Decorating balconies with their hands: how to get inside the clapboard siding, video instruction and photo

Decorating balconies with their hands (33 photos): PVC panels and boards, siding, wooden boards, plasterboard, OSB


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  • 2 Popular methods of finishing and classification
    • 2.1 Installation of PVC panels and PVC lining
    • 2.2 installation of siding
    • 2.3 Installation of wooden bunks
    • 2.4 Sheathing plasterboard surfaces
    • 2.5 installation OSB
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How do I trim balconies with their hands? You can apply any finishing materials for these purposes? Why is it necessary finishing work? These and similar questions we will answer in this article.

EXAMPLE cladding loggia MDF panels

EXAMPLE cladding loggia MDF panels


Perhaps start with the fact that the finish balconies with their hands can be done for three reasons:

  • increasing the functionality of living spaceSince in the course of finishing the sill can be made useful, niche, etc.
  • improving energy efficiency in the whole apartmentAs glazing and insulation balconies have a positive impact on the living comfort;
  • the aesthetic appeal of the finished resultBecause the steering paneling or other materials balcony looks better than before plating.

Thus, the interior balconies with their hands ensures a number of obvious advantages. Consider what methods can be used for finishing work.

Popular methods of finishing and classification

Balcony, which is necessary to restore the modern materials

Balcony, which is necessary to restore the modern materials

The choice of method of finishing work in the first place depends on the insulated balcony or not. That is, depending on the presence or absence of the glazing and insulation, is performed the selection of materials and methods of their use.

Lining insulated balconies performed using the following materials:

  • wall panels of polyvinyl chloride (PVC);
  • PVC siding or vinyl siding;
  • wood paneling;
  • MDF panels;
  • drywall sheets (GCR or GVL);
  • OSB oriented strand board.

Lining not warmed balconies may be formed similar materials but with mandatory use of the heat insulating layer. In this case the cold glass will be supplemented by thermal insulation walls. As a result of operation of the balcony will be more comfortable without the need to install a heating radiator.

Let us consider how to decorate the loggia with their hands using the above materials.

Installation of PVC panels and PVC lining

Sheathing loggias vinyl panels

Sheathing loggias vinyl panels

The panels and linings made of polyvinyl chloride, a popular lining material, which is characterized by the following features:

  • low cost in comparison with wooden counterparts;
  • a wide range of proposals, among which you can choose the option that is suitable in terms of color and texture of execution;
  • hydrophobicity, which is especially important when performing finishing work on an unheated balcony;
  • resistance to biological factors, as well as polymeric materials will not rot and is practically moldy;
  • resistance to UV and abrasion due to paint through;
  • ease of installation and, consequently, the possibility of self-finishing work.

Important: Installation of plastic panels and similar materials is carried out on a wooden crate.
As a result, walls paneling will come forward to the width of the beam, of the applied to the crate, occupying thus a certain portion of free space.

To perform the installation work will require the following set of tools and supplies:

  • punch;
  • hacksaw for cutting wood;
  • hammer;
  • a water level;
  • dowels and screws;
  • klyaymery - special mounting hardware;
  • bars with a cross section 25 * 20 mm;
  • insulation materials in the case of thermal insulation.

Instructions for installation work is as follows:

  • is marked the location of the bars;
  • attached bars of the balcony perimeter;
  • bars are mounted on the panel;
  • at the corners, additional elements are installed near the glazing and around the door opening.

Consider the listed items in more detail.

Crate for assembly of the wall panels

Crate for assembly of the wall panels

Obreshetochnye bars installed horizontally when encasing material will be located vertically. Conversely, in order to set the sheathing material horizontally, as in the case of the siding bars need to be positioned vertically.

Fastening bars perform at a distance of half a meter apart. If the mounting surface is not flat, a crate liners puts a cut from plywood. Regulation lath check during installation using water level.

After the sheathing is installed, it can be laid in those or other communications, for example, the voltage or power supply wiring. This solution is claimed, if the balcony is used as an office or home workshop.

The gap between the crate can lay the insulation. For this purpose, fit the foam or mineral wool. Plates Styrofoam select considering the thickness of the bars. Mineral wool can be purchased thicker the bar, as it in the Xpress installation.

An example of how to perform finishing balconies lining their own hands

An example of how to perform finishing balconies lining their own hands

Installing the panels starts from the corner. The first panel on the edge of the thorn nailed with small nails to the sheathing. On the other side of the panel fastening is performed using klyaymerov. Further, the first panel is inserted into the second and so on until the angle where the last panel inserted into the angular slot strip.

Installation of wall panels in the space under the glazing

Installation of wall panels in the space under the glazing

At the junction of the wall with the floor mounted finishing strip. Suitable additional elements are mounted in a frame window and door openings.

