Glue non-woven wallpaper: stickers in the corners of the technology

Glue non-woven wallpaper (30 pics): types, selection of paintings and drawings


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  • 1 Types of wallpaper, which are based used interlining
  • 2 How to choose wallpaper
  • 3 Advice on the selection of the figure
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To date, this type of wallpaper, as a non-woven, won a special popularity among the population. This is due to a plurality of positive characteristics nonwoven fabric such as abrasion resistance, the ability to wet cleaning, and others.

Even sticky non-woven wallpaper in the corners will be a very easy task, as a professional, as well as for the beginner. These wallpapers are famous for high quality. There are several other types of wallpaper on the basis of the same material.

Types of wallpaper, which are based used interlining

sticky non-woven wallpaper Allocate all three main types of non-woven wallpaper. It:
  • Structural non-woven wallpaper;
  • Conventional non-woven wallpaper;
  • Ready-structural non-woven wallpaper.

Structural wallpaper differ in that they contain vinyl foam that is applied to the fiber-cellulose base.

This wallpaper will help smooth out minor surface irregularities of the wall. So Wallpapering on flizeline basis can be completed reusable staining.

sticky non-woven wallpaper in the corners

EXAMPLE based on non-woven backing wallpaper

The second type of finishing in the kitchen with his hands may be in the form of wallpaper with a very dense texture and on the basis of material which does not allow for any, even the smallest, deformations.

Through these wallpapers will be visible all the defects of the walls, so the non-woven wallpaper sticker should be only after the removal of the wall roughness.

The last type of wallpaper is a wallpaper ready for finishing ceiling with his hands, which have a specific color and texture. They do not need to be painted further. Take care only about their quality bonding to the walls of the room.

Getting to the adhesive wallpaper, keep in mind that the glue should be applied only on the wall, which will significantly reduce your costs of the substance. If your wallpaper designed for painting, remember that the start to this stage only after the complete drying of wallpaper.

How to choose wallpaper

Wallpaper can be:

  • For painting;
  • vinyl;
  • Based Nonwoven fabric;
  • Foamed vinyl;
  • Dense vinyl;
  • With screen printing elements;
Wallpapering on a paper basis

EXAMPLE nonwoven wallpaper simulating wall molding

The colors and texture of the wallpaper you selected will affect all residents of the apartment, and it is on their activity, mood, health and efficiency.

For example, if the walls are papered in very dark colors, there will always prevail in the evening the atmosphere will increase while using table lamps and other light sources.

This room is quite cozy either for you or for children. Conversely, wallpaper sticker on a paper basis in the light spectrum, improve your mood, increase tone. Here you will want to work or devote himself to art.

Note! Psychologists have proved that a direct effect of the color gamut of the room on human performance. To this figure was higher, that is, people showed a higher level of productivity, it is necessary to stay on the fresh green and light green shades.

Advice on the selection of the figure

When choosing a picture, pay attention to these aspects:

  1. Vertical stripes visually reduce the size of your room;
  2. Large and nalyapistye elements also reduce the space of the room, and small and rare - will expand;
  3. To further expand the room, use the wallpaper with the image of lozenges;
  4. Horizontal stripes will reduce the height of your room;
  5. The smaller the area of ​​your room, the more bright colors should be chosen for the walls;
  6. The bigger the pattern, the lighter the shade Pick up;
  7. The room will seem narrow, if the wallpaper painted chaotic lines and patterns;
  8. In small rooms on the area can not be used bright contrasting combinations of wallpaper;
  9. The fine pattern on the wallpaper soothes and promotes relaxation of the body, mental equilibrium;
  10. If you do the repair in two adjacent rooms, then pick up the coloring wallpaper so that the transition between them is not too contrasting.

Gone are the days when almost all the apartments walls were papered with conventional single-layer paper-based wallpaper.

wallpaper sticker on a paper basis

Paintable wallpaper based nonwoven

Today, popular non-woven wallpaper sticker. This type of wallpaper is called a duplex, since they contain in their structure two layers or more.

Non-woven wallpaper in decorating the walls with his own hands can be smooth, and relief. The first of them have a wide range of colors and color patterns. However, to hide defects in the walls of these wallpapers will be much harder, and in some cases not at all possible.

If you this is the case, get relief wallpaper on non-woven backing. In contrast to the smooth, they are produced by applying thick paint on a thick paper, which serves as the basis.

Using these wallpapers, you can give your room a certain exoticism and originality. Their surface is similar to the effect of decorative molding.

Such pokleit wallpaper will not be difficult even for a beginner, since the non-woven wallpaper gluing technology is very simple.

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