Repair of bedrooms: how to make their own hands and finishing a sleeping child's room

Repair bedroom (33 photos) construction and design elements


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In this article, let's talk about the repair of the bedroom: the sequence in which to perform the work, and what design options can be applied.

The role of the bedroom is given, usually the furthest room in the house, because they are the most quiet. According to the rules of the work begins with the end of the house.

Repair bedroomSo, do repairs in the bedroom in the first place.

The first step in any renovation project is the design of the future room. Of course, if you do not perform only cosmetic procedures to improve the overall appearance of the room.

Having decided to dramatically change a room, draw on the album pages, or create a project in a computer program, which will include the color of the walls, ceiling type, arrangement of furniture. It is on this basis you will clearly carry out the repair room.

Deciding how the room will look like, it is necessary to paint the work steps and the sequence in which you perform them.

Recall that the first run all of the most dirty and dusty work of dismantling and transfer of the walls, arches breaks, increasing the doorway. The next step - dismantling the old wall, floor and ceiling coverings. All work related to an electrician. Held leveling plaster walls, ceiling and prepares only then applied the final fine finish on all surfaces.

Let us briefly recall the procedure works:

  1. All work on the demolition of walls and transfer are performed using a jackhammer or sledgehammer. Before proceeding to dismantle barriers, coordinate their actions with BTI. So you can avoid heavy fines. Before making repairs in the bedroom and radically changed the plan, collect the necessary documents.

First of all it is necessary to remove the old plaster from both walls and the ceiling, including insulation. When he reached the brick wall, begin to drill one brick from the top row.

When it comes to a concrete wall, it lends itself well to the sledgehammer blows. Begin to beat the best in the middle, if the wall is blank. If it contains a doorway, it just needs to be expanded.

By increasing the doorways or creating arcs should also be free from the wall plaster and other coatings. Then, according to the plan, and remove drill around the opening of one brick.

  1. Dismantling of old wall and ceiling coverings.

Old wallpaper from the walls first try to just take off. Those parts that will remain firmly glued to the wall, can be wet with water or a special tool for removing the wallpaper. Wait for the absorption of liquid and remove the paper papering knife.

The plaster is removed from the walls and ceiling dry or wet methods using a damp sponge or knife. Paint surfaces are best removed by a special construction dryer.

Note! The paint on the walls and ceiling removed is not necessary. Simply prime the surface and covered with a layer of plaster.

  1. Repair may involve and electrical work.

As a general rule, if you do finish the secondary housing, wiring should be replaced. It is possible to perform after the old material from the walls and the ceiling has to be removed and new ones have not yet applied.

  1. Leveling of wall and ceiling is carried out before the final finishing. On the surface from which the old coating is applied several layers of putty and plaster has been removed.

Note! If you plan to cover the walls and ceiling thick wallpaper, paneling or tensile structures, alignment of the walls, and you can not do. These finishing materials will hide under itself all the irregularities.

  1. The procedure for applying of finishing materials will depend on what kind of repair to do in the bedroom you have decided on the stage of the design project. If the interior means the suspended ceiling, the design must be installed before wallpapering.

Next perestilali floors. And only then begin finishing walls selected materials.

design elements

Repair bedroom design

Interior Design

Make repairs bedrooms - design think over in advance.

As you know, master bedroom - it is not just a bed and a bedside table, this is a personal space where you should be comfortable. And because the color for decoration is to choose the most favorite, but dull.

Color spectrum

The room for adults and children, of course, will be different in design. To place an adult room can be used for coffee, blue, beige, light green colors, which will be soothing. However, very passionate nature may prefer and bright colors.

interior highlights

An interesting and very popular to date design solutions for interior decoration bedrooms, as well as for repair in children is the ceiling "starry sky".

This tension design in black or dark blue color, which with the help of hidden lighting creates a stellar landscape. Imitation stunning starry dome above his head helps create a romantic atmosphere. Price raisins - from 20 000 rubles.

Repair bedrooms with their own hands

Suspended ceiling, "Starry Sky"

Repairs in the nursery involves finishing the walls are not very expensive, but resistant to mechanical damage materials.

See repair bedrooms

Repairs in the children's room

It can be wall panels, textured plaster or wallpaper, which can easily stick with their own hands. The color palette of the interior, as well as a set of furniture and room style design will depend on the age and sex of the child.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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