

To create the space and freedom to design a two-room studio apartment can not do without the redevelopment of existing interior space.

The first step is to determine the load-bearing walls, which can not be touched, and demolition of existing partitions. When space will be freed, you can start to do a design project apartments.

A few words about finishing

  1. It is advisable to use warm and bright colors in decorating the walls, and the dark and the cold floor, while visually enlarge the space.
  2. Particular attention should be paid to the kitchen, where he will be the main gathering place of the family. Prefer smooth rounded shapes that do not create angles, "eat" space.
  3. Dining area should be a continuation of the kitchen or living room part. The living room can be concise form of furniture, as a contrast to smooth the kitchen.
  4. Wardrobe will greatly simplify the placement of things.
  5. For better lighting is recommended to mount a two-level ceiling.
Interior design in vintage style

Vintage design

Vintage - to be or not to be

Some prefer the interior design in vintage style, which has become increasingly popular in recent years.

  1. The style is a combination of both modern and antique elements. A feeling of antiquity and history
  2. Vintage - it is old, which is illuminated in the modern world through the haze of time.
  3. Basic materials vintage style: forged metal or copper elements, wood or textiles, ceramics, woven carpets.
  4. Mandatory attribute are cracks, wear, rust, uneven surface.
  5. This style focuses on the little things: the old black and white photos, statuettes and vases, dried bouquets, antique clocks, paintings.

Summing up

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