Installation of PVC lining is performed just as well as the installation of the panels, but can do without klyaymerov. For this to crate nailed nails groove edge.

installation of siding

EXAMPLE wall finishing block house

EXAMPLE wall finishing block house

Finishing balcony siding with their own hands is also performed on the crate and in many ways is similar to the installation of plastic wall panels.

A significant advantage of the siding is that this material is available not only in different colors and textured designs, but with a different configuration. For example, you can buy siding with the usual flat surface, and you can choose the simulation of round timber.

Installation of siding for interior decoration balcony advisable only if you want to wall cladding simulates the surface of various materials. In other cases, it is advisable to apply a trim, designed for indoor use as siding is mostly used for exterior wall decoration.

Installation of wooden bunks

Sheathing wooden paneling with a device hidden niches

Sheathing wooden paneling with a device hidden niches

Finishing lining their own hands is not particularly difficult. But it is important to understand that, if non-insulated balcony with single glazing, it is better to use plastic battens, while wood paneling - the best choice for insulated balcony with a more or less constant temperature.

Wooden wall paneling is characterized by qualities such as:

  • environmental Safety;
  • easy installation;
  • ability to perform subsequent finishing using various paints;
  • the ability to perform both vertical and horizontal mounting;
  • low resistance material to excess humidity and temperature differences;
  • low resistance to the negative effects of biological factors.
Installation of wooden bunks

Installation of wooden bunks

Installation Instructions wooden lining is very similar to installing a plastic lining. But, like the installation of wall panels Wooden wall paneling is fixed to the crate using klyaymerov.

Just immediately after the installation of a wooden surface is covered with special impregnation, makes it less combustible and more resistant to decay. After impregnation completely absorbed and dry, timber may be applied clearcoat or solid paint layer.

Sheathing plasterboard surfaces

Plaster finish before painting

Plaster finish before painting

How to decorate the balcony with his hands, using drywall sheets? Manual assembly work is not a big deal, it suffices to crate of special profile, then sheathe crate sheeting.

Of instruments and consumables for the installation of drywall will need the following:

  • hacksaw with fine teeth;
  • Mounting the knife;
  • metal cutting shears;
  • screwdriver;
  • screws;
  • plastering a wide spatula;
  • plastering trowel with sandpaper;
  • metallic or wooden profile bar for the manufacture lathing;
  • tape for gluing joints;
  • gypsum putty.
Lathing, assembled from metal profiles

Lathing, assembled from metal profiles

Installation is performed as follows:

  • profile in the vertical planes is mounted crate;
  • attached to furring plasterboard sheets;
  • glued joints plating special tape;
  • Cabin evenly coated fillers of not more than 2 mm thick;
  • dried filler is ground to a state of perfect flatness;
  • the final stage of finishing all surfaces can be painted.

Note: Self-tapping screws are screwed with the calculation that their head stood flush with the surface of the sheet, but do not twist, or screw will rotate around its axis and will not hold the sheet.

By the way, with the help of plasterboard can align not only the walls, but the ceiling and floor.

installation OSB

Example of the SIR for finishing lodzhiy

Example of the SIR for finishing lodzhiy

Roughly particle boards OSB mounted on the wall at about the same as gypsum board. That is, the sheathing is made, to which is attached a board material.

A distinguishing characteristic is the SIR attractive texture due to the chaotic arrangement of the chip. For this reason, balcony finish by CAP at the final stage does not need to be painted, will be sufficient to apply a transparent lacquer furniture.

In order to connect the pieces of plates into a single unit without yawning gaps can use additional elements, which are used when installing siding or when mounting wooden lining. The top and bottom walls of the gaps at the joints can be closed wooden skirting.

As is the case with plasterboard, oriented strand board can be used for finishing the ceiling. But to do the same on the balcony is not recommended to trim the vertical and horizontal surfaces, as this decision will reduce the space visually.

Example of the vinyl wallpaper under the brick in the interior of the balcony

Example of the vinyl wallpaper under the brick in the interior of the balcony

In conclusion, a few words about the most affordable way to interior trim balconies. Wallpapering - the most inexpensive and easiest in terms of implementing a way to update the look of your own walls.

From a range of wallpapers submitted to the sale, be sure to choose the vinyl wallpaper. In addition, immediately prior to gluing surfaces should be treated with a primer with a high content of an antiseptic to eliminate the possibility of mold.


Interior trim balconies with their hands is not particularly difficult, if correct pick up the materials and decide on the manner of their application.

There is a personal opinion about what they read, or have any questions? In this case, leave comments on the article.

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