School repairs: living room, bedroom, kitchen in the panel house

School repairs - living room (36 photos). Roughing and finishing the final


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  • 1 Preparing for repair
  • 2 Living rough finish
  • 3 finishing
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    • 3.2 Walls
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Living room - the room is special, unlike the rest of the room. It is designed for meetings with friends, holidays, joint evenings watching television in the family.

Today's task, who will decide our repair school - living room + bedroom, its repair and general design rules.

Repair School LivingRepair of the living room should be made in accordance with the wishes of all family members, because each of them has to feel comfortable in the room and have their own cozy little place.

If the area is small, you can use the ideas to repair one-bedroom apartment. In the living room you can arrange the workplace, setting a computer or desk, but in any case, provide for the possibility of placing a large number of people allocated under such a special purpose zone and providing her sofa furniture.

Preparing for repair

The preparatory process for repairing living involves determining the layout and design.

Choose the right design for you a living repairing the school offers its own.

To do this on a sheet of paper in the room, determine the location of each piece of furniture and interior design in general, and then complete the plan of the original color trim. Divide the room into functional zones, provide separation of the resulting shaped zones with the help of illumination and / or different colors finishes.

repair school kitchen living room

Living room with kitchen

If the living room is adjacent to the kitchen, you can take advantage of interesting tips kitchen decoration.

This has a huge advantage that distinguishes our school renovation: kitchen + living room would release a significant portion of the space, so sometimes missing in the apartments of the Soviet type.

But we should not forget that to redevelop the apartment works require a special permit in the municipalities.

After setting the ultimate goal, you can proceed directly to the preparatory work:

  1. Replacement of windows.
  2. Removing wallpaper.
  3. Dismantling of the floor covering.
  4. Dismantling of old radiators and installing new ones.
  5. If necessary, shtroblenie walls and laying new wiring.
  6. Replacement of doors.

Tip! To quickly and easily remove their hands from the walls of old wallpaper, you must moisten them with a wet cloth and after 5-10 minutes easily removed.

Living rough finish

If necessary, align the surface of the floor, running the screed. In it, if funds allow, it is possible to establish a system of underfloor heating, which eliminates the need for installation is not too priglyadnyh external heaters.

Next, you need to plaster and putty irregularities and cracks in the walls.

Repair of living in pre-fabricated house, the original quality of the sound and heat insulation in which almost always leaves something to be desired, may involve installation of an additional layer of insulation.

For this purpose it is most convenient to construct the profile batten, which is sealed without gaps and insulation stack (usually mineral wool), and then to reinforce the profile of the drywall.

This system has considerable advantages:

  • several times increases the soundproofing premises;
  • 20-30% reduces heat loss;
  • It allows to achieve a perfectly flat wall surfaces;
  • low price.


repair of living in pre-fabricated house

Repair ceiling in the living room

Here, we should start with a phased finishing ceilings.


Depending on your choice, the ceiling can be tension (performed only by professionals), the usual - colored, whitewashed or wallpapered or multilevel, it made with metal guides, profiles and drywall.

And if the first two options do not require extra effort from 3 will have to work hard.

Tip! Pay special attention to lighting: it is better to give preference to the chandelier with classical light scattering in conjunction with point ceiling lights, wall sconces and floor lamps.


On top of the wall plaster or plasterboard profile-design wallpaper glue. As is the case with the ceiling, can also be provided with protrusions or niche.


An ideal option in the living room floor finishes find parquet and laminate.

Repair of the living room-bedroom area in case of problems with the apartment may suggest the presence of a compact fold-out sofa.

Arrangement of an electric fireplace that looks similar to this can be a good complement a living room, able to bring additional comfort.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

Photo Gallery

Repair School Livingrepair school kitchen living room Living room with kitchen repair of living in pre-fabricated house Repair ceiling in the living room