Electric garden shredder with your hands: the device, the instruction to do video and photo

Electric garden shredder with their hands - 3 options for independent production


Table of contents

  • 1 Why the need for shredder
  • 2 Varieties of garden shredders
    • 2.1 Power point
    • 2.2 cutter bar
  • 3 Production of garden shredders
    • 3.1 Preparation tools and materials
    • 3.2 Option 1: Two Shaft cutting mechanism
    • 3.3 Option 2: the cutting mechanism with disc cutters
    • 3.4 Option 3: a knife cutting mechanism
  • 4 conclusion
We improvised grinder all the moving parts must be covered with protective covers.

We improvised grinder all the moving parts must be covered with protective covers.

You do not know what to do with unnecessary branches after pruning fruit trees in the garden? To solve this problem, it is possible to assemble garden shredder with their hands. I will detail the technology of manufacturing these devices and tell you how you can use shredded waste wood.

Why the need for shredder

Garden shredder (shredder) - a mechanical device with electric or petrol driven, which intended for the processing of plant foliage, twigs of shrubs and trees, fallen leaves and other waste gardening.

  • At the output of such a device is obtained finely chopped biodegradable weight;
  • It takes a small amount, so it is easy to store or dispose of with household waste.

At the same time, I advise you not to throw away the crushed wood, because it can be applied with advantage in the household, for example:

  1. Fuel. Coarsely chopped the thick branches of the trees should be well dried in the sun and then used as a fuel for home furnaces or solid fuel boiler;
  2. Insulation. Very finely chopped chips from dry branches should be mixed with a liquid clay solution at a ratio of 2: 1. This mixture can be used for thermal insulation of the ceiling above the bath, barn and summer kitchen;
For thermal insulation of the ceiling can be used only on dry kindling twigs of healthy, unaffected by rot and mold.

For thermal insulation of the ceiling can be used only on dry kindling twigs of healthy, unaffected by rot and mold.

  1. Organic fertilizers. Of chopped wet foliage on succulent green plants with their own hands, you can make a good natural fertilizer:
  • It must fill in the compost box abundantly watered with water and cover with plastic wrap;
  • Every 2-3 days preyuschuyu mass necessary to moisten with water and turn to fresh air;
  • After a few weeks, she completely perepreet and you will get high-quality compost fertilizer.
  1. Mulching filling. Chopped thin branches and rough tops of plants can be used as an additive to the ground mulching:
  • Earth between the beds and around tree trunks it is necessary to pour water and fluff;
  • Top fill crushed twigs and dry remains of foliage;
  • This protects the soil from filling the evaporation of moisture and the formation of a solid dry crusts, and also prevents the germination of weeds.
The mixture of waste wood for soil mulching should have a fine uniform consistency.

The mixture of waste wood for soil mulching should have a fine uniform consistency.

I do not advise to use for mulching grass and crushed weeds. They may be mature seeds, which germinate in the ground and will give new shoots of weeds.

Varieties of garden shredders

Vetkoizmelchitel to make their own hands, we first need to decide on its model. They come in several types. Here I will explain how they differ, and what their strengths and weaknesses.

Power point

According to the power unit type it may be gasoline or electric:

  1. petrol shredder It is driven by a compact petrol engine capacity of 4-8 horsepower. It is mounted on a common frame, and to transmit torque is applied the chain, belt or Cardan drive.


  • Ability battery life allows the use of petrol unit where there is no permanent connection to the electricity, for example, in the garden, in the field, in wood on the wood workpiece, etc .;
  • Petrol engines develop more torque than the electric. Due to this quality, with the same capacity they are able to grind thicker branches.


  • Large dimensions and considerable weight;
  • The need for forced air cooling or water;
  • High specific fuel consumption and high noise levels;
  • The need for scheduled maintenance, refueling constant and periodic replacement oil.
Before starting the shredder with petrol drive, be sure to add fuel engine oil.

Before starting the shredder with petrol drive, be sure to add fuel engine oil.

  1. electric shredder It operates from a single-phase electric motor 1,2-7,5 kW. The torque from the motor shaft is transmitted through a belt or gear train. Engine power is selected depending on the tasks:
  • Power 1-2 kW sufficient for the processing of grass and leaves, foliage garden plants and small branches of trees;
  • When the engine power 3-4 kW he will be able to grind the whole garden waste and branches up to 40 mm in diameter;
  • Engine power 6-8 kW is able to cope with any debris and branches to 120-150 mm thick.


