Design 3 room apartment: the best projects, the idea of ​​comfort in the panel house

Design 3-room apartment (45 photos): registration hall, kitchen, living room, bedrooms and children's rooms


Table of contents

  • 1 Principles of design development
  • 2 interior subtlety
    • 2.1 hallway
    • 2.2 Kitchen
    • 2.3 Living room
    • 2.4 Bedroom
    • 2.5 Children's room
  • 3 Summing up
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To develop a beautiful, comfortable and functional design 3-room apartment in the panel house both easy and difficult. Simple - because a large area is a wide field for experimentation. Interior design ideas that do not get put into an apartment with a smaller area, go here "with a bang".

Design 3 rooms apartmentA major difficulty that you will face when planning a design apartment 3-room or larger in size and number of rooms It is that you have to stick to one style from the color space gamut in all rooms and ending selection of furniture.

Principles of design development

So you've got at your disposal the room and began to develop a design project 3 bedroom apartment. What do I need to pay attention in the first place?

Remember that the main goal of all of your work - is to ensure maximum comfort, convenience and comfort for your entire family.

Starting to plan the interior design 3-room apartment, consider the needs, habits and routines of each of your family members.

The first step, which is the beginning of any project design 3-room apartment, a division of zones: a zone for sleeping, recreation and general zone.

By zone for sleep include bedrooms, sitting area enters a living room, a common area belongs to the kitchen, hallway and bathroom (bath and toilet).

Individual approach to the interior, not only greatly quicken design of the apartment, but will make the stay in it much more comfortable.

Tip! Planning design three room apartments, where children live or teenagers, it is important to allocate a separate area for them.

Their personal space should be separated both technically and stylistically. Remember that the repair of the room for a teen is significantly different from the decoration and interior of the room for an adult.

So, we have listed the main points. It's time to move on to the details and interior design description.

interior subtlety


  • The entrance hall is spacious enough. It allows you to put in her closet or mezzanine for clothes and shoes.
  • It is also an indispensable element in the design of the entrance hall of the apartment is a small locker-kaloshnitsa or shoe rack, coat rack and a large mirror. By mirror is advisable to place a small shelf for keys and other small items.
  • As an added element of the interior can be recommended box-housekeeper. If you live in the apartment for at least three people, a box will get rid of the confusion in several sets of keys.
  • As a finishing hall use decorative plaster, or wallpaper. They allow you to choose the color and pattern for the walls and are relevant in any style.
Design flats 3 BRS


Note! Entrance hall - a room that experiences a maximum load, choose a washable neutral shades, and plaster coat with a special compound.

  • The floor in the hall can be tiled or laminate with high resistance to moisture.


  • In creating the interior design of the kitchen first thing to consider - is the number of people living in the apartment. If a large family, the main part of the kitchen should be free, where we will place a dining table.
  • If in the three-room apartment living two or three people to the dining area will need much less space, in this case, a large area can take a kitchen.
Design apartment 3 rooms in the panel house


  • You can implement the so-called island - section of the working surface, separated from the rest of the kitchen furniture and standing in the middle of the kitchen.
  • On the island a car wash (deep enough to avoid a large number of spray) or stove / hob. In this case you need additional island range hood. It we are fastened to the ceiling and connected by a duct or pipe with vent.
  • Instead of the traditional chairs in the kitchen, you can install the soft sofa. Together with a couple of stools it is quite suitable for placement at the table, even a large family.

Living room

Living in a three-room apartment - a room in which all family members gather. Under the living room stands out with the largest area and good lighting.

Design project 3 room apartment

Living room

interior design 3 bedroom apartment for the living room provides first and foremost, a sofa and several chairs. On them you will be placed during a joint holiday.

There is also a small cabinet TV set (if you have a plasma TV, mount it on the wall, but in such a way that it is not exposed to direct sunlight).

The large living room also can be arranged, and dining table in the kitchen if it has no place. In this case, a dining area fence off the shelves with the books or movable screens.

Of furniture in the living room can be set to a sideboard, a bar or a glass showcase.


One room in three-room apartment (if you want to design a 4-room apartment, and two rooms) is allocated for the bedroom.

Bedroom choose a small room, located at a maximum distance from the front door.

Design 4 rooms apartment


The bedroom is designed in such a way as to provide your family the best comfort and to guarantee a good rest. The color scheme is kept in soft, muted colors, dilute several vivid detail.

The important role played by the blinds. Here, as nowhere else would be appropriate dense curtains in conjunction with translucent curtains. This combination will allow you to easily adjust the level of natural light.

Furniture should be a little, enough bed, a pair of bedside tables, dressing table with mirror and wardrobe.

Children's room

The final item on our ideas of comfort - interior design children's rooms.

Children's Room is designed for preschoolers should stylistically different from the rest of the premises.

Design 3 room apartment

Children's room for preschoolers

The design of the nursery should prevail bright, but at the same time, natural colors. Of finishing materials is better to give preference to wallpaper, because change them in the nursery have often enough. Sex better lay carpet or lint-free hypoallergenic bed cork flooring.

But for the baby furniture should be selected solely based on his age and physical parameters. On certified models, you will find this information easily.

Design apartment 3-room in the panel house - a vast field for experimentation. And no matter whether you will be guided by the advice of professional designers or rely solely on your own taste. most importantly, that the result has liked you and your family!

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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