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Design - Project bedrooms (42 images): location, decoration, curtains and furniture


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To create a comfortable environment in your home intelligent design project bedroom is one of the key elements.

This is not surprising - after about a third of her life each person spends in a dream, and this means that most of the time you will spend it in the room. Therefore, it seems reasonable to be paid to the design of her small bedroom maximum attention!

bedroom design project

Bedroom - this is primarily a place of rest, a place where you will relax and throw off the burden of daily worries. It is at this task should "work" all - from walls and furniture finishing.

Take care of the design bedrooms with their hands need to advance, before you started to repair. Develop and choose the right interior, of course, is a professional designer, but you yourself can quite cope with this task. The design of the bedrooms in the photos, pictures and video can help make the right choice.


room bedroom design

window Decor

Best of all, if the room will be located at a maximum distance from the front door, so your sleep will be less disturbing.

If you are a "night owl" and are accustomed to the night vigil, choose a room with windows facing west.

But fans of early bedtime and early rise is more appropriate eastern exposure room.

The window is equipped with double-glazed windows with energy-saving, then you will be warm and comfortable even in the cold winter.

And if you install double-glass (or a single chamber - but with glasses of different thickness), in your room will not only heat, but also quiet, as these windows do an excellent job with the room soundproof.


The choice of materials

The next point to which attention must be paid when planning the design of the room - a bedroom, living room or hallway - it's finish.

And if the living room and hallway to the forefront aesthetic characteristics of decorative materials, the decoration of the bedroom, the focus should be paid to their performance.

For the walls is most often used materials that have good acoustic and thermal insulation characteristics. This means that the ideal option for finishing will be enough dense, textured or cork wallpaper.

Last repair option bedrooms is preferable, despite the fact that cork wallpaper are quite expensive finishing materials.

Color spectrum

As for color, it is better to choose wallpaper muted, calm tones. Palette walls must be relaxed and promotes proper rest.

At the same time to facilitate the awakening and the fastest possible entry into the tone of the morning colors can be diluted with a few bright elements.

Curtains and furniture

simple bedroom design

Textile Window decor

The final part of the repair - a selection of curtains and furniture. The easiest option - to view the design of the bedroom in the pictures and select the appropriate interior.

However, some laws still worth remembering:

  • Best suited translucent curtains that overlook a sufficient amount of light, but soften it, saving you the highlights and hitting the eye to sunlight.
  • If the room is located on the south or south-east side, curtains better complement the curtains of dense tissue, they will protect you from the bright sun.
  • Pelmet can be hung only in the event that the ceiling is high enough.
  • Regarding the choice of furniture, the central figure, no doubt, it is a bed. It should be in harmony with her the rest of the furniture. Ideally, if the interior of the soft parts bed, bedspread, curtains and decoration elements (eg, a carpet or wall panels) are designed in one color.

As you can see, there are no difficulties here. If you approach the problem responsibly, examine relevant information, simple bedroom design you can develop quite independently!

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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