Calculation of materials for pent roof

Calculation of materials for pent roof
Specify the dimensions of the roof
height Ywidth Xoverhang CLength Broof materialsThe width of the raftersThe thickness of the raftersThe distance between the raftersThe distance from the edge to the roof raftersThe width of the batten boardsThickness of boards lathingThe distance between the boards lathingThe height of the roofing sheetThe width of the roofing sheetlapping
The dimensions of the roof in the plan.
Initial data
The width of the rafters 15cm
The thickness of the rafters 5cm
Roof overhang C 30cm
The width of the roof on the walls X 300 cm
height Y 200cm
Roof length B cm
roof size
The height of the webs in terms 433cm
web width 370cm
roof area 16.02square meters
rafter length 433cm
Number of rafters 6
The volume of material rafters 0.19cubic meters
Number of rows batten boards 22
Displacement batten boards 0.3cubic meters
Number roofing main roof 16sheets
2.9series in 5.5sheet width
The underlay material (asphalt, roofing material ...) 22square meters
when the joint it 25%