Resanta AIS 250: characteristics of welding machines, instructions for use, video and photos

Resanta AIS 250 - everything you need to know about this welding machine


Table of contents

  • 1 Description of the apparatus
    • 1.1 hardware Settings
    • 1.2 Features of operation
  • 2 Output
Resanta 250 - modern device for home use

Resanta 250 - modern device for home use

We need a welder, but you do not have experience in this area and become entangled in a variety of models and brands? I will share their experiences and tell you about one of the good options, proven to work - Resanta AIS 250. You will learn all the features of this model, and as a bonus, I'll show you how to properly prepare the unit for operation.

With its compact machine is able to cope with serious welding work

With its compact machine is able to cope with serious welding work

Description of the apparatus

AIS stands for "welding transformers", that is, it converts AC power to DC power. The equipment allows for manual arc welding with coated electrodes. This is one of the most powerful welding inverter operating from a single-phase network of 220 volts.

hardware Settings

The main characteristics are as follows:

Indicator Value
Welding current 10-250 A
Input voltage In 140-260
Number of power phases 1
The diameter of the electrode 1,6-6 mm
Open circuit voltage 80 In
output current type Constant
Degree of protection IP21
weight equipment 6.7 kg
Light weight keeps the device on the shoulder during operation

Light weight keeps the device on the shoulder during operation

If you are doing work at home, then the maximum current is limited to such a measure, in order not to overload the wiring of an apartment or house. If this is not done, in the best case will knock cork or machines, and at worst - will light wiring due to overheating.

Let us examine the main features of the welding inverter Resanta 250:

  • The duration of loading - 70%. This means that at maximum current you can work 70% of the time, that is, from 10 minutes 3 stands for rest and cooling apparatus. Installation current of 160 A and below can operate without any interruption to carry out the entire operation;
  • antizalipaniya system. Eliminates the adhesion of the electrode to the weld metal at the beginning or during operation with a short arc. The system provides automatic isolation decreasing current at the electrode, after which the voltage recovers to the desired level;
  • Hot start - feature provides a durable and smooth seam even at the beginning of the welding. The ignition point of the arc current is temporarily increased and is then reduced to the desired index;
  • arcforcing - special function, excluding metal burn a small thickness;
The presence of additional functions can improve the quality of welding

The presence of additional functions can improve the quality of welding

  • overheating protection system. When the system warms up above the permissible limits, the system automatically turns off. The front panel indicator lights so you can see, because of what happened stop working.

The design provides a fan that cools the interior of the housing. Air inlets are in the front grille, so cover the unit during operation is prohibited.

With dimensions 25h13h40 see design is convenient to carry, transport and storage. It easily fits in the boot of a car and on a shelf in the garage.

Price per set is from 7 to 8 thousand rubles, a reasonable cost of this class of equipment.

Features of operation

I'll tell you about the features of construction welder Resanta AIS 250 and understand the process of preparation for work:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att14925350364 Simple operation panel. On the left screen, showing the welding current, and the right two knobs. One allows you to adjust the intensity of the current, and the second - regulates arcforcing, allowing to increase its stability.

Below are two indicators - network and system from overheating.

table_pic_att14925350395 Special cover plate closes. It is made of transparent plastic, which allows to monitor all parameters during operation. In this case, all controls are protected against dust, moisture and accidental knocks.
table_pic_att14925350406 Contents of delivery:
  • Welding apparatus with cord and socket;
  • Holder electrodes and the grounding wire;
  • Strap the equipment on his shoulder;
  • Manual with detailed descriptions and diagrams.

When working with your hands be sure to read all the information before you start welding.

table_pic_att14925350407 convenient connectors. They allow you to quickly connect the welding cables. Contact us to obtain reliable with minimal effort and time to join.
table_pic_att14925350418 Equipment is included in the network. Remember that the unit consumes a large current, and if you use an extension cord, it must have the appropriate settings.
table_pic_att14925350429 It turns on the main switch. In the inverter Resanta AIS it is located on the rear side, the same place where the power cord goes. You just need to translate the switch to "ON".
table_pic_att149253504210 Plug welding wire. Cable electrode holder is inserted into the upper connector with grounding cable clamp - the bottom. The circuit is connected properly, there are instructions, be sure to check that all is correct you do, if you have any doubts or you do the job for the first time.
table_pic_att149253504311 The device is transferred to the right place. When conducting welding equipment is typically positioned to harness enough for easy access to any part of the structure.

If you're on the street, where it is very dirty or have to weld something standing on a ladder, the machine hung on the shoulder before starting work.

table_pic_att149253504312 Depending on the metal thickness and electrode size determines the optimal amperage.

It is important to initially set the correct operating parameters to ensure the best quality welding.

Naturally, the electrodes should be purchased in advance.

table_pic_att149253504313 Made settings. LED current on the unit reflects the current performance, it is very convenient, because you are in a few seconds can set the optimum value and subsequently constantly monitor it during work.
table_pic_att149253504414 Produced by welding. It is important to remember safety rules:
  • To have available a special mask;
  • Wear tightly woven clothing;
  • When working indoors ensure thorough airing.
  • Observe the time when the machine is operated at full load.

This device is well suited to those who periodically uses equipment and wants to work quickly and qualitatively. Subject to the ordinary rules of operation of the device will serve you for many years without investing in repairs and maintenance.


You know all about the welding machine Resanta AIS 250, as well as to understand the peculiarities of preparation and adjustment of the equipment before use. Videos in this article will reveal some of the more important nuances topics, and if you have any questions - ask in the comments.