How to decorate a balcony inside: how best to revet walls and how to insulate

How to decorate a balcony (45 photos). Facing wood, siding, drywall and plastic. Insulation of walls, ceiling and floor


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  • 1 Decorating the walls
    • 1.1 Wood
    • 1.2 Siding
    • 1.3 gypsum plasterboard
    • 1.4 finishing plastic
  • 2 wall insulation
  • 3 Finishing the ceiling and floor
  • 4 Summing up
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After all the work related to the glassed-in balcony, ended on the balcony it was warm and windless, many immediately set a new question than to decorate a balcony inside.

And if you really want from the balcony to create a small corner of a summer holiday instead of a warehouse of old junk, you need to consider all the options.

How to decorate a balcony

It is necessary to take into account all the advantages and disadvantages, as well as to consider every material for finishing the balcony with his hands not only with In terms of aesthetics, but also from the point of view of practical properties and qualities as a balcony is closer to the street than the other rooms in house.

Decorating the walls


How to decorate a balcony inside

Finishing balcony clapboard

  • The most popular and most famous materials for painting and decorating is a tree. Virtually all of these are selected for purposes of battens, which has a very pleasant appearance, which creates the impression of being on villa terrace.
  • Practical properties lining gives her every right to claim the role of a finishing material for the balcony. However, it should pay attention to the type and composition of the lining. For example, boards made of spruce wood or pine is very limited service life.
  • If we consider the material is more expensive and take to finish evrovogonku, its service life is increased. But it is necessary to pay attention to her classes A, B, C. The higher class, the better the material itself. And to work with Lining is much more convenient than usual.
  • In order for any lining has served as trim as long as possible, it is important to really take seriously its installation. To do this, each plate is well secured to the wall with screws.

Note! Lining installation is facilitated by the fact that it inserts have special slots, which provide a perfect closing of the panels.

  • Another advantage is the possibility of replacing the corrupt elements, without having to disassemble the entire structure. Different colors panels help create a truly paradise, which will subsequently gather the family for a summer tea party.
  • If you are at the head of the question put practicality and wood trim looks unconvincing to you, follow us, we will tell, than to decorate the walls of the balcony.


Siding is an excellent alternative lining. It is often called a vinyl lining, because they have similar visual characteristics, but only if you selected siding, decorated with wood.

But apart from this painting siding has other color schemes that allow you to unleash the imagination and create a truly beautiful finish siding with their own hands.

Practical same properties siding much more pleasing. This material retains its quality for much longer. In addition, the fire safety of the premises in the event of a sharp increase since the siding does not burn, but melts when exposed to fire.

Installation of the fabric is not difficult even for finishing the house siding with their hands, not to mention the small rooms, such as a balcony. But to execute it needed more structure in the form of crates, which subsequently siding is attached with glue.

Note! The panels are well adjacent to each other due to the fact that the side faces have special slots.

gypsum plasterboard

Another response of the search options on the question of how best to decorate the balcony, you can see the drywall.

Plasterboard is a three-layered panel, wherein the outer carcass plies is a gypsum board layer. The use of this option will reduce the flow of funds and also the work associated with its installation, and will not cause any problems. Price - from 120 rubles. per sheet.

Recommended water-resistant plasterboard panels. Such sheets can be used not only on the balcony, but also in the decoration of the bathroom with his hands.

There are several ways to drywall installation. One of them is used to smooth the walls and makes it necessary to only glue. Frame as drywall installation method involves the additional frame device of the profiles.

Upon completion of the finishing plasterboard wall or ceiling it is possible to apply wallpaper or apply a decorative plaster, which also makes it possible to make the interior attractive and individual.

finishing plastic

The better to decorate a balcony

finishing plastic

Another variant of the balcony wall decoration can be called plastic panels. The material can be successfully applied in the areas where the winter and warm temperature, even at night does not fall too low. Also, this option is suitable for people who have fulfilled except glazing insulation.

Plastic panel - is quite vulnerable material which can be deformed even in a mild mechanical action. That is why you need to seriously consider when choosing, especially for families with children.

But not only have a negative quality plastic panels. They, in contrast to the tree does not react to the change in humidity.

How to decorate the walls of the balcony

Finishing seamless plastic

wall insulation

Typically, balcony exposed insulation indoors. But it should be borne in mind that the presence of the insulation area of ​​the interior space will decline sharply.

And it is first necessary to consider those whose balconies and so can not be called great.

One embodiment of the heat insulating material is foam that is both a good practical performance has a small price. Sheets of foam can be of various sizes and thickness, which makes it possible to choose the ones that work with that will be more convenient.

The foam does not react to moisture, which makes it quite a competitive material.

Next in the ranking - extruded polystyrene foam. Its sheets have a different size and density, it can be used in different climatic conditions.

The main advantages are expressed in high-strength, moisture resistance and fire safety. Another argument in its favor - the possibility of expanded polystyrene plastering all kinds of mixtures, including decorative plasters.

Mineral wool is also an insulating material that can be used on the balcony. But the work associated with warming are compounded by the need to use a variety of vapor barrier and waterproofing materials.

This is due to the fact that mineral wool is very hygroscopic and as it will absorb moisture, its thermal insulation properties will decrease.

Finishing the ceiling and floor

In most cases, for the walls and ceiling using a single material.

Paul previously usually was covered with linoleum. But today there are other floor coverings that are not only practical but also aesthetic. So much for finishing the floor on the balcony, you can use laminate or ceramic tile.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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