  • Compact size and light weight;
  • Availability and low cost. You can use any suitable electric power from a decommissioned industrial equipment;
  • The possibility to choose the power of the power unit for specific tasks;
  • Electric motors are equipped with built-in fan, so do not require additional cooling;


  • The need to connect to the mains. For this reason, these devices can not be used in the woods or in a remote garden;
  • To connect a powerful electric motor (2 kW) can not use an ordinary power strip, so it is necessary to supply a separate power cable of large cross section;
When using an electric grinder is important to adjust the belt tension is correct.

When using an electric grinder is important to adjust the belt tension is correct.

In my opinion, the electric motors are easier to maintain and cheaper to operate. If you plan to use the shredder grass or branches within your site, I suggest to equip its electric drive.

cutter bar

Most often homemade garden shredder equipped with a knife cutting mechanism. It comes in three types:

  1. Milling cutter mechanism. Such a device comprises a package typesetting disk cutters that fit onto a common rotary shaft:
  • The side of the cutting wheel on the machine frame is rigidly fixed counter knife;
  • When feeding branches into a hopper, they get accustomed to the cutting edge of the counter knife, and cut into small chips plurality of teeth on the disk cutters;


  • The pulp has a uniform finely chopped structure, so it takes a small amount and is well suited for mulching the soil;
  • This mechanism is easy to make your own hands, even without special equipment and machine tools;
  • small capacity motor can be used to operate the device (2 kW);


  • Not very high performance;
  • High noise levels;
The degree of grinding wastes can be adjusted by changing the distance from the counter knife to the cutting wheel unit.

The degree of grinding wastes can be adjusted by changing the distance from the counter knife to the cutting wheel unit.

  1. Disc cutter mechanism It represents a rotating metal disk on which radially arranged several knife blades:
  • On all sides the disc is closed casing in which are cut two windows;
  • Threads are fed through the front window and pererubaet rotating disk with blades;
  • Through the side window of the lower chipped wood residues fall into the receptacle.


  • Low noise and good performance;
  • Texture and waste dimensions regulated disc rotation frequency and feed rate of the branches;
  • Such branches garden shredder produces stumps of various lengths (from 20 to 200 mm), and therefore well suited for firewood;
  • The ability to use the drive PTO mini tractor or walking tractor;


  • Large dimensions and heavy bulky design;
  • For normal safe operation of the blades need to be sharpened periodically;
  • To require a powerful electric or gasoline engine.
For preparation of large logs for firewood cutting machine casing should be removed.

For preparation of large logs for firewood cutting machine casing should be removed.

  1. Two Shaft cutter mechanism It consists of two parallel steel shafts mounted in rolling bearings on a common frame:
  • On each shaft are four tangentially blade angularly offset 90 °;
  • Both shaft kinetically connected between a gear or chain transmission;
  • The location and the rotation shaft is designed in such a way that their blades intersect in the same plane, but do not cling to each other;
  • When feeding branches themselves are tightened between the rollers and counter rotating blades grind them into small pieces.


  • High productivity and simplicity of operation;
  • Such a mechanism can handle any garden waste, from grass and leaves to the roots, bark and dry thick branches;
  • The device will work even with blunt knives;


  • Required for the manufacture of turning and precise engineering calculations;
  • The drive motor must have sufficient capacity (at least 3 kW);
  • Massive bed with shafts is heavy.
Two Shaft Shredder with a powerful electric motor can be easily grind even the planks with nails.

Two Shaft Shredder with a powerful electric motor can be easily grind even the planks with nails.

Production of garden shredders

Preparation tools and materials

In spite of the different design and mode of operation, for the manufacture of all types of cutting mechanisms will need about the same set of tools and materials.


Illustration list of tools
yoarpyovapyva1 Hand tools:
  1. Powerful locksmith vise;
  2. Medium and heavy hammer;
  3. Sledgehammer;
  4. A set of files for metal;
  5. Hacksaw;
  6. Chisel;
  7. Rulers, triangles, scriber and caliper;
  8. Pliers and pliers;
  9. Set of wrenches size of 10 to 32 mm;
  10. A set of taps for threading.
yoarpyovapyva2 Power tools:
  1. A powerful electric drill with a set of drill bits;
  2. Bulgarian with cut-off and Grinding Discs for metal;
  3. Electrical grindstone with a diamond and ordinary stone;
  4. Arc welding apparatus with electrodes 3-4 mm and a protective mask.
yoarpyovapyva3 Machine equipment:
  1. Drilling machine;
  2. Lathe for metal;
  3. Milling machines for metal.

