Design of an apartment project: the sample and sample preparation

Design project of apartments (48 photos): antique, classic design, modern style, high-tech and country


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Renovated apartment - quite laborious, but at the same time interesting to do. You need to work out the next design project apartments on paper, to purchase the necessary materials and furniture, and then to translate it into reality.

Design project of apartmentsFirst of all, it is necessary to divide the repair process into stages, each of which has special features.

Work plan

Given the unusual layout of your apartment, about position appropriate functional areas, furniture and equipment. On the plan should be given the exact dimensions, binding, the height and the area of ​​each room.


Communications. Take the existing plan of the main utilities: findings plumbing, location radiators, the connection area of ​​air conditioning and ventilation, and modify it, taking into account all the changes that await your apartment.

Electric plan. You will also need an updated plan for the power supply of all facilities: the findings of sockets, lighting the place of connection and home appliances, an indication of the load on the findings.

Decoration Materials

Approximately determine the future of home design, developed a plan of ceilings and floor coverings, indicating the materials needed to create them. Ceilings are drawn with all the necessary complex shapes, cornices, decorative sections and units.

The final step is to create a three-dimensional imaging of the interior of the future apartment. You will be able to evaluate everything to make any adjustments and finally begin to implement the plan.

The choice of design

For individual rooms or for the entire apartment will be required to choose a single style of interior design, which helps to create the necessary atmosphere that will delight owners and surprise guests. In general, consider possible options.

  • Antique design. Complex and asymmetric layout of rooms - the main feature of this style. To carry out repairs you must select the two colors of the same saturation and tonality and design the interior with their use.

Along the walls and the ceiling can be sent decorative belt with Greek ornament made of profiled plastic. For decoration you can also use curtains in pastel colors. With the help of lighting is beneficial to focus on certain areas of the interior home design, or as in our case - the apartment.

Design of an apartment project sample

antique style

  • Another example of a design project apartments - classic design. This style is characterized by simple and symmetrical layout. The main colors - bright shades. Walls can be decorated with antique ornaments.

All the furniture is necessarily made of natural wood. Necessary atmosphere is created with the help of massive columns, floor vases, chandeliers made of natural stone and expensive glass, curtains and draperies.

Complement the interior of a large number of mirrors, sideboard with crockery, tea tables with carved legs and low chairs.

An example of the design project of an apartment

Classic is always appropriate

  • modern. Base - a large number of decorations, united by a common theme, such as vines, floral ornaments, trees, butterflies and flowers. Furniture bizarre shapes and colors, as well as a bright decorative lighting.

Important! This design option is not to everyone's taste. He understood geometrically complex and asymmetric layout of rooms.

The apartment is in modern style

The apartment is in modern style

  • High tech. And this style will appeal to fans of the newest technologies. Layout of rooms and furniture have to be with clear geometric shapes.

Basic materials for finishing metal, plastic and glass. The abundance of shiny chrome-plated surfaces and a variety of technical innovations will delight ardent tehnomana.

Principles style - specificity, efficiency, functionality. Primary colors - white, black and silver, an additional - red, blue, green and yellow. Also worth to take care of bright artificial light.

Style "high-tech"

Style "high-tech"

  • Country. Style for lovers of unity with nature and rural motifs. Tree - basic design element which is used as a wall surface, and for creating furniture.

Plastering the walls with his own hands, combined with fragments of masonry or wooden facing is perfect for this style. Wicker furniture is usually a wooden or without polishing. The interior is definitely the use of textiles - different tablecloths, slipcovers for furniture, quilts, curtains.

Primary colors - dull, but the variety, will approach the green, the blue shades of brown and orange. Lighting varied, preferably daylight.

Rustic style "Country"

Rustic style "Country"

Well thought out design project of an apartment - a sample taste of the owner and even a reason for pride.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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