Interior room in a wooden house: the design of the cottage, the options for dining

Interior room in a wooden house (36 photos): decoration, light and textiles


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When planning the interior of a living room in a wooden house, remember that natural materials themselves impose restrictions on the design. And indeed, in the log cabin it is unlikely it will be possible to implement a full-fledged functional design in hi-tech style.

Interior room in a wooden house

In terms of design, wooden house offers much more opportunities than constraints. Wooden wall, floor and ceiling create a very specific background on which to realize the most daring interior design ideas.

Unlike faceless concrete or brick buildings, rooms of the wooden house itself is a factor, linked all the detail into a single system.

Thus, began to develop a design project living room, located in a wooden house, we have not a "clean sheet" in front of him, as a kind of canvas, which itself pushes us to specific design solutions.

So, what is subject to the same rules of design in a wooden house?

finishing room

Every design starts with the selection of interior decoration. What, then, should be guided by the principles, starting to create an interior living room in a private house, built of wood? The main thing should be remembered - this is natural. The ideal is to use natural materials.

Floor ideal solution would be solid wood, parquet and deck boards. As a floor covering can be laid and laminate, most importantly, that his drawing was the most natural color and texture.

Interior dining room living room

Wood paneling

Finishing the ceiling and walls of a wooden house held wooden paneling. Cheap embodiment in this case is the use of MDF panels.

Tip! For the walls or ceiling can recommend the natural colors are not too exotic wood: dark, stained oak, golden walnut, Douglas fir. But colors like mahogany or wenge be more relevant in modern apartments, rather than in a wooden house, where the main focus is on naturalness.

If the design of the living room in the cottage presupposes the existence of the fireplace, it is better oblitsevat natural materials. Excellent for that suitable crushed stone or decorative red brick of baked clay.

Interior living options

Fireplace lined with decorative stone

Window - Traditional wooden. Optimal use of "eurobar".

But if you plan interior living room to the bedroom, you can sacrifice some naturalness and for better insulation space to install plastic windows with laminated "under wood".

High-quality lamination, though different from the natural wood appearance, but still adheres to the general design of the room.

Interior living room


Stylistic decisions of design living room is directly dependent on the finishing of the premises.

In a wooden house can be realized style of a hunting lodge or country style. At the same time it is possible to refrain from any literal following whatever the style and create a unique interior.


The cozy atmosphere of the hall


The room should be "logical center". And if in an apartment in this center becomes more often than TV or couch, in the house that role is best to pass on to the fireplace. Around him and is the main ensemble of furniture and other decor items.

The interior of the hall is to use wood furniture with natural color and texture.

Whatever the general stylistic solution for the hall is best suited furniture, the most similar to the hand-made furniture from solid wood. For it does not require painting or any complicated processing to maintain the most natural color and texture, carefully grind the wood, impregnated with preservative and cover with several layers varnish.

The varnish can be both glossy and matte, in the latter case, the furniture looks the treated skin.

Furniture in a wooden house

handcrafted furniture

  • If you plan interior living-dining room, a large table without you can not do.
  • Relevant in the room will be a few seats in front of the fireplace or sitting area, located in the same place.
  • If the room is extended in length, give up the idea to establish a large wooden table in the center. Interior living room rectangular suggests that short wall will be partially hidden cupboards or chests of drawers, which allow visually reduce the length of the room, and thus make it more proportional.

Light and textiles

Addition is varied textiles: tablecloths, bedspreads, upholstery, and of course, the curtains. Bedspreads, curtains and tablecloths better to choose cotton and linen.

Note! Excellent proven coarse undyed fabrics with minimal decorations - fringed or scalloped die-cuts.

Design living room in cottage

linen curtains

At the same time, perfectly fit into the interior of the living room in cottage expensive fabric saturated colors such as velvet and jacquard with a large wooden house print will add a touch of luxury.

As the lighting is better to use a forged chandelier with lamps, candles, and also in harmony with the chandelier style lamps and floor lamps. If you prefer a country style, the original decision will be chandelier in the shape of a wheel, suspended from the ceiling.

There are numerous options for interior room in a wooden cottage. The main thing that they are in harmony with yourself and your home feeling fine!

Summing up

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