If you do not have a lathe or a milling machine, all machine tool operation may be taken for a row in any machine shop.


Illustration material list
yvlaoyvlayapyvo1 Electrical equipment:
  1. Single-phase or three-phase asynchronous electric motor with a frequency of 1.2-6 kW rotational 1500-3000 rev / min;
  2. Electromagnetic actuator corresponding power;
  3. Flexible electric power cable with three copper conductor cross-section of 1.5-4 mm²;
  4. Razvodochnaya box for connection.
yvlaoyvlayapyvo2 Black metal:
  1. Steel angle or channel, section 50x50 - 80x80 mm;
  2. A steel sheet with a thickness of 6-20 mm;
  3. Steel profiled tube section 20x20, 40h20, 60x30 mm;
  4. The thick-walled steel pipe is round with a diameter of 20-60 mm;
  5. The steel rod with a diameter of 20-60 mm.
yvlaoyvlayapyvo3 Fasteners and auxiliary materials:
  1. Galvanized screws and washers with seagulls diameter of 6-14 mm;
  2. Threaded rod diameter of 6-14 mm;
  3. Radial bearings;
  4. Springs from the truck or agricultural equipment;
  5. Spur gears;
  6. Toothed wheels for wood saws, carbide tipped
  7. Odnoruchevye pulleys;
  8. V-belt drive.

Option 1: Two Shaft cutting mechanism

Garden electric shredder with two rampart knife mechanism is considered to be the most difficult, because for its production requires turning and milling work on metal:

Illustration Description of work
ylaoyzhyvoaryov1 The kinetic scheme of the cutting mechanism:
  1. The frame is made of sheet steel of 16-20 mm;
  2. The drive shaft (shown in green) is mounted a drive pulley;
  3. It is connected to the motor by means of belt transmission;
  4. Driven gears have the same number of teeth;
  5. The diameter of the pinion to be half slave.
ylaoyzhyvoaryov2 Knife shafts:
  1. Steel rod in a lathe to carve two identical shaft;
  2. The diameter of the cylindrical part must comply with the internal landing bearing size (32-48 mm);
  3. A milling machine to remove four planes for knives;
  4. Size planes is 180h60 mm;
  5. The angle between them must be exactly 90 °;
  6. In each plane, drill blind holes 6 and tap M8;
  7. At the end of each shaft axially drilled hole and cut M12 thread for fixing gears.
ylaoyzhyvoaryov3 Gear:
  1. To make the shredder with their hands, you have to pick up a set of three gears;
  2. In large gears on a lathe chisel fitting hole;
  3. After boring, they should fit dress for planting neck blade shaft;
  4. Within each gear are milled keyway 6 mm;
  5. The same need are milled groove on the neck of the landing of each blade shaft.
ylaoyzhyvoaryov4 Knife blade:
  1. The blades are best made from spring steel;
  2. From the spring should be cut 8 equally sized plates 180h120 mm;
  3. In each plate, three cut lines groove for fastening screws size 45h10 mm;
  4. On the opposite side of the long side of the milling machine chamfer angle of 45 °;
  5. Cutting edge sharpened using a grinder with a diamond stone.
ylaoyzhyvoaryov5 Drive shaft:
  1. In the lathe of the rod drive shaft to carve a diameter of 32 mm;
  2. Bearings for it can take smaller;
  3. Diameter of necks should correspond to the size of the landing bearing;
  4. At the long end of the shaft pierced slots for installation of the drive pulley.
ylaoyzhyvoaryov6 Stand:
  1. Sheet steel 16-20 mm thick cut blanks for two identical sidewalls size 510h180 mm;
  2. Because it is necessary to cut the lower support plate size 360h180 mm and an upper insert size 190h180 mm;
  3. In the bottom plate in the corners drill four mounting holes;
  4. Each sidewall of cut-to-three holes for the bearings;
  5. They should be placed on the same vertical axis and their diameter should match the size of the outer bearing;
  6. All items collected at the point tack as shown in the photo, then scald on all sides by a continuous weld.
ylaoyzhyvoaryov7 Installation shafts:
  1. Each shaft bearings installed on its seat in the frame;
  2. bearings outside the secure patch face plates with screws;
  3. On shafts gear set and fix an end fixing bolts;
  4. The inside of the frame on each plane of the shaft to fix knife blade;
  5. You can use bolts with round head screws.
machine assembly:
  1. A frame with a knife mechanism is rigidly secured to a frame, bracket or welded from a shaped tube;
  2. The drive pulley shaft fasten strand diameter of 200-300 mm;
  3. Bottom on the machine frame to fix the motor with a pulley diameter of 100-120 mm;
  4. Between the V-belt pulleys pull;
  5. In front of the cutting mechanism to fix the socket to secure the hopper feed branches to the knives.

