Repair bedroom in a small apartment: Modern design options and examples

Repair bedroom in a small apartment (42 images): features of design and choice of materials


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  • 2 Design features a small-sized room
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Let's talk about the repair bedrooms in a small apartment: how to pick up materials and complete finish to the room seem visually larger.

Small apartments built in the 60-80s of the last century to today is one of the most common types of housing.

renovated bedrooms in a small apartmentSmall rooms, tiny hallway and kitchen, bathroom with toilet - everything is covered with a low ceiling, which seems to be about to fall right on the head. Can I create a cozy nest in such an environment? Of course, it is possible, and we tell you how.

Repair in a small bedroom involves the creation of a design project at the initial stage of the work.

To optimally allocate space and comfort, is to arrange the furniture in the room and place the items, use the help of a professional designer.

Designer renovated bedrooms does not always mean expensive finishing materials room.

A good specialist not only competently create a small-sized room project, but also will help to pick up such finishing materials that are optimally suited to the issue of quality and price.

The result of a professional designer - the repair option, you'll be able to realize or to invite for this work brigade builders.

Note! If you plan to carry out repairs on their hands, step by step, create a work plan. So you do not miss a single step, and you will not have to re-remake already traveled part of the job.

The procedure for carrying out repairs

The procedure is usually the same in the repair of a bedroom, hallway or kitchen.


  1. Modern renovated bedrooms often involves the dismantling and transport of walls, arches penetration, increase doorways. It is worth noting that before you begin to work on the demolition, transfer or transformation of the walls, you must coordinate with BTI.
  2. The fact is that the removal of the brick walls will not bring harm to the house between the walls, but the dismantling of bearing wall can lead to cracks in the wall of the brick house and even to collapse design. Any inconsistent with the BTI action to dismantle barriers and walls are punishable by fines. you also have to recover all of Siena's own expense.
  3. Removal of barriers and expansion of doorways can be done independently, using hammer, crowbar or sledgehammer. Do not forget to buy a pre-dust mask and eye protection as dust during dismantling will be many.
  4. Dismantling of old coatings on the walls and ceiling. Wallpapers are removed by hand, some parts glued "firmly", can be wet with water or a special tool for removing the wallpaper. Then scrape with a knife wallpapering. Plaster is removed by dry or wet method, knife scrape away or removed with a wet sponge.
  5. Repair bedroom in a panel building may involve electrical work.
  6. Alignment of walls and ceilings by coats and plasters.

Note! If you plan to install suspended ceilings and the walls thick wallpaper paste or install the wall panels, the alignment can not do.

  1. Fine finishing the ceiling.
  2. Fine finishing of the walls.

Design features a small-sized room

repair in a small bedroom

Repair bedroom for a teenager

About dark colors in the decoration should be forgotten because they are visually narrow space.

As you can hang a few black and white photographs, and put on the floor a dark coating on the walls as a contrast supplement.

Mirrors are also perfectly cope with the task of visual expansion of space, so the repair bedroom 12 square meters, must imply their presence in the interior.

If you plan to install the cabinet, that he was called on a "coupe". The presence of mirror doors in it are also welcome.

Repair bedroom for a teenager can be quite unusual. It is possible to play with the levels of the small room on the ground floor to create a working zone, while the second - set the bed.

Materials for repair

repair options Bedrooms

The choice of wall coverings


The materials for the walls can have a small figure. Vertical narrow stripes on the wallpaper visually increase the space.

The main thing that a finishing material was light shade. Decorative plaster also will look good on the walls of a small room. Special attention is worthy of Venetian plaster, which reflects light and creates a surface similar to marble (the price - from 300 rubles. per m²)


Repair of small-sized bedrooms are often involves increasing the height of the ceiling. Because physically make it to the high-rise building does not succeed, you can try to "lift" the ceiling visually.

For this purpose, often used ceilings with glossy, lacquered or mirrored surface. They once again reflect the room, creating the illusion of space to pull up.

Note! Having decided to install the suspended ceiling, choose a wedge or harpoon method of installation. Thus, the gap between the base and the ceiling is minimal tension - 3 cm.

An interesting variant of repair rooms - installation of a tension fabric is not on the ceiling and on the wall. Then the room, reflected in the varnish, mirror or glossy surfaces will be drawn outwards.

Thus, the creation of the design of small-sized rooms can turn into a fun and creative process. Correctly selected finishing materials and furniture can transform a room into a cozy and comfortable area.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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