Location spotlights on the ceiling: video instruction - how to place their hands, photos

How to determine the correct location of spotlights on the ceiling (photo 45): the nuances of what is important to consider when installing


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In fact, it is impossible to determine the correct placement of fixtures on the ceiling, we can only talk about this term as their optimal placement.

Layout of lamps depends on the characteristics of the room, its strengths and weaknesses.

In the photo layout spotlights

In the photo layout spotlights

This is important to know the

What is important to consider (manual placement):

  • floor area;
  • dimensions of windows and their location;
  • the number and the plan of arrangement of furniture;
  • direct appointment of the premises;
  • technical characteristics and the geometry of the room;
  • colors and shades of the walls;
  • the overall style of the interior;
  • opportunities and condition of the wiring.

Because of so many nuances to plan lighting in the house is really hard. But, apart from the specific characteristics of the premises, it is important to be able to understand even in something ...


examples of lamps

examples of lamps

First of all it is worth noting that the lamps are divided into domestic and imported. For the first produced incandescent and halogen, and second only to incandescent lamps.

The next thing that is important to consider - is an indicator of IP device. The IP, as a rule, consists of two digits and provides really useful information about a particular model. And often these data are best talk about how to arrange fixtures on the ceiling in a particular room.

How to decipher the IP

The first digit in the IP index indicates the degree of protection against the penetration instrument dry solids into the housing.

  • 1 - is protected against the ingress of particles ranging in size from 50 mm.
  • 2 - not afraid particle diameter of 12 to 50 mm.
  • 3 - a particle size which can not get inside, varies from 2.5 to 12 mm.
  • 4 - is not afraid of pellet size 1-2.5 mm.
  • 5 and 6 - No dust penetration.
  • 0 - does not protect from the solid pulverulent or particulate.

The second digit in the IP indicator instrument indicates the level of protection from moisture.

  • 1 - absolutely not afraid of vertical drops of water.
  • 2 - a drop of water is not afraid of an angle of 15 °.
  • 3 - spray water at a slant to 60 °.
  • 4 - do not fear any splashes.
  • 5 - the product normally survive even water jets.
  • 6 - if the device is briefly dipped in water, nothing will happen to him.
  • 7 - you can be sure that the work will be smooth even after prolonged immersion in water.
  • A complete lack of protection from moisture and water says the number "0".

Agree that the IP figure to a large extent will affect how and where to place the ceiling spotlights a particular model.

The important point! Do not forget that even with the IP marking may be deviations from the stated quality and safety of operation. Normal operation of the device is largely dependent on the quality of the installation with their own hands.

Which lamp to choose

Here is just a value of floor space and color, interior shades of living room, bedroom or kitchen. Incandescent lamps and halogen differ in that the former give somewhat less light with the same power.

If your problem - well light up the room, on the same area "galogenok" will need less than incandescent bulbs.

Types of point lights

Types of point lights (price - from 40 rubles).

Tip! Necessarily ask angle light scatter.

On this indicator can be a good idea to "play". For example, if the question is how to distribute the lights on the ceiling so that the room and illuminate as uniformly as possible, and to allocate part of the interior, you can use an interesting method.

By perimeter of the room lamp set with a maximum angle light scatter and directly above the necessary element - a lamp, whose light incident angle is the maximum vertical. To enhance the effect accentuates the lamp can be purchased even in other colors.

So, suppose that we understand the types of fixtures, move on to other practical issues.

optimal location

It is important to consider whether the lamps used as the primary light source, or still the main light will come from the chandeliers. Let us consider a few specific examples.

In the living room

Typically, these rooms are quite spacious and they do not always need too bright central light. Most often, it is important to create a relaxed atmosphere with a muted, soft light. In this case it is convenient positioning lamps around the room.

"The perimeter" Disposition

"The perimeter" Disposition

Another option - to install spotlights in the corners and in the center of the room to hang a chandelier. In this case, each light source to make a separate switch. Convenience is the fact that most will burn spot, soft light around the perimeter, and the living room will be a bright light with the help of the chandelier as needed.

Location at the corners with a chandelier in the center of

Location at the corners with a chandelier in the center of

In the corridor

In most cases, hallways design takes into account that the premises are long and narrow. This means that the location of the perimeter will be irrelevant. And here is just, it is desirable to make as a bright light.

You can try to use "cross-shaped" layout, and the center will light, and the corners of the room to be well covered.

Location "cross"

Location "cross"

In the kitchen

Typically, the perimeter of the kitchen cabinets and hanging are different shelves. Naturally, the coverage of these areas is not necessary.

How to "revive" the interior of the kitchen in the apartment?

Try to arrange the free area lights on the ceiling "zigzag" or "circle".

Distribution of "zigzag"

Distribution of "zigzag"

In the latter case it is relevant to the chandelier in the center of the circle.

plan "in a circle with a chandelier in the center"

Planning "in a circle with a chandelier in the center"

As for the bedrooms, it is possible that in your case will look beautiful layout "oval".

planning "Oval"

"Oval" Disposition


I sincerely hope that this article has helped you understand how to arrange the spotlights on the ceiling, and what to look for when buying. We can only offer the video in this article and I wish you good luck.

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