Frequency speed and power of the cutting mechanism can be controlled by varying the ratio of the diameters of the drive pulley. With an increase in the diameter of the drive pulley on the engine rotation speed is increased stab shafts, but the power is reduced, and vice versa.

Option 2: the cutting mechanism with disc cutters

The disc mechanism can be assembled from ready-made components. It has a simple design, so this shredder is easy to make with their hands in the home studio:

Illustration Description of work
ylvormayolaplyovaol1 circular saws Package:
  1. For the manufacture of cutters need 15-20 circular saws wood of the same diameter;
  2. As the axle shaft can be used by an industrial fan shaft or any other suitable dimensions;
  3. All saws should be located at a distance of 4-5 mm from each other;
  4. To this should be routed therebetween washers of the same thickness;
  5. At the end of the whole package to pull the nuts;
  6. On both sides of the shaft set radial bearings.

If you do not have a suitable ready-shaft, you can order its manufacturing at any locksmith. You will need only a little money, and your drawings.

ylvormayolaplyovaol2 Frame construction:
  1. A frame can be made from steel angles, and carrier frame of the old cook water pipes;
  2. In the center of the frame at a distance of 200 mm welded to two brackets;
  3. By the corners by means of overlays and bolts to fix bearings with shaft cutters;
  4. Parallel to the shaft at a distance of 5-10 mm from the cutter tooth to the frame to fix the counter knife out of steel angle 50x50 mm 150-180 mm;
  5. Holes for mounting the shaft to make an elongated shape to be able to move it relative to the counter knife;
  6. On the shaft shank fasten strand pulley diameter 120-150 mm.
Assembling the disk grinder:
  1. Under the bed a set of streams motor pulley diameter 80-100 mm;
  2. Pulleys on the motor shaft and the milling pull drive belt;
  3. Top block cutters secure the shield body with a rectangular opening opposite the counter knife;
  4. To attach the socket opening for supplying the branches in the milling mechanism;
  5. Bolts fastening the milling shaft to adjust an optimum distance between the toothed disks and counter knife;
  6. The smaller this distance is, the smaller are obtained shredded waste;
  7. The greater the distance, the higher the productivity of the machine.

Option 3: a knife cutting mechanism

To make the garden shredder with disc knives can do without any turning operations. If you are lucky, all the components can be found in scrap metal or tractor brigade:

Illustration Description of work
yaloryopmaoyva1 Instructions for the production of:
  1. If you have a low-revving the powerful motor (not less than 3 kW), the blade disc can be mounted directly on its shaft;
  2. If the engine power is insufficient, before the drive will have to set reduction gear;
  3. The very need to rigidly fix the motor on the stand, welded from round or shaped tubes.
yaloryopmaoyva2 Disc coulter:
  1. To make a shredder with knives, you can use the old brake drums or clutch plates from trucks, tractors or harvesters;
  2. For better removal pererublennyh waste, drive to do radial slots;
  3. To secure the four front plane of the knife, as shown in the figure;
  4. To the rear of the plane or to weld slotted flange coupling, and fit it on the motor shaft;
  5. Blade disc important correctly otbalansirovat and center, or a disk grinder will vibrate strongly.
yaloryopmaoyva3 Installation and Getting Started:
  1. Before installing the disk on the shaft, to secure the rear support frame portion of the protective casing;
  2. The side in the lower part it is necessary to make a small window, and over it welded reflector for departing chips;
  3. The front of the guard must be done on two removable bolts;
  4. Front in the lower half circle weld horn for feeding logs and branches;
  5. Before working at the exit window to install capacity for the chopped material.


Now you'll be able to make any model shredder for recycling garden waste. Especially because it does not need to buy expensive components and materials. I advise to pay attention to the video in this article, and all your wishes and questions can write to me in the comments.