Design studio apartment of 30 square meters: design ideas

Design studio apartment of 30 square meters (36 photos): zoning, design, equipment and lighting


Table of contents

  • 1 What you need to know before design studios
  • 2 Zoning studio apartments
  • 3 Kitchen-studio: the principles of arrangement
    • 3.1 Decor
    • 3.2 Equipment kitchen area
  • 4 Lighting studio apartments
  • 5 Summing up
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Give housing originality, you can use many methods. By combining different methods of decoration and lighting, using stylistic solutions and subjecting the interior of the rooms a single topic, you can make a unique image of his apartment.

The design emphasizes the winning points and hides the flaws (narrow shape, small size, lack of natural light). Design studio apartment of 30 square meters often require redevelopment. What? About it and talk.

Design studio apartment of 30 square meters

What you need to know before design studios

Studios can accommodate up to two people and between rooms require the absence of internal partitions (fenced remains only bathroom). This allows a single form living space, divided by the individual functional zones.

It was a successful zoning underlies the entire redevelopment. Wrong approach to design studios may result in obtaining a large room with a set of furniture for different needs, instead of a comfortable and original studio.

3D model of the future studio apartments

3D model of the future studio apartments

To avoid this, it is necessary to foresee the following points:

  • What area will be allocated for a particular functional area;
  • whereby visually be separated one from another area;
  • creating a 3D model of the apartments, you can look the part on the way in which the reality will look like the idea.

Zoning studio apartments

Seating area and adjoining kitchen area in the device studio usually are in the spotlight. Territory bedrooms make a solitary and inconspicuous by means of different techniques or isolated in a separate room.

zoning techniques

  1. Differences of the ceiling and floor. If ceiling height allows, bedroom area can be slightly raised on a podium, which will allow, in addition to department, obtain additional storage space, arranging podium several drawers boxes.
  2. Accents of light. You can often find reception when brightly illuminate a central living area and adjoining kitchen and a bedroom equipped with indirect lighting.
  3. The use of different materials for the repair of the floor in the kitchen and in other areas. Traditionally used in the kitchen tiles in the bedroom - carpet in the living room - parquet or laminate. Of course, this is not a dogma, and then you can be creative.
    Zoning cooking zone by means of a floor covering

    Zoning cooking zone by means of a floor covering

  4. The division of functional zones studio apartments with the help of furniture or accessories - open shelving units, tanks, columns, screens. This kind of elements are capable of, "without weighing" the space, making it clearer and more structured, eliminate the "blurring" of outlines.
  5. Decorating different in texture and color materials. Each zone tend to have their priority color scheme, through which will outline its borders. The color of the game it is important to choose colors in harmony with each other, otherwise the studio will resemble a set of watercolor paints. A good effect is achieved by making studios in one color when the color of each area, as are the studio area smoothly into one another. For example, a creamy milky to a chocolate or pearl-gray to deep blue.
    Color plays in the decoration studios

    Color plays in the decoration studios

Tip! A very common option is to divide the living room and kitchen with the help of the bar.

Kitchen-studio: the principles of arrangement


Ideal for creating a studio apartment is considered to be a house, an area of ​​30 square meters. m or more and a ceiling height of 3 m.

But do not panic if the home is located in a standard high-rise building where classic ceiling height is about 2.5 m. There is a method of increasing the visual height, for example by means of suspended ceilings with glossy web.

You can also build the scenery on the walls in the vertical plane - apply design wallpaper the room (and, perhaps upholstery) with vertical, and use lamps, paintings stretched form. The floor can be glossy and evenly illuminate the corners of the walls adjacent to the floor.

Visually increase the height of the ceiling

Visually increase the height of the ceiling

Equipment kitchen area

The size of the resulting studios allows more liberties with the layout and dimensions of the furniture set. If, however, a small room, and the furniture should be chosen compact and lightweight.

In any case, the installation of sofas and cabinets around the perimeter should be avoided. Usually in the living area have focused on the sitting area, located at some distance from the wall closer to the center of the zone.

Selection and placement of equipment in the studio should be carried out according to the following rules:

  1. During extended use of the kitchen area should be installed very powerful hood, it can virtually eliminate penetration of odors into the territory of the other zones and to warn against such troubles, as the impregnation of odors party decoration studio apartments.
  2. Washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, and other noisy devices should be placed in the most remote corners of the kitchen area (Washing machine can be placed in the territory of bathrooms), this will minimize the overall noise and create a more comfortable atmosphere.
  3. LCD or plasma panel positioned in the seating area on the wall opposite the seating area or on a special table.
    Placing the PDP in the studio apartment

    Placing the PDP in the studio apartment

Lighting studio apartments

When there is insufficient natural light, you can resort to the use of the French windows (if the installation of such is possible). Natural light, it will pass much more.

You should also give up the dense heavy curtains, replacing them with light and light curtains with modern design.

French window in the kitchen-studio

French window in the kitchen-studio

As for artificial lighting, here in addition to the main overhead light should be added highlighting each area. You can use the LED strings for soft illumination located under the ceiling in special cornices, as well as under the kitchen cabinets to illuminate the work area.

We should not forget that the lighting design should be self-sufficient. No need to overload the apartment various lighting fixtures arranged at random.

Tip! You can use only 1-2 pale light, and the overall ceiling light in the bedroom area.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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