Repair of the corridor in the Khrushchev with his own hands

Repair corridor Khrushchev (39 photos): ceiling, lighting, walls and mirrors


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Apartments in buildings put into operation during the reign of Nikita Khrushchev, have one characteristic feature: they are extremely modest size of rooms and other facilities, such as a hallway). It sets out the repair of the corridor in the Khrushchev, should be taken very carefully to the selection of finishing materials and furniture.

Repair corridor hruschevkeKhrushchev in the corridors are dark and cramped spaces so that the apartment owners prefer sometimes donate usable area of ​​the other rooms and make alterations to a little increase space hallway.

Not all owners are ready for such a desperate step, especially as visually increase the size of the room as possible and with the help of modern materials. The main thing is to carefully select them.

Let's see how you can trim, making repairs in the Khrushchev to his area seemed a bit more.


Choosing a design

Finishing the ceiling for the hosts Khrushchev - a difficult topic, because their height is 2.4-2.7 m. A person who has above-average growth may well touch his fingertips to the ceiling if bounce. Most of the owners of apartments with low walls prefer to paint the ceiling white paint or cover with lime.

Indeed, light shades visually increase the space of the room. However, to visually "pull" of the space up to do and something else.

Stretch ceilings - the best solution

To date, there is a huge range of suspended ceilings of any colors and different textures.

You can purchase fabric from various surfaces:

  • matt;
  • or glossy varnish;
  • satin;
  • imitating other materials (wood, stone, plaster).

For the dark, but a fairly wide space it makes sense to buy a light suspended ceiling made of lacquer or glossy fabric. Suspended ceiling with a glossy or textured lacquer fulfills the same task as the mirror cloth - again reflects the space of the corridor, as if pulling it up.

Depending on the brand and fabric textures can create any effect: the light, the reflection from the table surface or deep, transforming small corridor in a real ballroom.

Lacquer and glossy stretch ceilings are good for repairing the hallways in the Khrushchev with a square or rectangular shape. If the corridor in the Khrushchev is a close and narrow room, then lacquer painting, it reflects the hallway, only enhance the effect by making the space even narrower and narrower. For such cases, a light ceilings with satin texture, they perfectly reflect and scatter light, making the space a little more lighting.

As a rule, the owners of Khrushchev feared to install in apartments hinged and tensile structures. After all, the basic ceiling so low that the part with the extra centimeters no one wants.

Indeed, modern tensioning systems used in the decoration of the apartment with his hands, a little closer to the ceiling of the floor. However, this distance - fines, as compared with the way to change the overall appearance after installation tension structure.

Tip! Solving install decorative ceiling, select the harpoon or the V mounting method. It is these methods provide a minimum clearance between the ceiling and stretched canvas. When Spear method of mounting the ceiling level will decrease by about 3 cm and with a wedge - only 1.5 cm.

The ceiling in the Khrushchev

The ceiling in the Khrushchev


With the theme of the ceiling and is closely related topic lighting. For small rooms with low ceilings are not recommended to use large hanging chandelier. In the case of increasing the visual space will help spotlights built into the stretched canvas or lamps fixed around the perimeter of the hall on the walls.

Sending rays of light from the sconces up, you can correct the shortcomings too narrow room. Directing light from the ceiling along the walls down, it is possible to correct the situation, when the room height is not too high.


Corridor in the Khrushchev

Corridor in the Khrushchev

To perform the repair of the corridor on any standard apartment, including Khrushchev, it is recommended to choose finishing materials that are not "Mark" shades are easy to clean, have anti-dust coating. After all, the corridor - this is the first room, which lists the people coming from the street. That is why the appearance of dust and dirt can not be avoided here.

  • For small-sized rooms of the apartment buildings of Khrushchev's necessary to choose finishing materials, which will not take up space cherished square centimeters. From wooden wall panels, artificial stone will have to be abandoned.
  • Wallpaper with a special coating that allows them to wash the surface, liquid wallpaper or paint will look good on the walls of a small corridor. In addition, the price of rolled non-woven wallpaper will be for you a nice bonus.
  • The light and bright colors will look more advantageous in a small room, rather than dark or dim. Gloomy shades can be used in the decoration of the walls in the hallway only to contrast with light colors.

Mirror finish

Continuing the theme of visual expansion of a typical Khrushchev corridor space, not to mention the mirrors. Properly placed, they can turn even a very small room in a real ballroom. Mirror, anyway, is to take place, because, going to go out, we have a look at him.

If the hallway Khrushchev planned to install the cabinet, it is better if it will have a door, opening of "coupe" type, but still equipped with vertical (life-size) SLR canvases. 4 door cupboard - 4 mirrors can "add an air of" a small corridor.

Tip! The mirror is better not to be placed in front of the light source. Otherwise, see them on a sunny day will suffer. Lighting according to the rules should be placed in such a way that the beam of light fell down on the person who is in front of a mirror.

Finally it is worth noting that the repair of the corridor in the Khrushchev, as well as in other apartments, is made in the last turn, when finishing the kitchen with his hands, and all the other rooms have been completed. Hallway - is usually an intermediate space intended to move from one premises in the apartment to another, which means that construction dust from repairs in the rooms here will still be appear.

Summing up

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