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Design Ideas (60 photos): the principle of independent objects, accents, void filling angles, colors


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    • 1.1 Your home - your character
    • 1.2 The principle of independent objects
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    • 1.4 traffic lines
    • 1.5 accents principle
    • 1.6 void the principle of
    • 1.7 filling corners
    • 1.8 color solutions
    • 1.9 Legs and head
    • 1.10 The principle of first impressions
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If you are going to start a general repair, you should pick the best design ideas for your apartment. After all, how clearly you will see the result of all repairs, it depends very much: the process planning work, and the number of necessary construction and finishing materials, and time spent on repairs.

Thus, picking up the idea that you are comfortable, you are greatly simplify your work, save time and money. But where to look for interior design ideas?

design ideas

The first way - the easiest and at the same time - the most expensive. You can consult a professional interior designer, who, after listening to your needs and familiarized with the layout of your apartment, will offer one or more design options.

And if necessary - and even prisovetuet gang masters who will be able to implement the chosen design. The main drawback of this method - its high cost: the professional designers and professional construction workers take expensive.

The second way - the independent development of the design. It's harder, because will have to study the resources devoted to the design of the Internet, read specialized industry magazines (the good, and that, and another today in abundance).

Well, if you want to save a lot - you will have to translate design ideas with their own hands.

Important! If you engage your sense of style, the design you have created will be truly unique - and for a long time will delight the eyes you and your family.

If you are not afraid of difficulties, and still decided to take up the creation of the apartment design your own, below we present 10 ideas which will be useful in planning any design -Be the small-sized apartment in a high-rise building or a country house for a dozen rooms. So.

10 design ideas

Your home - your character

Any design of the apartment must be a reflection of the nature of the owners of the house or apartment. Selection of colors, furniture, lighting - everything must be in harmony with your sense of beauty, your mood, your lifestyle. You furnish a house for himself and his family - and like it should you.

The principle of independent objects

The entire interior design should represent a coherent whole. At the same time, parts may be present in it that stand out from the crowd, but at the same time - do not fall out of the picture.

Such details enliven the design, make it more memorable. As the object of a separate fireplace can be used, an aquarium, a pool table - but at least rarity chandelier!

Room design ideas

Aquarium in the interior


If you feel that a particular item will be appropriate, and design manuals say the opposite - the risk! Most of these experiments in the design of the room bring a fresh approach, and the interior is not at risk of becoming boring and uninteresting.

traffic lines

To observe this rule, it is desirable but not necessary. When furniture arrangement or layout of doorways, consider the routes of movement of people. It would be better, if the path from one room to the other two do not have to go around the chest and a chair!

accents principle

To the interior was truly stylish, you must add it vivid detail - "accents" that will attract attention. However, it is not necessary to go to far with them - an abundance of points that attract attention, make design intrusive and tiring. This interior can be advised unless hyperactive creative personalities.

void the principle of

Whatever may have been thought out your design, if there is no place for empty space - your room will look cluttered. That is why part of the floor and part of the walls should be left empty, without the "semantic load".

ideas of design with their own hands

Empty space - part of the design

filling corners

Empty corners in the room to visually create a feeling of incompleteness. Therefore it is better to fill them - furniture, plants, aquariums, bird cages - anything, as long as this piece fit into the interior.

color solutions

If you can not link more details of the interior space - combine their common color scheme. This will help "reduce to a common denominator" disparate objects by writing them into a single system.

Website Design Ideas

A single color scheme

Legs and head

Do not arrange the furniture in the low places where it will interfere with the passage. In the dark, or thinking you're sure Tripping on her! Well, in any case do not hang shelves above the dining table or on the chairs - in general, where they will be hanging over his head sitting.

The principle of first impressions

Think in advance what people will see when entering the room or the house. If the sight of a blank wall -ukraste her mirror or picture.

It - only the basic rules, however, and they will help you create a unique, memorable and at the same time - a thoughtful and functional design of your house or apartment. By following them, as well as to your own taste and style, you can bring into your home comfort.

And most importantly - no matter how good the design ideas of the room, seen on the Internet or design magazines, remember: most importantly, that in the new house was comfortable for you and your loved ones. For themselves are doing!

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