Living room design in a modern style: the interior of 19 square meters in the eastern variant

living room design in a modern style (48 photos): general principles, finish and features stylistic solutions


Table of contents

  • 1 General principles of modern design
  • 2 Hit modern finishes
  • 3 Styles of the modern interior
    • 3.1 Design in oriental style
    • 3.2 Japanese style
    • 3.3 Minimalism
    • 3.4 High tech
  • 4 Modern style
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Flowered wallpaper, Soviet-style furniture, a TV CRT, linoleum and the chandelier - these are the components most often found in the living rooms of old apartments, which still does not know the joys of modern repair. Such was the fashion of the time, it can be respected, but at the same time ruthlessly eliminated.

If you want to arrange the living room in a modern design style, our article is for you.

living room design in a modern style

Of all the existing interior design styles, we selected those that will look modern and will help your room to become a truly stylish.

General principles of modern design

The complexity of the design lies in the fact that the modern interior room must break all the established stereotypes in our minds.

It can be difficult, so we'll start with basic design principles:

  • wall color

Is chosen carefully in order to form a single composition with the furniture and accessories. Catchy and flashy colors are no longer in vogue, more relevant calm and soft tones.

  • Furniture

It must be ergonomic and functional. Fashion "chip" - bar with high chairs and elegant glasses, hung on a special rod.

  • Lighting

Welcomed the presence of several lighting groups: base for general use on the local areas and hidden lights.

  • layout

In a fashion minimalism: the design of the room should be spacious and not cluttered.

In the room there should be nothing superfluous. The perfect solution - the use of the furniture-transformer, which performs several functions.

  • materials

Clearance must tend to the abundance of glass or metal.

Hit modern finishes

Niches and shelves of plasterboard - a real hit of contemporary finishes. Thanks to the limitless possibilities of the material, you can create absolutely any designs.

Modern interior of living room

Construction of the drywall in a modern style

The most important will look:

  • niche for decoration;
  • a central recess for the TV;
  • shelves;
  • false arch;
  • geometric shapes on the ceiling.

Construction decorate different coatings, it is often textured plaster. The inside of the trim wallpaper, fabric, glass, wood, and even mirrors.

Tip! Drywall construction is particularly expressive, if equipped with its spotlights, which can play the role of covert illumination.

Styles of the modern interior

Design in oriental style

Will give the room a unique and even exotic species. The color scheme can be quite bright, often red or orange tones. To give the interior a modern look red diluted gold or white patches. Good will look wallpaper that mimic the tissue. On the floor, the carpet should be bed, sometimes fur.

Furniture pick up low, with a shell of tissue. If the room is quite large, you can use the trimmed arches, screens and massive wrought iron accessories.

Modern design living room

Oriental style with a modern twist

Japanese style

Japanese style and design of the living room 19 square meters - the perfect combination for lovers of minimalism.

Japanese minimalism has a low cubic furniture, lack of pillows and decor, color scheme with a large turning white and natural color of dark wood.

Acceptable active use of Japanese motives in the decoration (most often cherry blossoms and peacocks). An essential attribute of the design of the room in Japanese style - paper screens, rectangular light fixtures, ceramic figurines and wooden candlesticks.

living room interior in modern style

Japanese style


Minimalism tends to be more space. If the floor area is small, it is desirable to combine it with a hallway or kitchen.

  • Basic color finishes - white, which can be complemented by the black, gray, brown, blue or red, orange or yellow. Very important is the presence of contrasts.
  • Minimalist interior is easily recognized by the shape of the furniture, it has sharp edges, straight lines, and completely devoid of any curls, ornaments or forging.
  • The room set sofa and chairs rectangular or cubic shape with rigid arms, they can be decorated with rectangular pillows. In the center of the room has a glass glossy coffee table.
  • Possible to use closed shelves for storage.
Design living room 19 square meters

Living in style minimalism

High tech

Particularly impressive looks in a spacious room. The main feature of the style - the availability of modern materials: metal, glass, plaster-3D panels.

Basic color finishes - white and gray, and can be supplemented with bright accents of orange, red, black or green. The main thing is that the colors had a metallic gloss.

living room design in oriental style

Living in high-tech style

Tip! If you want to use high-tech style in a small room visually "push" the wall will help the many mirrors.

Finishing high-tech requires more detailed consideration:

  • flooring glossy, smooth, you can use tile, laminate, linoleum, but from the parquet and carpet should be abandoned;
  • Background selected monophonic without patterns, strips and cells;
  • alternative to wallpaper can be glossy or matte paint;
  • original element may be facing one of the walls of large stone or brick, it will give the interior urban notes;
  • Upholstered furniture should be solid, made of glass and metal.

Modern style

Interior room 19 sq.m

An example of a modern interior

In design there is also such a thing as "modern style." It implies registration of living in accordance with the fashion trends, but out of a well-established stylistic trends discussed in the previous section.

The range of techniques is really huge, so we look at specific examples.


  1. "Highlight" of the interior - an unusual ceiling, which is a stylized model of the galaxy. Gradient decor on the curtains allows you to make a visual emphasis on the recreation area.

The latter consists of a pearly white sofa with increased functionality due to lack of armrests and a very low table. TV area and equipment darker and in harmony with the dark stripe on the couch, with a few puffs and shelves on the opposite wall.

Despite the harmony of dark and light, represented by the interior of the living room in a modern style resembles the classic black and white contrast due to light surface finishing.

Minimalist living room design

Modern interior design with a natural

  1. Interior living room 19 square meters in natural colors.

rather dark colors can be used due to the large area of ​​the room. The abundance of light provides a panoramic window.

Create the illusion of naturalness marble flooring, a niche with wood paneling, a rug with floral pattern and sofa coffee color.

the composition became the center of a small table, in the form of hewn logs and a small ottoman. Interior finish themed decorations - artificial dry stalks, cushions green color and true green plants.

Whichever option you either liked, remember that living in a modern style design encourages bold and unconventional solutions.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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