Design project of one-bedroom apartment: Interior decoration options

Design project of one-bedroom apartment (39 photos). Features planning. Studio-kitchen. Living Hall. A bedroom-living room


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  • 2 An overview of options for the design project
    • 2.1 Option 1: kitchen-studio
    • 2.2 Option 2: Living Hall
    • 2.3 Option 3: a bedroom-living room
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As practice shows, even in the area of ​​a standard two-bedroom apartment, you can create an unusual architectural design. It's enough professional and well-thought-out design of the architect, the project, which It includes a game of imagination, fantasy, combined with modern high-quality finishing materials.

Design project of one-bedroom apartment should not unquestioningly comply with the latest fashion trends.

Design project of one-bedroom apartment

Important to know

When developing a project must take into account features of the apartment:

  • Disposition. The standard layout includes a small size, so developing a design-bedroom apartment, it is necessary to take into account all the positive and negative points. As a result, you should get a solution that allows to hide the shortcomings of planning.
  • family structure and presence of children. For a family of adults, you can pay more attention to the expansion of the space under the seat for the rest.
  • If you have small children, the entire area should be the most functional space should be zoned, clearly defining each part of the boundary.
  • Orientation of apartment windows along the sides of the world will have a significant effect on the color scheme and the selected style of interior design.

planning analysis

During development of the project can be taken to, "rolling his sleeves" to realize his dream. Or you can invite a professional who will make the necessary measurements, on the basis of which offer a number of possible design options.

"Sly" expert advice: do not forget that significantly increase the living space You can use the loggias and balconies, so thinking through the interior, do not forget over the useful area.

After the settlement of the interior design project can be seen on a computer in bulk form to visualize the final result, and correct if necessary.

An overview of options for the design project

Each project is developed based on the requirements of the owner. The main rule - do as much as possible multi-function, then even a small area, you can get a lot of opportunities.

Option 1: kitchen-studio

The most common solution now is to create a common space of living room and kitchen. The result is a living room-kitchen design with a multi-functional area, which contains areas: kitchen, dining room, guest.

To visually enlarge the guest area, you can place a reflective surface and smooth curved lines. The resulting single space can be divided by partitions with decorative stained glass or textiles.

In the space of the living room be sure to select a seating area. A perfect compositional center can become an artificial fireplace. Internal Area advise visually enlarge, without downloading cumbersome furniture.

Kitchen dining room serves a function and working parts for cooking, so it is better to divide the decorative elements: the bar, shelves. Material for countertops, tables and chairs is best to choose a transparent.

Options bedroom apartment design

The flowing lines of the interior

Geometry and contrasting colors

Geometry and contrasting colors

Option 2: Living Hall

Combining the living room and the hall gives the impression of smooth transition space. Warm colors and the use of natural materials in furniture and decorative elements create warmth and comfort.

Hall combines the space and the entrance area of ​​the living room. warm colors and wood materials can be used in the interior.

Living room - Hall

Living Hall

In the living room is to provide a place for a quiet holiday, where you can install a folding chair. As a result, a reading corner and a guest bed.

Large shelves around the room can be used to store books, objects, photographs. Built-in furniture not only saves space, but also to hide from prying eyes, some shortcomings in the planning.

Shelving and built-in furniture

Shelving and built-in furniture

Kitchen renovation can be done in a more saturated colors, to revitalize and increase the space. Glass frosted glass facades in a built visually dissolve, creating a sense of infinity of space.

But the bedroom is better to use pastel colors, the use of additional decor and walls that divide the space, creating a bedroom and work area.

Option 3: a bedroom-living room

  • Bedroom with smooth contours of the walls and pieces of furniture create a feeling of a wide space, while the sharp corners can "eat" valuable centimeters of living space.
  • Better to choose a warm color palette to create comfort and tranquility, the long-awaited rest after a bustling day.
  • For youth bedrooms welcome more precise geometry, are also relevant mirror surfaces that extend the space. Here we must distinguish two main areas: work and relaxation area.
Pastel colors in the interior

Pastel colors in the interior

Bedroom appartment. To increase the space suits calm blue scale, which can also be applied luscious shades to revitalize and give a "sound".


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