Repair of the corridor in the panel house panels

Repair of the corridor in the panel house (57 photos): design, zoning, lighting and decoration materials


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  • 1 What should be the design of the hall in a typical pre-fabricated house?
    • 1.1 Zoning - Design Solution
    • 1.2 Lighting
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Repair of the corridor in the panel house - a creative process. After all, the clumsy-looking room, the more imagination is required in finishing. Let's talk about what kind of design solutions can be used for finishing of dark and narrow corridor typical apartment in the panel house.

repair of the corridor in the panel house Most modern prefabricated high-rise buildings are designed in such a way that an entrance into them is a "tunnel junction", which stretches from the front door to the living rooms.

Such unfair pinching space can largely neutralize the best design solution. Let's look at how to make a cheap repair in the hallway.

What should be the design of the hall in a typical pre-fabricated house?

So your design should be:

  • simple;
  • functionality, ergonomics;
  • comfortable and "home";
  • is combined with the apartment interior design.

Zoning - Design Solution

corridor zoning

A great option plan - zoning

Small in size of the space is quite difficult to give in zoning. But, on the other hand, the division of space into separate functional areas designed just to make it bigger.

For example, arched partition walls contribute to the separation of the small hall in the panel house for 2 or 3 zones, having various functional orientation (zones 3: removal of outer clothing and footwear, clothing storage, transfer to the kitchen or room).

Arches, larger than doorways, create the visual effect of increasing the total space.


The role of lighting fixtures in increasing the visual space of the room can not be overestimated. Make the room lighter and visually push the boundaries will help spotlights built into the ceiling in tandem with large (in height) mirrors.

Note! In order to achieve the effect of non-standard design, it is possible instead of large mirror paintings mounted on the wall fragments of mirrors. The result will be enough unbanal.

  • If the entrance has a high ceiling and narrow walls, are appropriate wall lamps turned down shades. Thus, the space will be slightly flattened.
  • With low ceilings, on the contrary, ceiling lamps better fly upward to visually stretch the room up.
    paneled corridor repair


  • It is worth remembering that the lighting is better not to be sent to the mirror, otherwise much visibility suffer. And it should be remembered even when you're up to repair a detached house on its own.
  • Lamp post stands on a mirror, directing the light down on the space in front of the dressing table.

Decoration Materials

Traditionally, tend to accumulate grease to finish choose the color of the materials, which are well washed and cleaned. In fact in this room will get people off the street, and therefore, the appearance of dust and dirt can not be avoided here.

Panel, washable wallpaper or wallpaper for painting, tile or decorative stone - the best solution for the walls repaired premises.

hall decoration

Finishing in bright colors

Should give preference to lighter tones - beige, light gray, light green, light blue. White color for decoration hallway is not as good because of its impracticality.

Bright colors for finishing small in size space - a classic of the genre. While designers now offer and unconventional moves: the repair of the hallway in dark colors. Question visual increase in size is achieved by means of lighting.

A great option for finishing - suspended ceiling. Even with a minimum of detail in the interior of the corridor, he can become that "highlight" that will allow the design of "tune up."

For corridors with high ceilings suitable multistage or even undulating stretch system. For finishing the hallways in panel Khrushchev with low ceilings there is nothing better or glossy lacquer paintings stretched on top of the base ceiling. Reflecting once again the corridor, in the surface of the lake, they extended space of the room up.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you and will be able to equip the hall with his hands. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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