Design living room of 20 square meters: how to create a beautiful interior in the style of hi-tech

Design living room of 20 square meters (33 photos) Interior planning and especially the use of ready-made solutions


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  • 1 interior planning
  • 2 Ready-made solutions in the design of 20-meter living room
    • 2.1 High tech
    • 2.2 East style
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Living area of ​​20 square meters are among the most common in apartments under construction in the post. Therefore, the design of the living room of 20 square meters can be called one of the most urgent problems in the repair of apartments.

Design to be close to the ideal pre-determine the number and size of the proposed furniture to install note especially planning, your color preferences, select the visual style and contrast all this with financial opportunities.

Design living room of 20 square meters

interior planning

Planning the interior room of 20 square meters, nuances, consider the following:

  1. Decorating the walls.

It is design the walls in the room will create the mood of the residents every day. In contrast to the rest of the room (bedroom), you can give free rein to their fantasies.

Interesting and pitch combined with each other and with other elements of the interior (furniture and accessories) will be the best solution.

  1. Floor and ceiling.

Flooring should be practical and integrate into the overall style of the room.

The classic one is the finishing wood (parquet, laminate flooring), but alternatives can be chosen.

The ceiling issue most wide scope for action. With multi-level stretch ceilings can distinguish between functional areas, visually "raise" the ceiling, to make odious stylish lighting.

  1. Furniture.

Like flooring, furniture should be practical and functional. If the room is low ceilings, furniture, choose low.

Remember that an essential attribute of the design of the hall - seating area and a coffee table, everything else is selected depending on the preferences of tenants.

  1. accessories.

Beautiful design of living is impossible without well-chosen decor items. But remember that in all important measure.

The interior of the living room of 20 square meters

Beautiful Mural in the living room

Tip! Sometimes it is enough just one highlight: a fireplace, a beautiful picture or wallpapers, virtually every detail, able to focus on the attention.

Ready-made solutions in the design of 20-meter living room

High tech

living room design in hi-tech style. This style is twinned areas minimalism and functionalism, but has its own unique charm. A special feature is the use of the most modern materials and attributes, so arrange the room in this style will not work cheap.

  • In our case, we propose to bet on the basic white color and the auxiliary gray. The room is divided into two parts by means of wall decoration - half in white, the second - in gray.
  • Paul trimmed dark gray glossy tiles, ceiling - white textured plaster.
  • The size of the entire wall of the S-shaped gray shelf fits perfectly into the design of the living room of 21 square meters in high-tech style, taking and decorative and functional load.
  • Squat soft white furniture is combined with low coffee table with a white top and gray legs. In the recess formed by the S-shaped flange, is placed a large plasma panel.
  • Lighting represented as a ceiling built-band fluorescent lamp, a floor lamp to the right of the PDP, luminaires embedded in the upper part of the shelf.
  • Animate interior room flowerpot beige decorative dry stems and two balls as rolling fields near the plasma panel.
Beautiful living room design

The design of the hall, designed in the style of hi-tech

East style

The main components of this style are red and white, as well as floral motifs typical of Japanese art.

  • The walls of the room are decorated with white and red painted ornament in the form of cherry blossoms.
  • Bed to the floor red carpet, complete rest in a small area rug in the Japanese style.
  • Light curtains with a small figure trudging flowering vines.
  • Furniture is dark gray - two sofas, next to each of which is located on a small coffee table.
  • Complement the design of the living room of 20 square meters of flowers and accessories.
The design of high-tech living room

The hall, decorated in oriental style

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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